Research Perfection


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Information literacy instruction session delivered to first year students. Topics covered included APA ciation, Google syntax and search strategies, library catalogue searching, and database interface features and functionality.

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  • Because we have made purchasing decision based on the curriculum offered here at TRU. IOCBAA I am Julie KentInformation ScientistHave you found reliable and academic resources? When you leave today you will immediately be able to apply the search techniques and strategies I present to you.You will:identify tools on the library catalogue interface to make your search easier and more relevantunderstand the differences between the catalogue and Googleidentify biblographic elementscreate accurate citations
  • Here is what we are going to do today . . .it is going to be brisk, fresh, and fast.
  • Years of research and development has created a library catalogue interface that is intuitive and responsive to the way users want to search for items. However, it is still a specific database for which YOU have to learn how it works. Don’t blame the catalogue if you haven’t bothered to learn it’s intricacies and mechanisms.
  • Let me make it hot for you . . .open the library home page . . The first box is a “unified” search box created to make it resemble Google because you are comfortable with Google’s one box approach. Let’s do some searches together and so you can see for yourself.Let’s use Olympic Games and change the KeyWordLet’s do the same search using Olympic Games as the SUBJECTNote the difference. . . Now let’s look at the details and the catalogue record. OK – you have 5 minutes to search for your topic or area of interest and I will come around to help.
  • Who uses Google syntax and search terms? Really . . . Well first things first. Go to the research guide created to help you learn how to control Google – This guide is full of useful things for you know and learn about how to use Google better . . .let me show you.
  • So here’s how to do it . . . You are looking for the economic effects of Olympic Games . . .use this search stringOlympic games site:.gc.caeffects AND Olympic games ( will find reports called “The Games Effect” there are a few of themOK – you have 5 minutes to play with it and find some items for you.
  • Yep, this is how it is. . . Citing your sources boosts the value of your paper by providing your reader with information about where you found the research upon which you have based you paper.
  • So, here is where you will find the tools to
  • Let’s practice . . . Open that URLI made this . . .let’s take a tour.
  • Economic & Statistics Price Waterhouse Coopers 2009
  • Price Waterhouse Cooper. (2009). The games effect*. Report 2: Impact of the 2002 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games on British Columbia and Canada: 2003 – 2007. Retrieved from Economic and Statistics Services Website: 5 minutes to figure this out . . .OK – use this document and find out how to cite this resource using APA – HINT: it’s on the Reference Guide
  • Yep, you do and this is how. . . .Library catalogueArticles and IndexesS Let’s start with Academic Search complete . . .follow me as I model how to use the interface.1)make an account2) Use the interface tools3) Use Subject headings.
  • Really . . .use one concept search at a time and logically combine them . . . Practice practiceYou have 5 minutes to use Academic search complete to find articles on your topic.
  • You can search the library catalogueYou can search the web more efficientlyYou can locate the resources and tools to make perfect citationsYou can identify bibliographic informationYou can create perfect citationsYou can search databases using tools found on the interface.Wow. . . You can do anything.
  • Research Perfection

    1. 1. Research toPerfection
    2. 2. Part 1:INTRO you have a big and fun assignment to do . . . let’s get started
    3. 3. AGENDA catalogue APA Google DatabasesPart 1:
    4. 4. Don’t blame the Library CataloguePart 1: when your results suck
    5. 5. Because you think it’s not the HOTTEST ThingPart 1: available for you to find resources
    6. 6. Part 2:Killer search habits start withGoogleSYNTAX not a mess of words entered into the search box and crossing your fingers
    7. 7. You have to knowSite: gc.caPart 2: why would anyone want to waste searching Google without it!
    8. 8. Part 3: citing your sources has thePOWER to improve your mark, keep your academic integrity shining, and validate your point of view.
    9. 9. There is no excuse. Find the best TOOLPart 3: to help you cite correctly in APA.
    10. 10. Use the research guideTO CREATEperfect 3:
    11. 11. Example USE The Games effect* GOV DOC and create a citation for your References.Part 3:
    12. 12. ReportsManual, 7.03, p.205 APA Authors name. (date). Report Title.(Report number).Retrieved from department website:Part 3:
    13. 13. Part 4: Wait! I need a JOURNAL article and how do I find one?Part 4:
    14. 14. Simplicity is the ultimate SOPHIST ICATION Leonardo De VinciPart 4:
    15. 15. Especially true in RE SEARCHPart 4: simple terms and one at a time
    16. 16. Part 4:SUMMARY