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Research Perfection

Information literacy instruction session delivered to first year students. Topics covered included APA ciation, Google syntax and search strategies, library catalogue searching, and database interface features and functionality.

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Research Perfection

  1. 1. Research toPerfection
  2. 2. Part 1:INTRO you have a big and fun assignment to do . . . let’s get started
  3. 3. AGENDA catalogue APA Google DatabasesPart 1:
  4. 4. Don’t blame the Library CataloguePart 1: when your results suck
  5. 5. Because you think it’s not the HOTTEST ThingPart 1: available for you to find resources
  6. 6. Part 2:Killer search habits start withGoogleSYNTAX not a mess of words entered into the search box and crossing your fingers
  7. 7. You have to knowSite: gc.caPart 2: why would anyone want to waste searching Google without it!
  8. 8. Part 3: citing your sources has thePOWER to improve your mark, keep your academic integrity shining, and validate your point of view.
  9. 9. There is no excuse. Find the best TOOLPart 3: to help you cite correctly in APA.
  10. 10. Use the research guideTO CREATEperfect 3:
  11. 11. Example USE The Games effect* GOV DOC and create a citation for your References.Part 3:
  12. 12. ReportsManual, 7.03, p.205 APA Authors name. (date). Report Title.(Report number).Retrieved from department website:Part 3:
  13. 13. Part 4: Wait! I need a JOURNAL article and how do I find one?Part 4:
  14. 14. Simplicity is the ultimate SOPHIST ICATION Leonardo De VinciPart 4:
  15. 15. Especially true in RE SEARCHPart 4: simple terms and one at a time
  16. 16. Part 4:SUMMARY