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Library Instruction Session Follow-up: Annotated Bibliography


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Library Instruction Session Follow-up: Annotated Bibliography

  1. 1. Library Common Philosophy Library Instruction: MLA Annotated Bibliography Follow-up February 15, 2011 Librarian: Julie Anne Kent Lesson content Details University of Maryland University College Library A short YouTube video describing the differences between descriptive and evaluative annotations, resources to use, etc. University of Toronto Writing Center web site Introduction to Refer to the vocabulary list f verbs at the bottom of the page. This list will be of Annotated Bibliography tremendous help to you as you write your evaluative / critical annotated bibliography for this assignment. Click through to the reporting verb page for more specific details on talking and writing about texts and arguments. bibliography Your annotated bibliography must be double spaced with a hanging indentation. Use these resources for precise rules you must follow to create your citation in MLA style for assignment. Review MLA citation and /or and/ or Students are given two examples of an annotated bibliography. Each student assesses and determines what kind of annotation is presented The citation in the handout has errors which the students are to correct using Class small group one of the above online resources exercise Students present their work to the class: corrected citation and choose descriptive or evaluative. Student must support their position explaining why they have identified the annotation as descriptive or evaluative. Reviewed MLA citation rule Presented online MLA citation style resources Presented Open Access box on Find Articles tab in subject guide Summary Encourage students to get their NEOS pin to use resources off-campus Review where to find librarian for assistance Congratulate students on their successes during this class Reiterated assignment and due date for drafts to be submitted to librarian Contact Julie Anne Kent for further assistance: email. Submit your draft electronically to Julie Anne by March 4th for review. It will be Follow-up returned to you with comments by March 8th. You will then complete the assignment and submit to Your Instructor for marking.1 | Updated 02/15/2011 JAK