Comparison Chart: Prezi & PowerPoint


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Comparison Chart: Prezi & PowerPoint

  1. 1. Comparison Chart: Prezi & PowerPoint Prezi PowerPoint  Ease of use Easy to use the single Complicated to use, steep and dashboard, shallow learning long learning curve; a long curve; a short process to create process to create a good a good presentation; 6 simple presentation: 8 different tabs features: write, show, colours & which open ribbons with too fonts, path, frame, and insert. many features and options to Fun. count. Not so much fun.  Fonts Large number of choices  Styles Limited choices offered. While offered. While it may be some may think too limited, appealing to have a near infinite  Themes these are excellent colour and number of colour and style  Colours style combinations ensuring combinations the results can be each presentation is appealing, disastrous if fonts, scripts, and legible and professional. You can colours are difficult to read on spend your efforts and energy any chosen background design. creating content rather than Unless your graphic design skills choosing the font, background, are well-honed, PowerPoint can and colour combinations. thwart your efforts to communicate clearly.  Transitions For some material the linear design of PowerPoint is perfect. The zooming feature when used You can create the idea of appropriately can emphasize zooming and rotating images connections between ideas and and text boxes in PowerPoint processes. however it does require concerted effort and critical design technique.  Inserting Media This can be problematic in Prezi. There are many choices on how You have to ensure you are you can display a presentation. choosing the optimum image Inserting an image, audio, or resolution before importing it. video file is simple. However, Tools to change images once you cannot paste-in web inserted are fixed. Video files images. Youtube videos are easy are limited. You can insert to insert; however, only Flash Youtube using PC’s an MAC’s. SWF or FLV audio files work. You Audio files are varied. You can cannot insert a PDF, XLS, or PPT insert PDF, XLS, or PPT. file. There are several animation Animation used Flash SWF. options within PowerPoint. Yep. PowerPoint spellchecks Nope. Not available in Prezi.  Spellchecking your work.Updated: October 2011, Julie Anne Kent, Thompson Rivers University
  2. 2. Comparison Chart: Prezi & PowerPoint  Presentation The results are clean and It is too easy to get messy, uncluttered when you have cluttered, and disjointed when mapped your work interestingly using PowerPoint. and thoughtfully. Web-based: requires internet Purchase program (expensive)  Presentation connection unless you purchase or pre-packaged with Microsoft foundation a subscription allowing Office and sometimes is pre-  Software model downloads to desktop loaded with the purchase of a  Pricing (inexpensive yearly cost). laptop or desktop computer.  Saving Can print, embed on Web-page, Options include notes,  Printing handouts, # of slides per page, distribute on Twitter or save to PPT file on desktop, sky Facebook, create an elink, save drive, or USB drive; PDF to PEZ file on Web rd compatible, embed with 3 (downloadable) party program (SlideShare).Updated: October 2011, Julie Anne Kent, Thompson Rivers University