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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. The newest players in the social media world, and the newest updates to the existing giants JNS
  2. 2. JNS
  3. 3. •  Personal crowdsourcing •  Don’t know what shirt to wear? ▫  Snap a photo ▫  Upload to Thumb ▫  Crowdsource the decision  people vote thumbs up or thumbs down •  Vanity + Voyeurism = serious engagement among users JNS
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  6. 6. •  Sharing using sound •  Phone emits high-pitched, two-second squeak  other phones within audio range pick up the sound and instantly download the photo or message you are trying to share •  Can be shared in boardrooms or a crowded bar, broadcast over loudspeakers, or even embedded in YouTube videos or TV programs JNS
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  9. 9. •  Promises anonymity •  Users post secrets (whispers) which appear in the form of an online postcard •  Others can respond with their whispers, send messages, or simply leave a heart on the post •  Has sparked controversy, even violence at some high schools, but has also gone viral across college campuses JNS
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  12. 12. •  Enterprise social network •  Social networking for your company •  Easy to use like Facebook and Twitter, but enables easy company collaboration, file sharing, knowledge exchange, and team efficiency •  Features include: ▫  Inbox, org chart, leaderboards, events, polls, groups, announcements, member directory, notes, ticker, trending files, and much more JNS
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  15. 15. •  Connects you with local activities, fast and easy •  “The tour guide you wish you had.” •  For business and individuals: ▫  Promote time and locale specific events   Restaurant owner can promote a lunch special   Club owner can spread word about DJ there that night   Museum owner can promote special exhibit   Clothing store owner can promote one-hour 25% off sale •  For everyone else: ▫  Peruse and choose local activities JNS
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