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The 'Ole Lady GoesTo College


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How to get back into school 20 years too late!

Published in: Education
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The 'Ole Lady GoesTo College

  1. 1. The ‘Ole Lady Goes To College<br />Things We Old Folks Need To Know To <br />Survive In School With The Young-uns!<br />By Julie Tieman<br />
  2. 2. Is This Right For You?<br /> Ask yourself these questions. If you answer yes to two or more, you should consider going to school. If you answer yes to six or more, you need a pet, hobby, or maybe, a friend.<br />Do you feel you missed out on something at this point in your life?<br />Do you feel your age?<br />Do you WANT to achieve something else before it’s all said and done?<br />Do you watch Jeopardy every day?<br />Do you find yourself going to sleep and waking up earlier every day?<br />Do you wish you had taken better care of your teeth?<br /> Are you losing your hair or suddenly have lots where you never did before?<br />Do you puts insets in your shoes “for comfort”?<br /> Are you somebody’s grandparent? Parent? Much, much older sibling?<br />Are you what you wanted to be when you grew up? <br />
  3. 3. Make The Decision!<br /> *Let’s face it, we have all made plenty of mistakes on this long journey and most of us have one or two regrets. But, at this age, being so completely aware of them can truly be motivating!! <br /> * If you don’t know how it happened that you eat dinner at 3 p.m. or how your bedtime became 7 p.m., perhaps you should consider going back to school and getting a life!<br />WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? We Both Know We’re Not Getting Any Younger!<br />THIS IS YOUR ENGRAVED INVITATION TO JOIN YOUR OWN LIFE!!<br />
  4. 4. Getting Ready-Brace Yourself!<br />Remember the Good Old Days?? Now a days, the three R’s stand for<br /> Rest<br /> Really can’t wait in line for the restroom <br /> Ready or not, how did I get so old?<br />Crayola crayons, round-tip scissors, #2 pencils, and an apple for the teacher.<br />Ready…Set…Grow Up!!!<br />R<br />
  5. 5. Buying School SuppliesBe Prepared-This Could Affect Your Blood Pressure<br />Goodenoughforus:<br /><ul><li>Human Brain
  6. 6. Memorization
  7. 7. Spiral Notebook
  8. 8. #2 Pencils
  9. 9. Scratch Paper
  10. 10. Cheap Folder
  11. 11. Handwritten Cursive
  12. 12. Dictionary/</li></ul> Encyclopedia Britannica<br />Look It Up For Yourself!<br />Today’sRequirements:<br />Laptop<br />Mini Recorder<br />Flash Drive<br />Mechanical Pencils<br />Calculator<br />Binder<br />Multi-Purpose Printer<br />Internet Research<br />Just Google It!!<br />
  13. 13. ATTEND ALL CLASSES!You ‘re not 18 years old, no matter how you feel,and, even though you CAN do this, you are so not prepared!<br />Remember Dunce Caps, Willow Switches, sitting in the corner, and Rulers against your knuckles?? All gone. If you don’t go to class, no one will call your parents…It’s all up to you!<br />MAKE A SCHEDULE!<br />YOU ARE NEVER <br />GONNA REMEMBER<br />ALL THIS! YOU CAN ‘T<br />REMEMBER WHAT<br />YOU DID YESTERDAY!<br />
  14. 14. THE IMPORTANCEOF….<br />Most of us have the same problem; we suffer from CRS:<br />Can’t Remember Sh…well, you know. You will have to study, read things over one, two, five times. You will have to write out what you read to make it stick. Then you’ll have to read it again!<br /> Oh, and be prepared to watch the teenagers in class never study and walk out with A’s. They will, without meaning to, make you feel your age every day.<br />STUDYING<br />How NOT To Study!<br />
  15. 15. KEEP UP THE GRADES!<br /> Once you start school, <br />your whole perspective<br />of yourself will be based<br />on this little letter.<br /> You will be surprised <br />how important this letter<br />will become to you. There <br />could be tears involved.<br />A<br />
  16. 16. Think you‘re<br /> “Fit for your age”?<br />You’re so funny!<br />Think again……<br /><ul><li>35 lb. backpack
  17. 17. Stairs everywhere
  18. 18. Miles of campus
  19. 19. Parking Lot 2 miles away
  20. 20. Your EVERYTHING is so much older!</li></ul>CARDIO<br />THEIMPORTANCEOF…..<br />DID YOU REALLY THINK THIS WAS GOING TO BE EASY?<br />DON’T GIVE UP!<br />
  21. 21. MAKE FRIENDS-SUPPORT GROUP<br />This is You!<br />Do NOT be afraid of the young-uns. They don’t bite…much.<br />Do NOT try to act cool. You will only embarrass yourself(and make us all look stupid)<br />Talk about yourself. Your life’s experiences could actually help someone(as though teenagers ever listen to anyone…).<br />Do NOT act like anybody’s parents. I didn’t like it then, they won’t like it now.<br />Feel free to engage others in conversations. Even teenagers have something to say. You can always laugh at their innocence when you get home !<br />You don’t stick out too much!!<br />
  22. 22. Think You’re Doing Enough? You Still Have To Survive…You Need…<br /> INCOME-MANAGE YOUR $<br />Educated or not, we all need money to get by.<br /><ul><li>Budget your money. Think social security will be tight? HA!
  23. 23. Don’tforget gas money to get back and forth.
  24. 24. Speeding Ticket fines when you are late for class
  25. 25. Printing fees for computer lab
  26. 26. Caffeine(Soda, Coffee)….You’re going to need it to get through each day!
  27. 27. Candy (for your pocket)-Old folks always carry candy!!</li></ul>REMINDER-<br />They call it “Take Home Pay” <br />Because that’s the only place<br />you can afford to take it!<br />
  28. 28. Don’t be afraid to ask for help ! <br />Never Too Young To Learn A Skill!<br />Be Prepared to ask your friends and family for help (MONEY).<br />Don’t be afraid to ask your children to do their part.<br />You have always been there for your kids, it’s time to pitch in and take one for the team!<br />Think of it as preparing them for their future!<br />Family<br />
  29. 29. KEEP IT FUN!!<br />You Will Never Make It Through If You Don’t Find A Way To Enjoy It!<br />Just A Few Suggestions. . . <br />Or, NOT!<br />
  30. 30. Most Important!Don’t Let Yourself Forget…..<br />You’ll Never Be This Young Again, But…….<br />YOU HAVE A GOAL!<br />This has not been an example <br />Of senior dementia or early onset of Alzheimer's<br />THIS<br />COULD <br />BE<br />YOU!<br />No, REALLY!<br />