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Minutes 9 16


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Minutes 9 16

  1. 1. East Coast Convention Fundraising & Event Subcommittee September 16, 2011Attendance: Julie B., Chairperson; Chrissy M., Pam K., Alseia M., Joe O., Leo M., Debra B.,Amy A., Robert W., Tracy L., Mike B., Philip S., Chuck P., Mike M., Gina B., Dina W., J. C., andMary H.The meeting was opened at 5:30 p.m. The meeting was properly noticed. The meeting was heldat St. Mary’s Church, 257-57th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. The 12 Steps were read by ChrissyM. The 12 Traditions were read by Alseia M. Pam M. read the Event and Fundraisingguidelines from the Advisory Board.Julie outlined for the subcommittee the tasks at hand. That there was a seven month window toraise approximately $7,000. The Host committee has added the following stipulations of nogambling and no paying at a discount and reselling (to ensure that the sales are funds generatedby addicts for addicts). Julie also noted that selling of tickets was limited to SubcommitteeChairs or AB members. It was mentioned that E&F Subcommittee could sell tickets to membersto ensure fiscal accountability and if those members don’t resell through the fellowship the E&FSubcommittee will purchase those tickets back. In this way, E&F would not compromise theintegrity of the fiscal accountability which is a tremendous concern based on the history of thisevent.Team Leaders: Julie mentioned that to get the task at hand done there would need to be teamleaders. It was also discussed and agreed to have seven fundraising to make the money and tohold additional fundraising to promote unity throughout the region.Canoe Trip: Julie went over the Canoe Trip and reviewed the prices for food. Julie asked for ashow of hands for those in favor and those opposed. There was no opposition. E&F will usethose prices for the Canoe Trip on 10/1/2011.Julie asked for wiling members to assist and leave by 8:30 a.m. for the Canoe Trip to help set upthe food tables. Leo, Debra, and Alseia agreed to help.Hayride: It was discussed to have a hayride in November. It will be $50 per tractor and eachtractor will hold 70 people with a 3 hour bonfire to follow. Complementary coffee, hot chocolateand marshmallows are provided. We do have a release of liability form to cover any medicalissues. Our cost would be $6.50 per adult and $3.50 per child. It was discussed to reserve twotractors and to provide a rain date. It was also discussed the possibility of a bake sale for thisevent. Discussion ensued surrounding the “mark-up” of the tickets surrounding the adult pricewhich was proposed as $15 with a $5 cost per child. At the end of the discussion it appeared thegeneral consensus was that there would be more children than adults on the hayride and thereforethe larger increase in revenue would not be as great as projected solely on adult ticket costs.There was a motion made:M/S/C “To sell hayride tickets of $15 per adult and $5 per child”.The AB President gave permission for the Host to sign this contract and Julie will present this tothe Host for review at the next Host meeting.Steelers vs. Browns Game: Chuck provided information on renting a bus for the Steelers vs.Browns game. There is a budget below.
  2. 2. Description Amount Cost per unit Our Cost Fun(d)Raising Costs Tickets* 57 46.00 2552.00 5600.00 Bus 964.00 Bus Driver Tip 50.00 Complementary game ticket to driver 3566 5600.00 Fun(d)balance 2034.00 • Initial outlaying costs: $655 to reserve seats and $100 to reserve the bus.Other fun(d)raising ideas: Pool party, Steelers game video party, Steelers vs. Browns, Pitt game,Murder Mystery, Bowling, 80’s dance/speaker, Ice Skating, Game Night, Talent Show, MoraineState Park Overnight Camping, Skiing and Tubing and Breakfast with Santa. Event Team Leader Proposed Area Anticipated Season Pool party Mary H. Erie, Pa Early Winter or mid- Spring Steelers Video Party Steelers Vs Browns Chuck January 1, 2011 Pitt Philip S Murder Mystery JC North Pittsburgh Early Spring Murder Mystery Tracy South Hills Late Fall Bowling Mike Pittsburgh December/January 80’s speaker Ice Skating Tracy North Pgh Winter Game Night Gina Talent Show Alseia Laurel Mountain Late Spring Skiing/Tubing Joe South Hills Dec/January Camp out Mike Lawrence County Spring Breakfast with Santa Chrissy North East DecemberThe following areas are located within Tri-State: Area Number of Events1 PASCNA (Pittsburgh) 12 PICNA (Hill, North side)3 Northeast (Oakmont, Verona, 1 Armstrong County)4 North Pgh (North Hills) 25 South Hills 26 Laurel Mountain (Altoona) 1
  3. 3. 7 Wheeling WV8 Beaver Valley (Aliquippa/ Airport)9 Erie 110 Central Western PA (Titusville, Oil City)11 Butler (Butler, Cranberry)12 Lawrence County (New Castle) 113 Central Westmoreland (Greensburg)14 WE Area (Westmoreland, Finleyville, Charleroi)15 Penn Ohio (Farrell, PA)16 Erie County (outside Erie and Meadville)17 East End (Pittsburgh’s east end – Greenfield, Squirrel Hill, Shadyside)18 Southwest (Homestead, McKeesport, Duquesne)19. Inner Crossroads (Canonsburg, Washington)* Defunct Area but part of Steubenville OhioregionCalendar of Events: Fall Canoe Trip Hayride Winter December Breakfast with Santa Pool Party Pitt Game Murder Mystery Ice Skating Tubing/Skiing Bowling Steelers vs. Brown Spring Game Night Talent Show Camp over 80s Speaker/Dance
  4. 4. Murder MysteryIt was agreed that the Vice-Chairperson and the Secretary would be elected at the next meeting.The next meeting will be held at the Door of Hope Church, Friday, September 23, 2011, atHolmes Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 at 7:00 p.m.Name Phone Email Contacted by Face bookChrissy M 412.758.4435Alesia M. 412.583.2819 YesJoe O 412.944.5455 YesLeo M. 412.758.4987Debra B. 412.452.8388 dsbuckster@gmail.comAmy A 412.773.4962 Amya7752@gmail.comTracy L. 412.583.0479 YesRobert W. 412.600.2187Mike B. 412.537.9489Philip S. 412.901.4770 shehadyrug@gmail.comChuck P. 412.538.7018 Pappa2485@gmail.comMike M. 412.216.3231Gina B. 724.574.3517 gina@clubprophetsystems.comDina W. 412.584.2006 YesJ. C. Christopher 412.969.8433 jim@atozqualityelectric.comMary H. 412.537.7880 Mhenning@cffei.orgJulie B. 412.969.4075