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Minutes 10-18


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Minutes 10-18

  1. 1. East Coast Convention Fundraising & Event Subcommittee October 18, 2011Attendance: Julie B., Chairperson; Tracey L, Vice-Chairperson: Chrissy M., Pam K., AlseiaM., Joe O., Leo M., Hillary C., Jenna A., Allen D, Amy A., Robert W., Mike B., Philip S., ChuckP., Mike M., J. C., and Mary H.The meeting was opened at 7:00 p.m. The meeting was properly noticed. The meeting was heldat Door of Home, 5227 Holmes Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. The 12 Steps were read by RobertW.Julie opened the meeting with an update on the Host Committee meeting:  Hayride has been approved and fliers are available for distribution. There was discussion to review the refreshment pricing and volunteer staffing for this event which will be done later in the meeting.  There was a need for a coffee pot: Coffee pots will be donated from JC’s Tuesday night homegroup, Plot Thickens and Miracle on 57th Street.  Leo agreed to make the hot dogs. It was discussed making the hot dogs in the pit but Robert, who is well versed in outdoor camping, indicated that we need to do a site inspection because there is a large difference between a bonfire and a campfire and one’s ability to cook is diminished in a bonfire setting.  JC is donating 160 hot dogs for the event. Julie indicated that there was a large amount of foodstuff from the last event. Robert indicated that there are 24 hamburgers which were frozen and can be utilized for this event.  Host Committee Report: Julie went over the report given to the Host Committee and explained the relationship of the AB Committee, Host Committee, and Host Subcommittees and how those Committees complement and correlate each other.  Julie reviewed the financial report located in the Host committee report and indicated that the report states JC had $410 in hand to be turned in and it was $1,100 by the time of the Host Committee.  Julie reviewed that all reports will reflect money turned in and money (checks) received in her report and the Host Treasurer’s report will also reflect this to provide greater financial security and accountability to the NA members.  Julie noted that there were issues surrounding Money Handling Procedures which were addressed at the Host and the Host will be forwarding those to the AB. Julie noted that Jeff P, AB Alt CFO, has developed some preliminary Internal Guidelines to ensure fiscal accountability but to make the procedure more practical so hopefully the Advisory Board (AB) can review and approve these changes so we can do our job more efficiently.  There was also a vote for a No Return Policy on all tickets sold. The Steelers/Brown game has such a disclaimer.  The Host Treasurer will be at the Hayride to collect money so that will not be an issue for any events that are between now and the next AB meeting.  Dinosaur Dinner was approved and scheduled for April 7, 2011 at 5 pm with speakers at 7:20 p.m. It will be at the Lighthouse for the Blind in New Brighton, PA (Beaver Valley Area). There will be 12 speakers speaking for 12 minutes on how NA has impacted their lives.
  2. 2. December Events: Julie mentioned that there needs to be events scheduled in December at thismeeting or we would have to physically meet again or chat on face book for decision making.The following events were tentatively approved with the following parameters:There was discussion about having more than one event per month and it was agreed that wasvery possible. The only concern is that of “stepping” on the local area’s activities calendar andbeing mindful of that.Bowling: Julie spoke with Paul Buncher, owner of Arsenal Lanes, and he indicated that Januarywas his busiest season. He noted that it would cost $15 for 3 hours with half of the money downand he could only accommodate 97 people. It was agreed that was too costly for an event. Julieis going to check with Funfest in Harmarville.Recovery like 1980: It was agreed that this event would be in either Wheeling, WV or Oakmontthat the DJ would not be more than $150 and the Hall no more than $250. The committeediscussed DJ that might volunteer services and Joe and JC will contact those individuals since wehave several ideas that need DJs to assist including the Saturday dance at the ECCNA 16. Thereis a non-addict DJ who is willing to DJ the dance for $150 and his charge is typically $400 pernight. Lou P. is willing to do a Smooth as Silk lip-sync which was very popular in 1980 and thelate Dot T. will be the speaker via CD. Amy, Tracy, and Julie will determine which speaker tapeto use. There will be door prizes for best costumes that will consist of speakers from 1980, suchas, Greg P, Dot T., Pepe and maybe Jimmy K will show up. Prices set at $5.00 per adult; $2.00per child.Holiday Marathon Meeting: It was discussed having an “awareness” event of Marathonmeetings during the Christmas Eve and Christmas day for those addicts who can’t get home orhave no home to go to. This would be the more traditional meetings and not a dance or cardplaying event. There will be a Gratitude Can and all proceeds will go to the ECCNA 16.Breakfast with Santa: There are three locations for this event. Pam and Chrissy will bring moreinformation at the next meeting including a budget for the event.Foodstuff: There was discussion of where the foodstuff was picked and how and basically it is acombination of looking for the best prices. JC mentioned he does have a freezer if there is a needfor storage.Pricing was taken into consideration to modify the following items:  Red Bull (small can) $2.50  Soda - $1.00  Water $1.00 (which was the current price)Tubing: Joe mentioned that the snow tubing off is closed since it is the off-season and he willget with them as soon as they open. He noted that the office indicated that they only need 24hours for the group rate to be applicable.ECCNA 16 Entertainments:  Vida has agreed to volunteer her services. She is has a previous engagement and will cancel but does not wish to cancel her paying engagement if she is not needed. Programming has not started to schedule anything and the Subcommittee Chair indicated she is waiting for the AB Liaison to contact her. Jimmy, CT, is the AB Liaison Chair and did indicate he would contact her a few weeks ago. It was agreed to Vida would be slotted for Saturday night dinner entertainment since we are pretty certain that there will be a dinner served.  Brad (solo guitarist) – has agreed to perform and is open for the entire weekend.
  3. 3.  William Spottedbear (comedian) has tentatively agreed to volunteer his services and is open that weekend. He is awaiting confirmation on his offer from the E&F Subcommittee Chair. It was agreed to look at this act for the Friday night entertainment.  Sam (the DJ) – JC will contact regarding the Saturday night dance.  Ray (the DJ) – Joe will contact him for DJ services.  Mickey H (the former 80s DJ) – Mary will contact him for the Recovery like 1980 but it is possible that Mickey no longer has the equipment to DJ anymore.Linen Tables: Julie noted that there is a member who may be willing to donate linens and placesettings for events. It was discussed for the dinner at the ECCNA 16 and Julie will check withSteve D., Site Liaison, to ensure that does not impact our contract. Also, we could utilize herservices for the Murder Mystery Dinners.Billy Price: Billy Price was asked to perform since he performed at the 3rd ECCNA; however, hedesires reimbursement and E&F reported it to the Host and it was agreed to no longer ask for hisservices, but thank him for his consideration.Erie Splash Down: Mary had checked Erie’s Splash Lagoon and it was too expensive. Inreviewing her Erie travel guide, Sandusky Ohio is close to Erie and Cedar Lake is in Sandusky,OH so we could do an NA day. The other problem is PA weather so it was discussed to do this asa kick-off fun(d)raiser for ECCNA 17 as other former Host regions/areas are doing for us.Ice Skating: Tracy will be checking in on this once the office opens at North Park.NA Cookbook: Mary discussed an NA cookbook. It was agreed. It is considered to getapproximately 40 recipes and to sell the cookbooks.Registration: Julie mentioned for members to announce that registration is available online Fliers are pending.With nothing further, the meeting was closed at 8:35 p.m. in prayer with a special prayer toChuck who headed our E&F fun(d)raiser for the Steelers game and is dearly missed. We praythat he make his way back home soon.Name Phone Email Contacted by Face bookChrissy M 412.758.4435Alesia M. 412.583.2819 YesJoe O 412.944.5455 YesLeo M. 412.758.4987
  4. 4. Amy A 412.773.4962 Amya7752@gmail.comTracy L. 412.583.0479 YesRobert W. 412.600.2187Mike B. 412.537.9489Mike M. 412.216.3231J. C. Christopher 412.969.8433 jim@atozqualityelectric.comMary H. 412.537.7880 Mhenning@cffei.orgJulie B. 412.969.4075 Julie15201@gmail.comAllen D.Hillary C.Jenna A.