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Host committee minutes 10 15


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Host committee minutes 10 15

  1. 1. ECCNA 16 – 10/15/11 1St. Peter Episcopal Church, 4048 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15227 ECCNA 16 – Host Committee Meeting October 15, 2011Dennis H. opened the meeting @ 10:30 a.m. with Moment of Silence followed by theSerenity Prayer. The 12 Traditions were read.Roll call took place (A= Absent; V= Vacant; P= Present; R= Resigned)Posi%on
 Name Telephone Roll
Call e‐mail
Chair Dennis
H. (724)

P haggerty9@comacast.netVice
Chair Victor
H. (412)

P samantha797@verizon.netTreasurer Chuck
S. (412)

P chucks66811@verizon.netVice
Treasurer Stephanie
H. (412)

P s.hornick@comcast.netSecretary Debbie
F. (412)

P dmpwk@hotmail.comRegional
Liaison George
M. (412)

P gmoffatjr@verizon.netAB
D. (412)

A stevedevlin61@comcast.netArts
Graphics Angelo
N. (412)

A ang.ssp@verizon.netAucXon Janet
T. (412)

P jtorregrosso@asburyheights.orgConvenXon
InformaXon Tom
C. (412)

P lamma69@verizon.netEntertainment
B. (412)

P rwelsh1000@verizon.netFundraisingHospitality Laurie
H. (412)

P lawaltz316@aol.comMarathon Darrell
W. (412)

P darrellw232@yahoo.comMerchandise J.C.

P jim@atozqualityelectric.comProgram Anna
C. (412)

P amisqueen@msn.comRegistraXon Shari
B. (412)

P shari324@msn.comSerenity
Keepers Joel
H. (412)

P jhirsch5712@comcast.netQuorum was set at 12 voting members. Hospitality Chair, Laurie H., left early and thequorum was set at 11 voting members.Open Forum: There were no concerns or discussion at this time.Minutes: M/S/C "To approve 9/10/11 minutes".Reports:Chair’s Report: (No written report)Dennis H. reported there would be two types of rooms at the Convention.#1 Apartment Style: Single beds, will have a key to the room, include living room andkitchenette, linen, registration, housing and all meals … $195.00
  2. 2. ECCNA 16 – 10/15/11 2St. Peter Episcopal Church, 4048 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15227#2 Dorm Style: Bunk beds, community shower, includes linen, registration, housing andall meals …$175.00The golf carts would cost $400 per golf cart and as of now, the idea is being nixed. If anyone has any ideas or can get a better deal on the cost of golf carts the Chair asks that, youplease bring the information back to the committee.There was a question regarding children who attend the ECCNA 16 and what they will becharged. It was decided the Chair would investigate this issue at next AB meeting andget back to the Host Committee.Arts & Graphics Report: (no written report)Cathy H. requested Angelo receive all committee chair’s information to devise a flyer forthe convention. There was an Arts & Graphics subcommittee meeting held and therewere three members in attendance. The Arts & Graphics subcommittee meeting will beheld 2nd Monday of the month at the Lincoln Place @ 6:00 p.m.Auction Report: (no written report)Janet T. reported she has no committee as of yet. She is looking for support.Convention Information Report: (presented by Tom C.)Tom C. has been in touch with Mary H, AB liaison for C.I. about getting addresses to allthe H&I Facilities in our region in order to do mailings. Tom C. has items to give toJanet T., Auction chair, and he will bring them to our next committee meeting. Tom H.reports that the word and enthusiasm for the ECCNA 16 is being spread about he Tri-State Region and he believes this is going to be a fantastic year and a fantasticconvention.Entertainment & Fundraising Report: (presented by Julie B.)The Hope Float event was postponed due to weather but took place October 8, 2011. Theevent raised $745.16.The Steelers/Browns Game sold out in 5 days. The committee collected $4,800.00 todate; have $1,100.00 to turn in today and $800.00 still to collect. If the $800.00 is notreceived by November 1, 2011, the tickets will go up for sale again. There were 57tickets purchased and 56 sold. One ticket is being held for the bus driver. J.C. will holdall the Steelers/Browns tickets until the bus ride. It was advised that people keep theirreceipts. M/S/C "There will be a No Refund policy that will apply towards allEntertainment & Fundraising events".This committee has met twice and there were 18 people at the first meeting and 20 peopleat the second meeting. Tracy L. was elected Vice Chair and Gina B. was electedsecretary to the Entertainment & Fundraising subcommittee.The pending events include a Hayride that will take place November 5th and a DinosaurDinner which will take place on April 7th. Both events will need a check for the down
  3. 3. ECCNA 16 – 10/15/11 3St. Peter Episcopal Church, 4048 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15227payment. The deposit for the hayride will be $100.00 and the deposit for the Dinosaurdinner will be $50.00. Other ideas are currently being worked on (80’s Dance @Wheeling, Breakfast with Santa in Penn Hills, Snow Tubing in Monroeville, Ice Skatingin North Pittsburgh, Bowling in Pittsburgh, Murder Mystery in South Hills and GameNight in the North East Region. This committee thanks the AB CFO and the AB Alt.CFO’s Home Group along with the AB President’s home area for scheduling a fundraiserfor ECCNA 16. This committee presented concerns for money handling and ticket saleswhich are being addressed by the AB writing guidelines. This committee will meet the3rd Tuesday of the month at the Door of Hope Church, 5220 Holmes Street, Pittsburgh,PA @ 7:00 p.m.Hospitality Report: (no written report)Laurie H. left early and did not have anything to report at this time.Marathon Report: (no written report)Darrell W. had nothing to report at this time.Merchandise Report: (no written report)J.C. has nothing to report at this time he is still waiting on a Logo.Program Report: (presented by Anna Marie C.)Subcommittee meeting took place October 3, 2011 and there were 15 members inattendance. Audrey S. was elected as Vice Chair, Amanda H. was elected as Secretaryand Roberta M. was elected as Vice Secretary. Discussion took place regarding thepurpose of the convention, responsibilities of the Program Committee and guidelineswere read for the Programming Committee from the ECCNA Host Committee policybook. Monthly meeting will be held 6:00 p.m. the 1st Monday of the month, @ LincolnPlace Presby Church, 1202 Muldowney Street, Pittsburgh PaRegistration Report (presented by Shari B.)There has not been a Registration subcommittee meeting as of yet. The first task wil beto make up a registration form, as soon as the logo is picked. There will be a regularmeeting that will be held at 12:00 noon the 4th Saturday of the month @ GreenfieldOrganization, 430 Greenfield Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA.Serenity Keepers Report”: (no written report)Joel H. discussed the colors being bright yellow with black lettering for the serenitykeeper’s shirts. He also discussed smoking policy for our members and the need to knowwhere people can and can not smoke during the convention.Regional Liaison Report: (presented by George M.)
  4. 4. ECCNA 16 – 10/15/11 4St. Peter Episcopal Church, 4048 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15227George presented the ECCNA 16 committees report at the Regional Meeting October 8,2011. He also presented a list of host committee members and their information. TheECCNA 16 website is up, running, and accepting registrations. Thepackages are listed and payable through Pay Pal.Treasurer’s Report: (no written report)Chuck S. informed the committee that he, Dennis H. and Stephanie H. will be going tothe Citizens Bank following the meeting today to sign cards to finish opening thechecking account that will require two signatures on each check. It was decided to giveJulie B. checks instead of cash for the upcoming entertainment & fundraising deposits.Nomination/Elections: There was none at this time.Old Business: A Logo was voted on and picked at today’s meeting.New Business: The Steelers Trip was covered during Fundraising & EntertainmentSubcommittee Report.A collection took place and $20.00 was donated to the church. Meeting closed withprayer. Next meeting will take place November 12, 2011 @ 10:30 a.m.