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E & F Report to Host Committee 10-15


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E & F Report to Host Committee 10-15

  1. 1. Entertainment and Fundraising Committee Report for October 15th 2011Hope Float had to be postponed due to inclement weather. It was held on October 8thand a great time was had by all who attended. This event raised $ 745.31. This eventwas held in the WE Area of the Tri-State region. The following is a complete accountingof our budget and net profit from that event:Hope Float’s overall financial report is as follows:Description Amount74 Tickets Sold @ $25 each $1,850.00Food Sales $ 195.00Donation $ 10.00Total Revenue $2,055.00Canoe Rental to Youghiogheny Canoe (1,118.00)OutfittersCost of Food and Beverages -191.84Sunk Costs (1308.84Variance $745.16Money Turned into Treasurer ( 550.00)Money to be turned into as of 10/12/2011 195.16This is the revenue earned from food sales:Description Quantity Total SalesSoda 47 $ 35.25Hamburgers 38 76.00Water 8 8.00Hotdogs 27 27.00Chips 13 6.50Red Bull 8 24.00Nachos 8 16.00Donations 2.25
  2. 2. Total Food Sales Revenue $195.00With the exception of the nachos and the bread, we have a surplus of foodstuff to forthe next event. We gave those items away because they do not have shelf-life.This is the itemized cost of the food report for the Hope Floats Event:Description Quantity Cost VendorTickets & Fliers 100 Tickets/ 7.23Fed Ex 40 FliersSoda 192 cans 38.52Giant EaglePotato Chips 50 bags 11.69Restaurant DepotHamburgers 60 patties 23.53Restaurant DepotCondiment Pack 1 each (ketchup, 5.73Restaurant mustard, relish) DepotCheese 48 slices 5.98Giant EagleCoffee 2 lb can 8.99Giant EagleCups 90 cups 2.00Family DollarNapkins 300 2.00Family DollarTax on non-food items .28Family DollarSugar (3) 20 oz shakers 5.73Restaurant DepotCreamer (4) 20 oz shakers 5.12Restaurant DepotRed Bull 24 cans 31.79Restaurant DepotWater 35 bottles 5.32Restaurant DepotCharcoal 17 lbs 9.37 Restaurant DepotNacho Trays 24 trays 4.71Schorin CompanyPlates 150 2.00Mike FeinbergHotdog Wrappers 150 1.50Mike FeinbergTax on non-food items 0.25Mike FeinbergHamburger Buns 60 8.95Giant EagleHotdog Buns 32 4.76Giant EagleKetchup 1 bottle 3.19Giant EagleLighter Fluid I bottle 3.20Giant EagleTOTAL 191.84
  3. 3. Steelers/Browns Game:The Steelers/ Browns game trip was approved by the E&F committee. We contactedthe Host Executive Committee for their approval since time was of the essence. Thetickets have been purchased and the bus has been paid for. To date, we have collected$410 profit and all outlaying costs have been paid. All other tickets have been reservedand those people have until November 1st to make payment or their tickets will be upfor resale. We have a list of members who desire tickets and were not able to get thembased on the event being sold out. We are confident that any tickets for resale will notbe an issue since this event was sold out in five (5) days. We would like to point out tothe Host Committee that one of the tickets will be given to the bus driver as part of ourthanks for him/her driving us on New Year’s Day to the game. A financial accounting ofexpenses, to date, has been given to the Treasurer. Thank you, JC and Chuck for allyour hard work!!Description AmountPre-sold 40 Tickets @ $100 each $4,000.0016 Tickets left to collect for: 1,600.00Revenue $5,600.00Sunk CostsPaid for 57 Tickets @ $46.00 (2,622.00)Processing Fee ( 4.00)Paid for Bus ( 964.00)Driver’s Tip ( 50.00)Gratuitous Ticket for DriverCoffee and Doughnuts ( 60.00)Subtotal Sunk Costs (3,746.00)Anticipated Profit $1,900.00Cash to be Turned into as of 10/12/2011 $ 410.00Total Revenue Generated to Date: $2,645.31 or approximately 220 Basic Texts forour fellow members.Committee Update:
  4. 4. Our committee met twice. There were 18 people at the first meeting and 20 people atthe second. We discussed how our mission was two-fold, our main goals being to raisemoney and awareness. Committee members have generously agreed to take onleadership positions for different events. We also want to congratulate and thank fortheir willingness to serve our unanimously elected vice chair, Tracy L and secretary,Gina B.Our regularly scheduled meeting will be on the 3rd Tuesday at the Door of Hope Churchat 5220 Holmes Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 located in the Lawrenceville neighborhoodof the city of Pittsburgh. We have fliers for distribution.Pending Events:Hayride:With the host committee’s approval our next event will be a hayride. The deposit for thisis $100 ($50 per wagon which holds 70). It was approved at subcommittee to includecoffee, hot cocoa and marshmallows at an estimated cost of $50. After somediscussion, our committee set the price at $15 for adults and $5 for children. I receivedapproval from the AB to sign the contract for this. In case of bad weather it will berescheduled with the vendor.Dinosaur Dinner:We also have a concrete time and place for a “Dinosaur Dinner”. On April 7 atLighthouse of the Blind 720 Third Avenue New Brighton PA 15066, we propose to holda spaghetti dinner followed by various speakers. The deposit the church has asked foris $50.Events throughout our region:Our biggest challenge has been finding people in other parts of the region to provideinformation about places to hold events, resources for these, the number of people whoregularly attend and ways to distribute information. In this vein, we have created a Facebook page (“secret” to remain respectful of member’s anonymity). The minutes from ourmeetings can be found there as well as information about events. Anyone who wants tocan be added by the admins. If anyone knows anyone in the following areas who canhelp us in information gathering it would be greatly appreciated.Wheeling WVCentral Western PA (Titusville, Oil City and other towns)Butler, PALawrence County (New Castle, PA)Central Westmoreland (Greensburg, PA)Penn Ohio (Farrell, PA)
  5. 5. Erie County (Meadville and Erie County)Steubenville OHTeam Leaders are also currently working to provide the following events in the followingareas of our region:Event Area Season80s Dance Butler or Wheeling December 5Breakfast with Santa Penn Hills Late December (Northeast) Erie Mid-to-Late SpringSnow Tubing Monroeville January (Northeast)Ice Skating North Pittsburgh WinterBowling Pittsburgh FebruaryMurder Mystery South Hills MarchGame Night NortheastTalent Show Laurel Highlands Late SpringECCNA 16 Fun(d)Raisers in other sections of the East Coast:We would like to thank the AB CFO Alternate and AB CFO Alternate’s Home group forscheduling a fun(d)raiser for the ECCNA 16 and also the AB President’s home area forscheduling another fun(d)raiser for the ECCNA 16. Big thanks to them for their support!!Ticket Sales and Money Handling Concerns:In speaking with the ECCNA 15 Chair, she indicated that the ECCNA 15 had similarproblems as we are experiencing in ticket sales. Our dilemma is that we have made aconcerted effort to make tickets available throughout the Tri-State region; however theMoney Handling Procedures clearly outlines that we must only have AB Directors, HostExecutive Committee Members or Subcommittee Chairs handle money. Weunderstand that accountability is a core principle of our service in Narcotics Anonymousbut have also learned that all principles must be complementary and practical. We havedeveloped a ticket sales sheet to ensure accountability but to also provide additionalmembers access to ticket sales in other sections of our region. We are proposing thatall “sellers’ be approved by the full E&F Subcommittee and that all “sellers” sign off forany tickets received and be fully aware that they will be financially responsible for any“lost” tickets or “not-returned” tickets. We would give any ticket sellers a receipt whentickets or money is returned to the E&F Subcommittee Chair.
  6. 6. The only other solution that we have developed was to “sell” a bulk amount of tickets toa non-money handling member and then agree to “purchase back” those tickets if thatmember can not sell them. Not only does this lack the integrity and transparency thatwe feel should always be integrated in NA service, it is inconsistent in the 7th Traditionthat only members who have substantial cash outlays would be candidates and thatpremise is neither truthful or equal to a member’s ability to serve.We would appreciate that the Host Committee discuss this issue rather than place us inan undue hardship or a position of creativity to skirt policy and that any solutions bepresented to the AB Committee for revision to the guidelines.At our first event, we had an issue because the only money handling member was me(as E & F subcommittee chair) and I had additional responsibilities. In the future, I willensure that another money handling member be willing to serve at the event. I wouldalso like to suggest that the E&F Vice-Chair be considered to be included in moneyhandling policy for events since in the event of my inability to serve, the E&F Vice-Chairwould be handling these responsibilities.I have included the following financial forms that we developed to assist in future auditsof the ECCNA and to provide the transparency and accountability that enhances ourability to serve: 1. Reimbursement Form (to attach receipts per event for accountability) 2. Advance Form (modeled after our region’s for vendors for outlaying costs) 3. Ticket Sales (for accountability in ticket sales)ECCNA 16 Entertainments:Vida M who performs regularly at the Lamont and Three Rivers Casino has agreed tovolunteer her services wherever they’re needed. We are considering this as the dinnerentertainment for Saturday. More will be revealed.Brad S, a professional local solo guitarist, is also excited at the possibility of donatinghis time wherever needed.Lastly, I spoke to Billy Price about the possibility of his performing at the convention. Hequoted a price of $3,500 for 2 75 minute sets. This includes the cost of him bringing aPA system. He also said that this quote was negotiable and that if we could come to anagreement “somewhere in the ballpark” he would be delighted to perform for us.Thank you for allowing me to serve,
  7. 7. Julie B412-969-4075