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Presentation Ff

  1. 1. General Information Specialist of contract manufacturing of technical parts in China for electronic and automotive industries. Product lines Service provided PCB Network use of more than 50 Metal parts manufacturing partners in China Cables and connectors Technical support Power supply Quality support PCBA (PCB Assembly) Sales services LED Logistic management LCD Keyboards and keypads Plastic parts Multi-technology projects
  2. 2. General Information 20 years experience, including 7 in China Office in France (Paris) with customer support. Total staff 15. Office in China (ChangAn town ,DongGuan, GuangDong province) with technical specialist for each product line. Total staff 55. Languages : English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish. Ability for sourcing according to specific technical need. Head office : 231, rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris – France Status : SARL Website :
  3. 3. Service Details Network use of over 50 manufacturing partners in China ISO 9000 certified minimum; most suppliers also are QS 9000 or ISO/TS 16949 certified, several also passed ISO 14000 certification. Overseas Chinese managed only. Several years of proven-track experience with those suppliers. Technical support FRANCOIS FRERES informs you about all the different technologies available in China. Our specialists will help you to make the best technical choices for your products Design & Process co-development: FRANCOIS FRERES supports your project at early development stage for cost-optimization before submitting it so suppliers for quotation.
  4. 4. Service Details Quality support High quality level guaranty thanks to our strong organization and our suppliers’ survey system. China office intervention upon request to solve any quality issue. All suppliers are used to work in conformity with all the highest quality international standards. Sales services FRANCOIS FRERES provides complete sales services, both in China and western countries. Detailed prices offer (DDP or DDU) for several batch sizes. Time - Quality - Quantity optimization Logistic services Transport, customs clearance, stocks, consignments stocks and deliveries. Several transportations mode available: air, sea-air, sea, express. Highly competitive rates.
  5. 5. Double Side PCB • Standard double sided PCBs with copper plated through holes : minimum track width 150 microns. • Sophisticated double sided PCBs with copper plated through holes : track width under 150 microns, small holes, thin raw material, etc.. • Standard double sided PCBs with silver through holes : holes 0.5 mm, track width 200 microns, pitch = 1,2 to 1,5 mm . Screen printing process or roller coater process. • Sophisticated double sided PCBs with silver through holes : holes 0.45 mm, track width 150 microns, pitch = 1 mm . photo process with roller coater. • Double side PCB with copper paste through holes.( CPTH technology ) Finishing : organic coating, HASL lead free, Flash plating NIAU, immersion chemical NIAU, immersion tin, immersion silver. Cutting : V Scoring, routing, punching. Raw material : CEM3, FR4 for DS PTH, FR1, CEM1 for DS STH Other : Carbon keypad, peelable mask.
  6. 6. Multilayers PCB • Standard multilayers 4 and 6 layers (minimum track width 150 microns) • Sophisticated multilayers 4 and 6 layers (track width under 150 microns) • Multilayers from 8 to 20 layers. • HDI ( high density interconnection ) multilayers. ( laser drilling or mechanical holes ) • Back panels up to 20 layers. Finishing : organic coating, HASL lead free, Flash plating NIAU, immersion chemical NIAU, immersion tin, immersion silver Cutting : V Scoring, routing. Raw material : FR4, FR5, high Tg.
  7. 7. Flexible PCB • Single side FPCB (roll to roll and panel to panel) : polyimide, polyester, PEN • Double side FPCB low cost (roll to roll and panel to panel) : polyimide or PEN • Multilayer polyimide (with or without adhesive) • Flex rigid and sophisticated flexible PCBs (with or without adhesive ) • Flexible PCBs with connectors, stiffeners, tape, components, etc. • PCBs with very small tracks : up to 50 microns track width • Flexible PCB with air gap ( mobile phone application) • Flexible PCBs with double access Raw material : Polyimide, polyester or PEN Raw material with or without adhesive Cutting by punching ( hard tool or/and soft tool ) Finishing : Bright SNPB, flash plating NIAU, immersion tin, immersion chemical NIAU, organic coating, HASL lead free, Soldermask : coverlay, photoimageable ink ( LPI), thermal ink, UV ink Other : with silver ink shielding
  8. 8. Special Types PCB • Teflon PCBs. ( high frequency application ) • Double sided PCBs stick on metal heatsink (engine electronic control or military application ) • COB ( chip on boards ) PCBs (for soldering : gold, aluminium or silver wires) • Mother boards PCBs (with impedance controlled requirements) • Very long PCBs • Credit card PCBs • Thick copper PCBs . ( single side, double side, multilayers ) • Hybrides circuits • Golden PCBs for automotive contact application. • Multilayers PCBs with Invar or Molybdene internal heatsinks
  9. 9. Metal Parts Casting Machining Stamping Forging Sheet cutting & bending Assembly Heat treatments Surface treatment Painting & anodization
  10. 10. Cables & Connectors Cables Flat cable Wire harness Fiber optic products Standard cables assembly (RJ45, RJ11, USB,…) Wires (multi wires, twisted, shielded, teflon,...) AC POWER CORD Connectors Standard connectors blocks SMT connector Flat connectors assembled or not Sub systems / cables assembly AP/RT Antenna Range extender antenna
  11. 11. Power Supply Power supplies, chargers, adaptors Consumer-product power supplies (AC-AC, AC-DC, DC-DC) Chargers Adaptors Coils and transformers Coils upon specifications Small to medium range transformers
  12. 12. PCBA SMT (Surface Mount Technology) IMT (Insert Mount Technology) Reflow soldering Wave soldering ICT (In Circuit Tester) FCT (Functional Circuit Tester) Note: current situation (suppliers, components supply chain and obsolescence) does not allow us to offer many types of PCBA
  13. 13. LED Optronic components OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) process LED lamps & SMD LED LED panels & assembly Dot Matrix Display LED soft bar High Power Super Flux LED bar Holder
  14. 14. LCD LCD Panels TN (Twisted Nematic) STN (Super Twisted Nematic) FSTN (Film compensate Super Twisted Nematic ) DSM (Design Standards Manual) TFT (Thin Film Transistor) CSTN (Color Super Twisted Nematic) HTN (High Twisted Nematic) DFSTN (Double layer Film Super Twisted Nematic) DSTN (Double layer Super Twisted Nematic) LCD Modules COB (Chip On Board) COG (Chip On Glass) COF (Card On Foil) TAB (Chip on Tape Automatic Bonding)
  15. 15. Keyboards and Keypads Rubber keyboards Silicone, rubber, TPE Inserts, printing, laser marking, over molding Large & transparent parts Membrane switch keyboards and front panels Polyester boards with polymer silver tracks and carbon keypads. Front panels by screen printing Assemblies including components, poly-domes, LED Electroluminescent ink, touched screens, four-colors front panels, very large keyboard
  16. 16. Plastic Parts Parts specifications Thin wall High precision Over-molding on plastic Insert molding Bi-material Transparent raw material Reinforced raw material Special raw material Decoration processes Printing Laser marking Painting IMD (In Mold Decoration)
  17. 17. Multi-Technology Projects Most of our suppliers master several technologies, and can usually subcontract needed ones. Please consult us directly on specific project
  18. 18. About Our Customers Automotive Our customers are medium to Industry large size companies. Consumer They believe in our service and its efficiency (cost, quality, reliability). Telecom Multimedia Misc
  19. 19. About our customers
  20. 20. Contact EUROPE / FRANCE CHINA François Frères SARL François Frères Representative office 231, rue Saint Honoré #9 CiBi District, LianHua Villa 75001 Paris ChangAn, DongGuan, GuangDong Phone : 0086-76981606001 Fax : 0086-76981606002