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concept maps


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concept maps

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concept maps

  1. 1. Conceptmaps<br />Juliana delgado<br />Gaviria<br />Mr diego<br />Villamizar<br />Grade 5-a<br />richmond<br />
  2. 2. “Questions” <br />-Concept maps HELP TO ANSWER focus question.<br />-Concept maps REPRESENT organized knowledge.<br />-Organized knowledge NEEDED TO ANSWER focus questions.<br />-Focus questions ARE contest dependent.<br />-Context dependent E.G social.<br />-Context dependent E.G personal.<br />-Organized knowledge NECESSARY FOR effective teaching.<br />-Organized knowledge NECESSARY FOR effective learning.<br />-Organized knowledge INCLUDES associated feelings of affect .<br />-Associated feelings of affects ADD TO concepts<br />-Concepts ARE perceived regularities of patterns.<br />-Perceived regularities of patterns IN events.<br />-Perceived regularities of patterns IN objects.<br />-Perceived regularities of patterns BEGIN WITH infants.<br />
  3. 3. “questions”<br />-Concepts ARE labeled WITH symbols and words.<br />-Concepts CONNECTED USING linking words.<br />-Linking words ARE hierarchically structured.<br />-Hierchically structured AIDS creativity.<br />-Creativity BEGINS WITH infants.<br />-Creativity NEEDED TO SEE interrelations ships.<br />-Hierachically structured SPECIALLY WITH experts.<br />-Linking words ARE hierarchically structured IN cognitive structure.<br />-Linking words using form propositions.<br />-Propositions ARE units of meaning.<br />-Units of meaning CONSTRUCTED IN cognitive structure.<br />-Propositions MAY BE crosslinks.<br />-Crosslinks SHOW interrelationships.<br />-Internationalships BETWEEN different map segments.<br />
  4. 4. “themeanings”<br />-Concept maps: are graphical tools for organizing and representing knowledge‭. ‬They have two key components‭, "‬concepts‭" ‬and‭ "‬linking words‭” ‬and also information.<br />-focus question: is a good way to answer the question that’s way is named the focus question.<br />-organized knowledge: are the ideas are organized according to the conceptual maps.<br />-linking words: are used to link ideas when writing. They enable the writing to flow one idea to the next in a logical and cohestive way.<br />-a concept: an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from species instances.<br />-a internationalships: is the relation with or beetwen 2 thinks which are like common.<br />