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Eures nòrdic bàltic job day


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EURES Nordic - Baltic Job Day offers the perfect opportunity to contact and interview Spanish professionals in these sectors, all of whom are interested in working abroad.

Some companies in your region have already successfully taken on workers such as these with the support of EURES.

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Eures nòrdic bàltic job day

  1. 1. Aquestes són algunes de les EMPRESES i OFERTES de feina disponibles: DINAMARCA MÈDICS ESPECIALISTES DINAMARCA  Assistant Professor in Optical Terahertz Science and Technology  Associate Professor in Smart Manufacturing  PhD position in Air-sampling  Professor in Ventilation and Air Distribution in Spaces  Software Manager  Senior Researcher in Aerodynamics and Aeroelastics of Smart Blades  PhD and Postdoc Positions for reservoir fluid characterization and tracer studies  PhD position: Multiphase flow properties alteration in chalk reservoirs  A 2-year postdoctoral position is available at DTU Chemistry  Graduates (Master) or students who are soon finishing their master studies in different fields baltic-job-day-madrid-2017
  2. 2. SUÈCIA  DRIVEN PROJECT MANAGER - VENTILATION  VENTILATION TECHNICIAN  ENFERMERIA SUECIA NORUEGA  ÒPTICS/OPTOMETRISTES FINLÀNDIA  Software developers in FINLAND CUINERS/ES i CAMBRERS/ES a Noruega, Suècia o Finlàndia TELEOPERADORS amb Castellà i Anglès a LETÒNIA Tutorials sobre com inscriure’s a l’esdeveniment o com registrar-se a les ofertes de feina  Participa PRESENCIALMENT i/o on line  Trobaràs més que ofertes de feina: presentacions, taules rodones, assessorament, entrevistes…