Teen pregnancy


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This presentation will inform you on teen pregnancy. What the negative impacts and key issues for the teen mother and father.

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Teen pregnancy

  1. 1. Teen Pregnancy 100% Preventable By: Julia Weber & Sabrina Deliso
  2. 2. What are the causes of teen pregnancy? ❏ Lack of information about safe sex ❏ Peer pressure from their peers who pressure them into having sex before they are personally ready ❏ Lack of parental guidance and support ❏ Lack of school health classes ❏ Lack of information about birth control 6% themselves4% siblings 4% someone else 3% teachers & educators 3% don’t know 1% religious leaders 13% the media
  3. 3. Basic statistics ❖ 3/10 teens in the US will get pregnant at least once before the age of 20. That’s more than 7,000,000 pregnancies each year! ❖ 2% (or fewer) had sex before the age of 12. ❖ 16% of teens have had sex by the age of 15. ❖ 48% of teens have had sex by the age of 17. ❖ 61% of teens have had sex by the age of 18. ❖ 71% of teens have had sex by the age of 19. ❖ 750,000 US teens at the age of 15-19 become pregnant. 2/3 occur in later years of 18-19. ❖ 59% of teen pregnancies result in births. ❖ 26% of teen pregnancies result in abortion. ❖ 15% of teen pregnancies result in a miscarriage. ❖ 58% of female teens are very upset after finding out about their pregnancy. ❖ 29% of female teens are a little upset after finding out about their pregnancy. ❖ 13% of female teens are pleased after finding out about their pregnancy. ❖ 47% of male teens are very upset after finding out about their pregnancy. ❖ 34% of male teens are a little upset after finding out about their pregnancy. ❖ 18% of male teens are pleased after finding out about their pregnancy. ❖ In 2011, 334,000 births among teens 19 and under.
  4. 4. Key issues for future teen moms ➔ The decision of keeping the baby. ➔ The reaction of their parents. ➔ The support from their parents. ➔ The involvement of the birth father. ➔ Support from the birth father. ➔ Enough money for the baby’s essentials. ➔ Keeping up with high school struggling to finish with the rest of the graduation class. ➔ Finding jobs to help pay for your babys needs.
  5. 5. Teen mom stories ● Stacey Currie lost her mom at a young age, because of this she never had the talk about the birds and the bees. She also never learned there were consequences for having sex and never knew the symptoms of pregnancy. One day Stacey and her dad were in the kitchen talking. He was showing her his hernia on his belly. She said that she thought she might have one too because of the size of her belly. Later that day she went to the doctor and told the doctor about her hernia. The doctor then informed her it was not a hernia it was a baby. She was pregnant. ● Julia F. became pregnant at 17. Her parents became very angry and kicked her out. When her baby girl was born she was born a stillborn. A few years later she got married and became pregnant once again. ● Anonymous- She told her parents she was going over to a friends house but really she was going to her boyfriends house. Her boyfriend had spiked her coke and she didn’t suspect a thing when she woke up fully clothed. It was only when she started getting symptoms that she realized. All of these teen moms have said getting pregnant put an end to their life. This could have all been preventable. ● Hey I was 17 when I found out I was expecting my first baby. I came from an extremely strict home and my parents were so distraught and disappointed. My mom even kicked me out the house. I was already in a (live on campus) trade school in upstate ny she said I was not welcomed back home. I went to better myself and to be independent away from my strict parents. After 6 months of me starting I met a guy. We dated until my 18th bday. Then I found out I was preggo 2 months later. I was afraid because I had only knew this guy for less than a year and I wasn't finished in school. I didn't believe in abortions and I felt so scared and lonely. After I told my bf he was happy and he was there every step of the way for me. My mom eventually got over the anger and accepted her grandchild. I felt so happy to have support from my family and the babys father. I graduated and became certified in medical office support and now I'm enrolled in school at the university of NYC getting my (certified nursing assistant license. I had a beautiful baby girl (Bethany Lynn) on August 26. And me and her father are going on 3 years together and engaged. -Leeann M. ● When i was 19 and in my sophomore year at college i found out i was pregnant.When i broke the news to my loving fiance that i have been with for four years he insisted we keep him. I agreed, but when i told my mother she was devastated and believed that i had ruined everything, my good grades and dreams. She convinced me to have an abortion but i couldn't my boyfriend because he would be seriously hurt. So i went behind his back and my families telling everyone i had lost the child. Everyone was so upset i was given special treatment in everything. i wish i could go back and tell the truth. My fiance is wanting to get married but i don't know if i can because i lied about something that i shouldn't have. Tell the truth.- Anonymous
  6. 6. Impact on teen pregnancy for the young teens ★ Only thirty four percent of young teen mothers earn either a college degree or a high school diploma, and less than two percent of teen mothers earn a degree by the time they turn 30. ★ You are more dependent on your parents to help drive you and schedule doctor appointments. ★ Not being able to hangout with friends as much ★ Having to drop out of high school. They are less likely to even finish high school...only 38% ever will. ★ The responsibility of having and caring for a newborn ★ Children who are born to adolescents face particular challenges. For example, they are more likely to have poorer educational, behavioral, and health outcomes throughout their lives, compared with children born to older parents. ★ Teens are more likely to live in poverty and have to rely on public assistance more. ★ Adolescent teens are more likely to have children who grow up with a poorer educational, behavioral, and health outcomes over the course of their lives compared to the kids born to older parents.
  7. 7. What’s wrong with waiting? In conclusion, becoming a mom is really great. However becoming a mom at ages 15 to 19 isn’t so great. Parenting can be challenging at any age, but particularly it can be difficult for adolescent parents. In 2012, just over 305,500 babies were born to teen girls who were between the ages of 15 and 19. Childbearing for adolescence parents affects them negatively. Including their children, and society in many ways. They now have the next 9 months to plan out what they are going to have to do when they baby comes. The difference between having a child that most teens parents understand is newborns aren’t dolls, they’re forever. If you choose to have a baby as a teen you’ll have to sacrifice most of your teenage life. Including partying and having fun with your friends, to stay home and care for your newborn child. Some teen moms don’t even have their boyfriends or parents to rely on anymore because of the decision they made. Sometimes it’s better to wait to have a child when you are financially stable and have a good job and relationship with your family.
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  9. 9. What’s the rush?! Help prevent teen pregnancy Hope you enjoyed!