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E book library guidelines

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E book library guidelines

  1. 1. Kerikeri High School eBook Library Julia Smith Librarian Join up
  2. 2. open your app store search for ePlatform by Wheelers download app open download the app
  3. 3. tap search icon type Kerikeri High School in LIBRARY SEARCH select locate our school
  4. 4. tap menu [ ] select SIGN IN enter your USERNAME (school network user name) PASSWORD (ask librarian or friend, or locate online: atschool / learning / library / how to sign up to the ebook library sign in
  5. 5. browse library select book/s, maximum 2 DOWNLOAD 14 day borrowing time frosted books are on loan but can be reserved choose ebooks
  6. 6. ebooks electronically disappear after two weeks to return ebooks earlier, open the downloaded book and click RETURN NOW or go to menu [ ] select shelf, and RETURN ebook return ebooks
  7. 7. ebook library can be found: on the library blog - kerikeri-covertocover at school / learning / library / ebook library access ebook library