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How to use russian social media in tourism


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How to use russian social media in tourism

  1. 1. How to use Russian social media in tourism Julia Trushina Russian Social Media Marketing Consultant Balt tour Forum 2014 Riga, Latvia
  2. 2. About Julia Trushina •Social media marketing consultant •PhD in Marketing •One of the first social media marketing specialist on Russian market •Working with companies from Finland, Denmark and Slovenia • Implementation around 70 projects during 5 last years •Internet Marketing and Tourism conferences speaker
  3. 3. About Julia Trushina Trainings and seminars: •"Social media marketing and sales of Finnish travel services for Russian customers" (2012) •"Marketing in Russian social media for Finnish companies" (2011) • “How could the psychologist use social media effective way?" (2010) •“Personal branding in social media "(2010)
  4. 4. Top social networks in Russia Average daily reach © Julia Trushina, Russian Social Media Marketing Consultant TNS Web Index, users (MM) December 2013, Reach, Russia 0+, 12-64 age
  5. 5. Russian traveler
  6. 6. Too much info in newsfeed
  7. 7. Useful tips: how to do
  8. 8. Tasty food
  9. 9. Plan for the day in the city
  10. 10. List with useful links
  11. 11. Amazing photos Beautiful pictures
  12. 12. Collecting the reviews
  13. 13. Target on the Travelers
  14. 14. Share the posts from the travelers
  15. 15. Make the lists with useful content
  16. 16. Posts about locals
  17. 17. Competitions
  18. 18. Travel communities in
  19. 19. Bloggers experience
  20. 20. Blogger posts are in Yandex
  21. 21. What to do in Russian social media? Create useful content Make the lists Share travelers posts Reply questions
  22. 22. Julia Trushina Russian Social Media Consultant