Dog control stats 2003 11 from AR


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These are the dog control department stats from 2003 to 2011, which I reference in my letter to the RDCO Directors. These pages were pulled from the Annual Reports published by the RDCO, and available on their website.

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Dog control stats 2003 11 from AR

  1. 1. Item 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 TotalsDogs Licensed 12507 11155 10487 10457 9833 9476 9224 9046 8793 90978Dog Complaints 2857 2286 1993 2164 2403 2524 2892 2990 3151 23260Dog Non CompliantResponses 483 923 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1406Dogs Impounded 750 774 774 886 874 1128 1111 1186 1229 8712Dogs Euthanized 107 81 108 91 113 219 259 292 306 1576Dog Bylaw ViolationTickets 552 254 401 401 338 218 324 330 367 3185Dogs Euth % of Impounds 14% 10% 14% 10% 13% 19% 23% 25% 25%What is measuredfor the effectiveness rate? kellyWhat is the goal of the Focus trans to rothdepartment? Trg Inst westside quota ? director sameHow many of these goal asnumbers are duplicated deSouza Rhoda Brianie, how many are noise Mueller Ralphand dog? installed installedConsidering that dogslicensed went upsubstantially in 3 years,since the mandatorylicensing came in to effect,it seems to me that peopledont have a problemlicensing their dogs.
  2. 2. Kelly Roth Inspection Services Director 2003 HIGHLIGHTS " Maintained service levels in the building inspection area by employing an additionalBuilding Permits building inspector to help manage the increased and Inspections s e r v i c e d e m a n d c a u s e d by i n c re a s e dDog Control construction levels in the community. Services " Continued to microfilm additionalWeed and Insect completed files to protect records. Control " Developed dog control policy amend- 2004 HIGHLIGHTSBylaw Enforcement ments that were adopted by the board and areaBusiness Licenses " Employ an additional building inspector municipalities that created a seamless dog to help maintain service to an area that is control service in the area. Stricter regulations for experiencing continued increasing construction dangerous dogs were also implemented. activity. " Continued to work with the City of " Complete the study and recommendations Kelowna to develop policies for problems with to area local governments about methods to trees and other vegetation. prevent future wildfire disasters in our com- " Developed a new service for Prohibited munities. Animal Control for the Westside Electoral Area, " Continue to microfilm completed build- District of Peachland and the City of Kelowna. ing permit files. " Commenced a project to determine " Review building bylaw and inspections methods for preventing wildfire disasters in our policies and procedures. communities. " Work with the Dog Advisory Committee " Incorporated wireless technology into dog to ensure that dog regulations continue to be control bylaw enforcement. appropriate for the challenges presented by the management of dog control issues. " Incorporate wireless technology into build- ing inspection/bylaw enforcement procedures. " Continue to provide inspection services to the public in a timely, fair and cost effective manner. 2003 Building Statistics Inspection Services Statistics Building Permit Value, All Permits $72,621,212 Bylaw Violation Complaints 184 Building Permits Issued 998 Untidy/Unsightly Complaints 274 Single Family Dwellings 376 Weed Complaints 326 Mobile Homes 28 Weed Orders Issued 394 Two Family Dwellings 63 Weeds Cut by Contractor 40 Multiple Family Dwellings 63 Insect Complaints 96 Commercial Permits Issued 24 Business Licenses Issued 742 Industrial Permits Issued 28 Dogs Licensed 8,793 Institutional Permits Issued 9 Dog Complaints 3,151 Dogs Impounded 1,229 Dogs Euthanized 306 Dog Bylaw Violation Tickets 367 Line of Vision/Nuisance Tree Complaints 165 page Regional District of Central Okanagan 2003 13
  3. 3. | INSPECTION SERVICES | 2005 Initiatives Anticipate and meet the needs of the building industry for permits and inspections and insure that plans checking and inspections are handled in a fair and timely manner. Adapt to the change in venue for Municipal Tickets prosecutions from the Bylaw court that has been the norm to regular Provincial Court. Continue to catch up with the backlog of microfilming required for completed Building Inspection files. Review the Noxious Weeds bylaw to ensure that the regulations are dealing appropriately with new housing projects that are being developed on steep hillsides. Anticipated change and educate Building Inspectors to the use of the new 2005 BC Building Code. Adapt to the change in Continue to provide inspection services and bylaw enforcement to venue for Municipal the levels expected by the communities served. Assist in the costs of an improved telephone system to facilitate the Tickets prosecutions call volume coming into the inspection services department. from the Bylaw court Work with the Dog Advisory Committee to develop educational that has been the materials for dog related issues. norm to regularPAG E Provincial Court.18 2004 BUILDING STATISTICS 2004 INSPECTION SERVICES STATISTICS BUILDING PERMIT VALUE, ALL PERMITS $70,757,281 BYLAW VIOLATION COMPLAINTS 148 BUILDING PERMITS ISSUED 1,014 UNTIDY/UNSIGHTLY COMPLAINTS 369 SINGLE FAMILY DWELLINGS 284 WEED COMPLAINTS 413 MOBILE HOMES 20 WEED ORDERS ISSUED 665 TWO FAMILY DWELLINGS 60 WEEDS CUT BY CONTRACTOR 80 MULTIPLE FAMILY DWELLINGS 50 INSECT COMPLAINTS 63 COMMERCIAL PERMITS ISSUED 27 BUSINESS LICENSES ISSUED 1,164 INDUSTRIAL PERMITS ISSUED 10 DOGS LICENSED 9,046 INSTITUTIONAL PERMITS ISSUED 8 DOG COMPLAINTS 2,990 DOGS IMPOUNDED 1,186 DOGS EUTHANIZED 292 DOG BYLAW VIOLATION TICKETS 330 LINE OF VISION/NUISANCE TREE COMPLAINTS 297 REGIONAL DISTRICT OF CENTRAL OKANAGAN 2004
  4. 4. The Board approved hours of workbeyond the normal construction hours for three highways-related projects in 2005. { Kelly Roth, DIRECTOR 2005 HIGHLIGHTS construction hours for three highways-related Business Licensing compliance significantly projects in 2005. improved with the dedication of a staff person to Untidy property complaints result in many focus on this area. The number of licensed enforcement actions each year. No highly visible businesses increased to almost 1,500. cleanups occurred in 2005, however, hundreds of The pace of construction continued in 2005 with smaller property cleanups took place at the direction the creation of 587 new dwelling units and a total of Regional District staff. construction value of $135,269,437. Building Western Pine Beetle infestation of Ponderosa pine projects such as the Cove Resort, Westwood Village, trees throughout the lower parts of the valley caused renewal of the Westbank Town Centre and the removal of many infested trees. Inquiries and construction of various multiple-family housing counseling property owners about how to deal with projects are examples of the complex type of new these infestations have taken significant effort by construction that occurred. enforcement staff. Dangerous dog attacks attracted significant Wild domestic cherry trees were a target of attention to the Dog Control Service in 2005. The enforcement action in the early spring Regional District Dog Control Bylaws and staff as part of the effort to control the Cherry Fruit Fly. displayed their ability to effectively deal with such An increased number of complaints about attacks. properties with weeds taxed the ability of staff to Noise from motorcycle repair shops and from a respond to the complaints in a timely manner. motorcycle-racing track continued to be a focus for Funding from the Province of B.C. enabled the complaints and enforcement of the noise bylaw. The Regional District of Central Okanagan to engage in Board approved hours of work beyond the normal education programs about invasive plants. inspection services 2005 BUILDING STATISTICS 2005 INSPECTION SERVICES STATISTICS BUILDING PERMIT VALUE, ALL PERMITS $135,269,437 BYLAW VIOLATION COMPLAINTS 188 BUILDING PERMITS ISSUED 1,154 UNTIDY/UNSIGHTLY COMPLAINTS 335 SINGLE FAMILY DWELLINGS 327 WEED COMPLAINTS 501 MOBILE HOMES 25 WEED ORDERS ISSUED 742 TWO FAMILY DWELLINGS 34 WEEDS CUT BY CONTRACTOR 87 MULTIPLE FAMILY DWELLINGS 201 INSECT COMPLAINTS 127 COMMERCIAL PERMITS ISSUED 60 BUSINESS LICENSES ISSUED 1,491 INDUSTRIAL PERMITS ISSUED 18 DOGS LICENSED 9,224 INSTITUTIONAL PERMITS ISSUED 9 DOG COMPLAINTS 2,892 DOGS IMPOUNDED 1,111 DOGS EUTHANIZED 259 DOG BYLAW VIOLATION TICKETS 324 LINE OF VISION/NUISANCE TREE COMPLAINTS 298R E G I O N A L D I ST R I C T O F C E N T R A L O K A N A G A N 2 0 0 5 17
  5. 5. inspection services...for the second year in a row more than1,000 building permits were approved." Add one additional student under the 2006 BUILDING STATISTICSstudent program to work with the Dog BUILDING PERMIT VALUE, ALL PERMITS $143,728,592Control Bylaw Enforcement program to BUILDING PERMITS ISSUED 1,188patrol parks. SINGLE FAMILY DWELLINGS 417" Increase the part time Dog Control Bylaw MOBILE HOMES 15Enforcement Officer position to fulltime in TWO FAMILY DWELLINGS 34order to provide better year around coverage MULTIPLE FAMILY DWELLINGS 157and allow for a new rotating work schedule COMMERCIAL PERMITS ISSUED 46for the Dog Control Service. INDUSTRIAL PERMITS ISSUED 15" Add one additional student under the INSTITUTIONAL PERMITS ISSUED 17student program to assist with the NoxiousWeed and Insect Bylaw enforcementprogram." Continue with training initiatives for new 2006 INSPECTION SERVICES STATISTICSDog Control staff members. BYLAW VIOLATION COMPLAINTS 165" Provide additional educational UNTIDY/UNSIGHTLY COMPLAINTS 537opportunities and encourage recertification WEED COMPLAINTS 478of Building Inspectors under the new 2006 WEED ORDERS ISSUED 515BC Building Code. WEEDS CUT BY CONTRACTOR 49" Continue the microfilm and digital INSECT COMPLAINTS 147records management programs. BUSINESS LICENSES ISSUED 1,574 DOGS LICENSED 9,476 DOG COMPLAINTS 2,524 DOGS IMPOUNDED 1,128 DOGS EUTHANIZED 219 DOG BYLAW VIOLATION TICKETS 218 LINE OF VISION/NUISANCE TREE COMPLAINTS 323" check out dog licensing info online at 1 17 REGIONAL DISTRICT OF CENTRAL OKANAGAN 2006
  6. 6. development servicesfrom our past... 2008 INITIATIVES • Continue with training initiatives for all staff members. • Work with the Westside District Municipality toOn July 17, 1972 facilitate the transfer of services.Supplementary Letters • Advance the Mobile Business License pilotPatent granted the project on behalf of the Westside DistrictRegional District power operate Dog Control • Continue efforts to have all businesses licensed.throughout the Electoral • Bring forward bylaw amendments to theAreas and on contract to Business License Bylaw regarding changes tomember municipalities. Pawn Shop and Second Hand Dealer Reporting requirements.In 1970, the Regional • Continue inspections of existing licensedDistrict issued 1,118 business premises to ensure compliance with the Zoning Bylaw.building permits for atotal value of $23 million. BUILDING INSPECTION STATISTICS 2007 BUILDING PERMIT VALUE (ALL PERMITS) $236,761,322In 1968, there were 652 BUILDING PERMITS ISSUED 1,101building permits issuedfor dwellings in the SINGLE FAMILY DWELLINGS 437Regional District. The MOBILE HOMES 12value of construction that TWO FAMILY DWELLINGS 32year was $9.4 million. MULTIPLE FAMILY DWELLINGS 20 (451 UNITS WESTSIDE EA/86 WESTSIDE DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY) COMMERCIAL PERMITS ISSUED 38 INDUSTRIAL PERMITS ISSUED 11 INSTITUTIONAL PERMITS ISSUED 7 BYLAW ENFORCEMENT STATISTICS 2007 BYLAW VIOLATION COMPLAINTS 217 UNTIDY/UNSIGHTLY COMPLAINTS 297 WEED COMPLAINTS 469 WEED ORDERS ISSUED 568 WEEDS CUT BY CONTRACTOR 50 INSECT COMPLAINTS 50 LINE OF VISION/NUISANCE TREE COMPLAINTS 12 BUSINESS LICENSES 1,540 DOGS LICENSED 9,833 DOG COMPLAINTS 2,403 DOGS IMPOUNDED 874 DOGS EUTHANIZED 113 DOG BYLAW VIOLATION TICKETS 338 20 REGIONAL DISTRICT OF CENTRAL OKANAGAN 2007
  7. 7. DEVELOPMENT Dan Plamondon, AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES W hat We Do… The Development and Environmental Services Department strives to support Increased pine beetle infestations have led to significant amounts of counseling, with the affected property owners throughout the District, by the staff member charged with enforcement of the Insect MANAGER and enhance the high quality of life enjoyed by Bylaw. the residents of the Central Okanagan. Our Noise complaints regarding the dirt bike track department has been reorganized, amalgamating adjacent to Bear Creek Main Rd. are still an issue the former Engineering, Inspections and Planning with area residents. Provincial Supreme Court action areas. is still pending. The Provincial Government is considering our request to participate in the Mobile Business License Program. 2009 INITIATIVES Continue with training courses for all staff members. BYLAW Advance the implementation of the Mobile Brian Ralph, CHIEF BYLAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER Business License Program. ENFORCEMENT Continue efforts to have all businesses licensed in the District. SECTION Continue inspections of existing licensed business premises to ensure compliance with the Our Bylaw Enforcement Section provides dog Zoning Bylaw. control, licensing and pound services throughout the Central Okanagan and on behalf of member municipalities as well as bylaw enforcement for 2008 BYLAW ENFORCEMENT STATISTICS the Regional District of Central Okanagan. BYLAW VIOLATION COMPLAINTS 140 UNTIDY/UNSIGHTLY COMPLAINTS 29 2008 HIGHLIGHTS Transfer of bylaw services completed with the WEED COMPLAINTS 432 Westside District Municipality. WEED ORDERS ISSUED 387 The Dog Control Officers have completed various WEEDS CUT BY CONTRACTOR 54 training courses with the Justice Institute and the INSECT COMPLAINTS 23 Focus training Institute. BUSINESS LICENSES 412 The Kelowna Law Courts have facilitated the DOGS LICENSED 10,457 Reinstatement of the Bylaw Court though on a DOG COMPLAINTS 2,164 limited basis. DOGS IMPOUNDED 886 The Noxious Weed and Insect Program operated at full capacity during the enforcement season, from DOGS EUTHANIZED 91 May to October. DOG BYLAW VIOLATION TICKETS 4018 • REGIONAL DISTRICT OF CENTRAL OKANAGAN 2008
  8. 8. DEVELOPMENT & ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICESDan Plamondon • MANAGERRhoda Mueller • CHIEF BYLAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER I WHAT WE DO… Added several new vendor locations for convenient The Development and Environmental Services purchase of dog licenses. Department strives to support and enhance the high Received approval for increases in dog license quality of life enjoyed by the residents of the Central fees and ticket fines starting in 2010. Dog license Okanagan. Our department provides services in four fees have not increased since the late 90’s and most sections: Bylaw Enforcement, Engineering, Inspections ticket penalties have remained unchanged for 20 and Planning. years. Two new relief employees have been trained as Dog Control Officers. 2010 INITIATIVES BYLAW ENFORCEMENT Carry out maintenance repairs and upgrades at the SECTION Dog Pound building for operational safety and efficiency. Our Bylaw Enforcement Section provides dog control, Upgrade the current Dog Control computer licensing and pound services throughout the Central program. Okanagan and on behalf of member municipality as well Investigate a convenient and secure online option as bylaw enforcement for the Regional District of Central for dog license purchases and renewals. Okanagan. Promote the licensing of unlicensed dogs by emphasizing the benefits and services of the 2009 HIGHLIGHTS program and the proactive efforts of dog control Adopted a bylaw to participate starting in January officers. 2010 in the Inter-Community Business License Convert to a December 31st deadline for business program along with 17 other local government license renewals. jurisdictions throughout the Okanagan Similkameen. Consider new approaches and training of new staff The program provides local businesses that work in to raise public awareness, education and outreach two or more participating jurisdictions, the option of efforts on the impact of alien invasive weeds. purchasing an inter-community business license Review bylaws for efficiency and relevance to without having to purchase a separate business current issues. license for each. All Regional District bylaw staff participated in the 2008 BYLAW ENFORCEMENT STATISTICS License Inspector & Bylaw Officers Association BYLAW VIOLATION COMPLAINTS 89 Conference which was held in Summerland this year. UNTIDY/UNSIGHTLY COMPLAINTS 23 WEED COMPLAINTS 451 WEED ORDERS ISSUED 454 WEEDS CUT BY CONTRACTOR 96 INSECT COMPLAINTS 23 BUSINESS LICENSES 360 We’re going green! DOGS LICENSED 10,487 Almost all waste paper DOG COMPLAINTS 1,993 and cardboard is DOGS IMPOUNDED 774 recycled in Regional District offices. DOGS EUTHANIZED 108 DOG BYLAW VIOLATION TICKETS 401 REGIONAL DISTRICT OF CENTRAL OKANAGAN 2009 • 7
  9. 9. Development Services Dan Plamondon, DIRECTOR I WHAT WE DO… The Development Services Department strives to support and enhance the high quality of life enjoyed by the residents of the Central Okanagan. Our department providesservices in four areas: Bylaw Enforcement, Fire Services, Inspectionsand Planning. North Westside Fire-Rescue is one of four paid-on-call fire departments. Bylaw Enforcement that had not renewed their dog licenses in 2010, Rhoda Mueller, resulting in a license being purchased and updating CHIEF BYLAW records with current information. ENFORCEMENT OFFICER A new team member was hired for the Weed and Insect Program, but has moved into a new position I WHAT WE DO… with our Parks department in November. Our Bylaw Enforcement Section provides dog control, licensing and 2011 INITIATIVES pound services throughout the Central Continue with training initiatives for all staff members to Okanagan and on behalf of member enhance and promote the level of service to the public. municipalities as well as bylaw Continue with maintenance repairs and upgrades at the Dog enforcement for the Regional District Pound building for operational safety and efficiency. of Central Okanagan. Seek a conclusion to the legal challenge initiated in 2009 of the Dog Control Bylaw authority and jurisdiction in the City of Kelowna.2010 HIGHLIGHTS Continue with the preparation for an online dog license To keep up with dog complaints in parks, a vacancy by one of the program for rollout in 2012/2013. dog control officers provided opportunity for revision to the Commission Veterinary Services through a competitive RFP principle accountabilities of the job description to focus on a process. primary emphasis of park patrols in all Central Okanagan Review bylaws for efficiency and relevance to current issues. parks. This position works primarily weekend and shift Hire a new staff member for the Weed and Insect program. schedules. Continue to work to resolve outstanding legal issue with A new relief employee is training as a dog control officer. Kelowna Dirt Bike Club. An older model RDCO parks gator was refurbished for patrols along a 62 km route providing access to many Regional and 2010 BYLAW ENFORCEMENT STATISTICS Kelowna parks and the lakeshore corridors. BYLAW VIOLATION COMPLAINTS 95 Groundwork and investigation for rollout of an online licensing UNTIDY/UNSIGHTLY COMPLAINTS 30 program in 2012/2013 has begun. WEED COMPLAINTS 490 An Appeal against a Supreme Court Ruling that Section 17.5 of the Dog Control Bylaw No. 366 is not valid in the City of Kelowna WEED ORDERS ISSUED 460 was filed in June, for a hearing date yet to be scheduled. Section WEEDS CUT BY CONTRACTOR 51 17.5 deals with dogs that behave aggressively towards a person INSECT COMPLAINTS 21 without provocation. BUSINESS LICENSES 268 All dog control officers participated in or are current in First Aid DOGS LICENSED 11,155 Worksafe Level 1 and WHMIS courses. Four staff attended one DOG COMPLAINTS 2,286 day of the Bylaw Officers Association Conference in Merritt. Four DOG NON COMPLAINT RESPONSES 923 staff attended a two day prosecution course held in Kelowna. DOGS IMPOUNDED 774 Other courses included Front-line Service, Risk Assessment and Assertive and Conflict resolution skills. DOGS EUTHANIZED 81 A relief employee was designated to contact 3000 dog owners DOG BYLAW VIOLATION TICKETS 254 REGIONAL DISTRICT OF CENTRAL OKANAGAN 2010 • 7
  10. 10. Development Services Dan Plamondon, DIRECTOR WHAT WE DO… The Development Services Department strives to support and enhance the high quality of life enjoyed by the residents of the Central Okanagan. Our departmentprovides services in four areas: Bylaw Enforcement, Fire Services,Inspections and Planning. Members of our Dog Control staff. 2011 BYLAW ENFORCEMENT STATISTICS Bylaw Enforcement BYLAW VIOLATION COMPLAINTS 82 Rhoda Mueller, CHIEF BYLAW UNTIDY/UNSIGHTLY COMPLAINTS 18 ENFORCEMENT OFFICER WEED COMPLAINTS 593 WEED ORDERS ISSUED 483 WHAT WE DO… WEEDS CUT BY CONTRACTOR 53 Our Bylaw Enforcement Section INSECT COMPLAINTS 21 provides dog control, licensing and BUSINESS LICENSES 194 pound services throughout theCentral Okanagan and on behalf of member municipalities as well as DOGS LICENSED 12,507bylaw enforcement for the Regional District of Central Okanagan. DOG COMPLAINTS 2,857 DOG NON-COMPLAINT RESPONSES 483 DOGS IMPOUNDED 750 2011 HIGHLIGHTS DOGS EUTHANIZED 107 ® The BC Court of Appeal upheld the RDCO Dog bylaw, DOG BYLAW VIOLATION TICKETS 552 validating the authority of the Regional District to provide Dog Control enforcement within the City of Kelowna. ® The high volume of dangerous dog complaints resulted in a request by the Regional Board to conduct an independent 2012 INITIATIVES review of the dog control service. ® In November launched a new permanent dog license ® Engage in the process of an independent review of program which provides a new convenient online payment the dog control function. option. ® Commission a competitive Request for Proposals for ® The Dog Pound roof and HVAC systems were replaced Veterinary Services. during fall 2011. ® Seek conclusion to three dangerous dog trials ® All Dog Control staff participated in a two day Dog scheduled in 2012. Behavior training workshop and two staff attended a ® Review bylaws for housekeeping revisions and workshop for dealing with legal issues on dangerous dogs. relevance to current issues. ® The full-time seasonal Weeds and Insects Bylaw position was filled in May 2011. Education opportunities were conducted through collaboration with the South Okanagan Similkameen Invasive Plant Society and grant funding from the BC Ministry of Agriculture. ® In April 2011, a long outstanding bylaw dispute was resolved over alleged noise violations at the Kelowna Dirt Bike Club Track, located at Bear Creek Main Forest Service Road. The court-approved consent order details specific conditions and actions that the Club will undertake including the issuance of annual Special Events permits. REGIONAL DISTRICT OF CENTRAL OKANAGAN 2011 • 7