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Social Media for B2B: introduction


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Companies focus on B2C communication on Social Channels, but what about B2B? I have prepared introduction presentation for the AVAST resellers to help them to leverage their business and marketing efforts, using social Networks. It is a basic introduction to the subject.

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Social Media for B2B: introduction

  1. 1. Social Media for B2B Julia Szymanska @Dzulaya Deborah Salmi @deborahsalmi Social Media team AVAST
  2. 2. AVAST accross Social Media Channels 3,5M 125K 90K 14K 15K 2K 400 200 2
  3. 3. Our Social media goals Focus on B2C communication • • • • • Increase brand awareness Engage users by providing quality and relevant content Retain users Provide support Drive recommendations
  4. 4. B2B on social media – general tips • Define your client • Define your goals • Select suitable communication channels • Create on-going strategies • Set up your profiles • Maintain your communication
  5. 5. B2B on social media – general tips Define your client • Who is your potential customer? • Create its persona Define your goals • Be as specific as you can (e.g. increase conversion rates, build awareness measured by online traffic, decrease the time needed to resolve customer service issues, etc.) and keep these objectives in mind for every initiative you execute. Select suitable communication channels • Make sure that you will find your audience • Select global or local channels where your audience is already present Create on-going strategies • Once you have client and channel defined start working on communication strategy • Maintain Editorial calendar • Make sharing options on your website or blog visible and personal Set up your profiles • Get vanity URLs when available Maintain your communication • Have the human resources to commit to social media • Produce enough quality content to sustain social media conversations
  6. 6. Recommendation • • • Use social media to gather information about your client Connect with your business clients across social networks Build your reputation across social media as an expert in your specialization
  7. 7. Are you ready? Social media are interactive platforms. – – – – Social media transparency On-going communication Human resources Customer care
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