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Giver introduction giver

  1. 1. Write at least 5 sentences using an introductory sentence,3 explanatory sentences and a concluding sentence. It had been a long war, and the only thing he wished was to take a photo.
  2. 2. AgendaWhat we are DOING IN CLASS: Receiving The Giver books. UtopiaWhat to TURN IN: Night John book Slavery paperWhat the HOMEWORK is: Finish reading the 1st chapter -- be prepared for a quick check Grammar Punk page 6 -- Parenthesis
  3. 3. Two Greek words: “oi” (not) and “topos” (place) = “nowhere”• The word was created by Thomas More in 1516 when he wrote a book by that title Utopia
  4. 4. UtopiaA beautiful society with a generalpacifistic attitudePoverty and misery are removedVery few laws are necessaryMoney is not necessaryPeople do only work that they enjoyand which benefits the common good
  5. 5. Types of UtopiasEcological UtopiaEconomic UtopiaPolitical UtopiaReligious UtopiaScience and Technology Utopia
  6. 6. Ecological UtopiaA traditional way of life that is more in harmony withnature.An organic way of life
  7. 7. Economic Utopia Equal distribution of goods and thingsNo moneyPeople work at jobs they enjoy and that are good forsocietyLots of time to enjoy arts and sciences
  8. 8. Political UtopiaGlobal OnenessPeople get along despite race, culture, religionWorld peace
  9. 9. Religious Utopia Harmony Enlightenment Peace Understanding
  10. 10. Science and Technology Utopiaabsence of death and suffering,changes in human nature and the human condition