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Group7 presentation


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Group7 presentation

  1. 1. Large-Scale DecentralizedStorage Systems used byVolunteer ComputingFinal Presentation G7: Arinto, Diego, Enkhjin, Iuliia
  2. 2. Outline● Problem Definition● Volunteer Computing (VC)● Decentralized Storage Systems (DSS)● Systems Review● State-of-the-Art DSS used by VC● Conclusions
  3. 3. Problem Definition● Decentralized Storage Systems● Volunteer Computing● DSS + VC = ?
  4. 4. Problem Definition
  5. 5. Problem Definition
  6. 6. Volunteer Computing● Group of computing resources● Voluntary share the resource● Incentive volunteers!!● Trust between peers● Example: ○ SETI@home ○ Storage@home ○ Folding@home● However, data is centrally stored
  7. 7. Volunteer ComputingBOINCexample
  8. 8. Decentralized StorageSystems
  9. 9. Decentralized StorageSystems ReviewFocus Criteria: AV = availability SC = scalability ECO = eventual consistency P = performance SE = security
  10. 10. Decentralized Storage Systems ReviewSystem Description Focus Large scale persistent P2P storage system SEFarsite P2P storage system based on Dhash table ECO, AVIvy logs P2P DHT-based storage system that used ECOOverNet XOR-based metrics for routing Large scale persistent P2P storage system SC, SE, AVPAST Highly scalable P2P storage system based on SC, ECOPastis trust Big, distributed, fault tolerant hashtable AVVoldemort Globally persistent DSS for any-file-anywhere SC, SEOceanStore
  11. 11. Decentralized Storage Systems ReviewSystem Description Focus SC, AV, PGlacier Highly durable DSS for archiving, no remote write P2P storage system. Automatically manage its AV, SCTotal Recall availability in dynamic changing environment DSS with no point of failure to store structured SC, AV, ECOCassandra data SC, AVRiak Dynamo-inspired NOSQL storage system. P, AV, ECODynamo Large scale DSS developed by Amazon Secure DSS and BitTorrent-like file swarming SE, AVAttic techniques to serve data and manage load. P, ECOSquirrel Decentralized Web Cache
  12. 12. State-of-The-Art DSS-Characteristics● Read and Write Access● Fault Tolerance and Replication Techniques● Availability and Symmetry● Video/Images● Incentives
  13. 13. State-of-The-Art DSS-Characteristics
  14. 14. State-of-The-Art DSS-Suggestions for IncentivesIncentives based on amount of storagededicated, computing resources volunteered:● Credit based system● Printable Certificates● Government tax break, possible in countries with significant amount of nodes
  15. 15. State-of-The-Art DSS-Challenges● Providing the right Incentive● Security● Integration into current VC environment
  16. 16. Conclusions● VC data storage/distribution issues.● Survey on DSS ○ Classification● Integration VC systems - DSS ○ Identify characteristics ○ Valid and Useful / Define state-art ○ Challenges
  17. 17. Work EffortArinto Murdopo = 100%Diego Montero = 100%Enkhjin Bayarsaikhan = 100%Iuliia Proskurnia = 100%
  18. 18. Questions...???