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Agile Inbound Marketing for B2B Technology, Software and SaaS Vendors.


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A simple storyboard narrative that explains the benefits of inbound and content marketing and agile marketing for B2B software, technology and SaaS vendors.

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Agile Inbound Marketing for B2B Technology, Software and SaaS Vendors.

  1. 1. Inbound Marketing for B2B Technology and Software Companies UK Inbound Marketing Agency specialising in B2B Technology Marketing
  2. 2. ABOUT AGILIS DIGITAL We are a digital marketing agency focused on : • The B2B technology sector • Enterprise Software • SaaS • Technology Consulting Firms • Capital Goods • Inbound Marketing • Agile Marketing • Design, Implementation, Execution, Training
  3. 3. 60% of B2B buyers purchase journey is undertaken online. Marketing Leadership Council
  4. 4. 60% of B2B buyers purchase journey is undertaken online. What does this mean?
  5. 5. Buyers know what their business problems are. They want to find solutions for themselves.
  6. 6. B2B buyers want knowledge before they talk to your lovely salespeople.
  7. 7. Because this means they feel empowered, incontrol and can make their precious time more productive when they do meet your salespeople.
  8. 8. This is good for your salespeople.
  9. 9. They have challenging sales targets.
  10. 10. Attending customer sales meetings costs time and money.
  11. 11. Sales people want to spend more time doing this.
  12. 12. And less time doing this.
  13. 13. And less time doing this. Attending sales meetings to educate and qualify customers is expensive in both time and money. Time is much better spent winning qualified opportunity.
  14. 14. Clients don’t like cold calls much either. You are the 30th cold caller today and they have work to do on the business problems they are trying fix.
  15. 15. A great inbound marketing strategy wins business, shortens sales cycles, pleases customers, increases awareness and makes everyone us all more productive. It is a win for clients and a win for technology vendors.
  16. 16. But this isn’t enough.
  17. 17. And neither is this.
  18. 18. We have to think about this.
  19. 19. And put these guys issues at the centre of what we do.
  20. 20. Marketers used to think in terms of.
  21. 21. Sales used to think of.
  22. 22. And the world looked like this.
  23. 23. But now the world looks like this.
  24. 24. Which is better because this is what our customers want to do.
  25. 25. But now we have to think about what happens here.
  26. 26. And here.
  27. 27. And here.
  28. 28. And what our sales people used to do here.
  29. 29. And here.
  30. 30. The good thing is that our salespeople are spending more time making deals here.
  31. 31. And here.
  32. 32. And here.
  33. 33. Which is a good thing for them.
  34. 34. But we mustn’t forget these guys. Because they are what it is all about.
  35. 35. Because they are with us all the way.
  36. 36. And each one of them is an individual.
  37. 37. Bob is an individual and he works in IT. Bob has his own questions to ask.
  38. 38. Sarah is an individual and she works in operations Sarah has her own questions to ask.
  39. 39. Sascha is an individual and she is in charge of marketing. Sascha also has her own questions.
  40. 40. Roger is an individual and he is a project manager. Roger has lots of questions.
  41. 41. They all have a lot of questions to ask. And all are involved in the decision to buy your company’s technology solutions.
  42. 42. They all have lots of questions all the way through here.
  43. 43. So we have a lot of work to do.
  44. 44. This work includes Research
  45. 45. This work includes Planning, Strategy & Tactics
  46. 46. This work includes A lot of this.
  47. 47. At the same time, chang e happens at light speed.
  48. 48. So this needs to happen quickly.
  49. 49. Which is where Agile Marketing comes in.
  50. 50. Because we cannot think in these terms anymore.
  51. 51. We have to think like this…
  52. 52. And this…
  53. 53. And our customers may not like everything that we do.
  54. 54. And our customers may not like everything that we do.
  55. 55. So we need to fix things pretty quickly if they aren’t working.
  56. 56. Big plans are wasteful, expensive and unresponsive.
  57. 57. Agile brings our work to market faster. Makes us more responsive and conditions us to improve. Continuously.
  58. 58. Because we are focused on Action, Communication, People, and early value delivery.
  59. 59. And not relentless planning and dangerous assumptions.
  60. 60. And rigid adherence to the plan.
  61. 61. With an expectation that things might not go quite as they should.
  62. 62. And an anticipation of that meeting with the finance director.
  63. 63. Agile Marketing helps us to manage, control, respond, save money, be more productive, be action oriented, communicate better, perform better, satisfy our customers, get to market earlier, spend less time planning, respond to change, create more value, give visibility to our business
  64. 64. Agile Marketing and Inbound Marketing work together like hand in glove.
  65. 65. OUR VALUE PROPOSITION GIVES YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS BENEFITS. CLIENTS TECHNOLOGY VENDOR • Can research and develop understanding at their leisure • Clients are better educated before you connect. Shorter sales cycle • Get to understand your solution in greater depth, meaning less time is spent being educated and more time solving the business challenges • Clients have qualified themselves, you are a realistic target for them. • Dominate awareness. Lead volumes up by 67%. Conversion up from 1.7% from advertising to 14.7% for organic inbound • Build mindshre – if you are educating clients, you have relationship ownership above competitors • Sales productivity is increased. Meaning more deals. • • Have greater control over their time and the meetings they hold Better qualification means they can draw up more relevant shortlists for RFI’s RFP’s etc, saving time and money.
  66. 66. Construct a narrative that connects with those individuals across the purchase cycle. Serve content that appeals, getting more in-depth over time.
  67. 67. By telling our story better through inbound marketing, we make everyone happier.
  68. 68. We are a leading Inbound Marketing Agency, working with B2B technology companies to help them implement and execute agile and inbound marketing strategies. Find out more at our website: Contact the author of this presentation: @agilisdigital LONDON, UK THANK YOU!