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SocialSafe - essential Social Media app for Businesses


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SocialSafe is your business social media library.
SocialSafe creates a full archive of all your Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogs, Instagram, Pinterest social media posts, interactions and followers, to meet your legal compliance needs.
In addition SocialSafe provides excellent capabilities to support engagement monitoring across your social media use with Search, Insights and more.
As social media use increases throughout your organisation SocialSafe is THE cost-effective tool to support both regulatory compliance and engagement monitoring.

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SocialSafe - essential Social Media app for Businesses

  1. 1. your library of you - 98% of businesses in U.S. are using Social Media 22% of U.S. internet time is spent on Social Media Software & Information Industry Association Report Feb 2013 Nielson NetView June 2010 An introduction to your Social Media Compliance Requirements From Julian Ranger Chairman & Founder© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 1 Private & Confidential
  2. 2. your library of you - Why is Social Media Compliance an issue you need to be aware of? Some of the potential legal issues with SocialMedia use: • Regulated industry compliance with regulations • Confidentiality breaches, data protection For any one of these reasons you need: • Inc early release of protected information (e.g. Netflix, M&S) • Inc customer data • a Social Media Policy defining best • Copyright, Trademark & IP infringement practice for your organisation • Use of data gathered from social networks • Privacy, defamation security, IP, employment practices • Inappropriate use • a record of all social media activity • Libel, offensive, defamation, harassment (sexual & other), undertaken by or on behalf of your discrimination • Regulated inappropriate use business • Inc. Unfair promotional claims/advertising activities & disclosing company you work for when tweet promotion or someone endorses • to anticipate legal & regulatory you for money requests • CAP code & Legislation • Sweepstakes/competition re T&Cs needed, & ensure not contravene gambling laws • to monitor internal activities too • Negligence • Assuming a duty, not following through • Contract implication - ending up in inadvertent enforceable contract Example non-legal internal issues with SocialMedia use: #susanalbumparty • Ownership of brand profiles, contacts and tome of brand • Information leaks, confidential and sensitive • Password security • Rants, swearing, inappropriate comments • Company/personal account boundaries & rules© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 2 Private & Confidential
  3. 3. your library of you - Social media use is expanding - no longer just centralised - also dispersed through an organisation Centralised accounts Dispersed accounts You have presences on the Many different accounts on the same networks owned and networks owned and managed by a managed by your team variety of representatives Fairly easy to manage Much harder to manage Meeting your social media compliance requirements has until now been incredibly difficult and time consuming© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 3 Private & Confidential
  4. 4. your library of you - A Centralised Social Media Workflow Transmit Mentions Engagement Record Send out messages People mention you What affect does this Meet your legal People engage or talk about you engagement have on social media You respond You respond you? archiving needs • For your main corporate accounts you may use various tools to achieve this workflow • Comprehensive, though expensive and require significant training© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 4 Private & Confidential
  5. 5. your library of you - The BBC has over 500 dispersed business And that doesn’t count all their employees who accounts on Twitter alone use social media and refer to their BBC roles© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 5 Private & Confidential
  6. 6. your library of you - A Dispersed Social Media Workflow Transmit Mentions Engagement Record Send out messages People mention you What affect does this Meet your legal People engage or talk about you engagement have on social media You respond You respond you? archiving needs ? ? • As Social Media use spreads throughout an organisation: • Central tools are no longer applicable • Password/username combinations are only known locally • Need cost effective tools, with minimal training burden© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 6 Private & Confidential
  7. 7. your library of you - Use SocialSafe to simplify your dispersed Social Media Workflow Transmit Mentions Engagement Record Send out messages People mention you What effect does this Meet your legal People engage or talk about you engagement have on social media You respond You respond you? archiving needs • SocialSafe creates your Business’ social media library for each user • Every tweet, post, friend, follower, like, comment ... • Aggregated into one private offline archive and library that you own and control • Browsable, searchable, accessible - do more! • Currently supports Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, RSS (Blogs), Instagram, Pinterest and Viadeo© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 7 Private & Confidential
  8. 8. your library of you - How SocialSafe works Users’ content is ONLY stored on their own PCs or Macs making SocialSafe the only solution that fully adheres to all social network terms of use and provides 100% user privacy Consolidated All data organised into Search across library view of separate accounts/media multiple social all your social types and aggregated for network profiles network profiles display & interaction instantly Plus: Insights & Collections to provide efficient tracking and organisational tools© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 8 Private & Confidential
  9. 9. your library of you - Centralise and record all your social network data Calendar Journal Photos Contacts© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 9 Private & Confidential
  10. 10. your library of you - Get Insights and monitor engagement Most engagement Most active Reach Export© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 10 Private & Confidential
  11. 11. your library of you - SocialSafe will become your social media library for you and your business In our world every business can own, control and do more with their social interactions Recording and engagement monitoring for your dispersed social media users© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 11 Private & Confidential
  12. 12. your library of you - Weve secured hundreds of thousands of social network accounts and are loved by thousands of social media experts DocMurdock, CEO of & Donna Serdula, Former PIXAR Macintosh Systems Engineer Founder of Vision Board Media First Impression: HOLY CRAP!!! This ROCKS! The mere fact that it aggregates all of your More later in a full review. Quick, easy...Very social networks is amazing. I really love COOL. Definitely DocMurdock Approved! SocialSafe for its search .. its so hard to find anything on Facebook David Blumenstein, Michelle Dear, Editor, Richmond Publishing Founder & Director of Tekworks I honestly dont understand why your Thanks for helping me round up all my product isnt listed as "best of the best" in social media data, its like herding cats, but social media backup utilities you guys let me do it economically #relief© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 12 Private & Confidential
  13. 13. your library of you - SocialSafe can be tailored to include: • Bespoke internal social networks • External corporate social network apps IBM Connections© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 13 Private & Confidential
  14. 14. your library of you - Enterprise option An Enterprise Option can be provided to regularly ‘sweep’ all local SocialSafe Libraries to a central aggregated library held Enterprise server/viewer on your own server This provides • Central social media records across company • Web viewer provides • Cross company search & engagement monitoring • Identification of best practice • Combined follower/interaction information • ....more© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 14 Private & Confidential
  15. 15. your library of you - In Summary Incredibly cost effective! £20 per user, per year • You must record your social media activities and engagement • Most tools are complex, expensive and not easily applicable to dispersed employees • SocialSafe is an essential app for all social media users • Enables assurance and compliance monitoring & enforcement • Adheres to social network terms & condition • Cost effective, and minimal training requirement • Creates an archive record of all interactions • consolidated across multiple accounts • available off-line • Creates an address book of fans, followers, contacts • Provides a search capability across all data • Provides smart export options for analysisRecording and engagement monitoring for your dispersed social media users© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 15 Private & Confidential
  16. 16. your library of you - Back up • Competitive positioning • Management • Branding Opportunities© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 16 Private & Confidential
  17. 17. your library of you - Competitor Analysis We set out to see where SocialSafe sits in the social network support ecosystem We awarded points to each service based on: • networks supported • depth of network support • data accessibility • ability to examine data 70" • platforms supported 60" • export options 50" Networks)&)Depth)of)Data)Retrived)) 40" ) 30" 20" 10" 0" 0" 5" 10" 15" 20" 25" 30" 35" 40" Benefit)Score)© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 17 Private & Confidential
  18. 18. your library of you - Competitor Analysis - Leading & widening the gap ry to ec aj Tr & more $30/yr Many Uniquely 100% private social Uniquely complies with Network TOS networks Networks)&)Depth)of)Data)Retrived)) $60/yr Few ) networks $480/yr On request One network Benefit)Score) Backup Journal/B2B Archive Do More© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 18 Private & Confidential
  19. 19. your library of you - Current Senior Team Julian Ranger Rory Donnelly, VP Sales & Founder & Chairman Marketing (CEO designate) Chartered engineer, serial entrepreneur, Senior VP European Publishing, THQ angel investor responsible for $270M sales & $83M Founded STASYS (Military comms, C4I & income ATM consultancy) in 1986. Grew to 230 MD France, Konami building from start-up, staff in UK, US, Australia, Germany & sold to previously in Japan responsible for Lockheed Martin in Feb 2005 international PC games sales Roger Goscomb Pascal Wheeler Founder & CEO (FD & Ops) Founder & Creative Director Ex-Bus Ops manager, STASYS & Lockheed CEO & Founder of Martin Previously built up and sold small oem Previous start-up experience in cellular software distribution company. Main areas ops, Eastern Europe of expertise are app design and user Retail & building supply experience experience Fraser Davidson Jonathan Hill Non-Exec Director Non-Exec Director Preparation Capital 1minus1 web developers© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 19 Private & Confidential
  20. 20. your library of you - Branding Opportunities • Give away free product • Increase your social media user bases • Enhance your follower/visitor engagement • Improve your brand loyalty • Generate buzz • Create new touch points • Collect customer data • No significant investment© 2013 Social Safe Ltd 20 Private & Confidential