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Power Marketing with Twitter


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A webinar by Juliann Grant given for the Progressive Business Audio Conferences on November 3, 2010

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Power Marketing with Twitter

  1. 1. Power Marketing: Build Your Brand and Boost your Bottom Line November 3, 2010 Juliann Grant Telesian Technology
  2. 2. Agenda • Why Twitter now? • Marketing with Twitter – Designing & Launching a Twitter Profile for Your Brand – Developing an effective content strategy – Strategies to grow your follower base – Newest Twitter & social network tools for productivity & management • Integrate Twitter into Your Current Marketing Strategy – Listening tactics – 8 Steps for Marketing Integration – Event integration example • Avoid top Twitter faux pas': Build a positive reputation • Final recommendations
  3. 3. Is Twitter really ALL THAT? 180 million unique visitors come to the Twitter site every month 5% of Americans were aware of Twitter in 2008, compared to 87% in 2010 300,000 new users sign up for Twitter each day . 65% of the Fortune 100 use Twitter to communicate with customers and stakeholders 81% of marketers using social media said it generates more exposure for their business
  4. 4. More Twitter facts New Orleans-based pizza chain Naked Pizza brought in 15% of its business from an exclusive- to-Twitter promotion in April Dell reported that Twitter promotions helped it sell $6.5 million in gear last year A HubSpot study of 2,000 companies showed that companies that have blogs have 79% more Twitter followers than those that don’t . Old Spice ran a Twitter campaign that boosted sales 107% for its shower gel products 8% of tweets involve advertising, product recommendations or complaints Workplace-212013/?kc=EWWHNEMNL09282010STR1
  5. 5. Twitter growth
  6. 6. It’s not just Twitter • Raw usage numbers are too big to ignore • LinkedIn – All business – Over 60 million users • Largest Facebook demographic is ages 35-54 – Fastest growing is 55+ – Facebook: over 400 million users – Facebook surpassed Google August 2010: Users spent 41.1 million minutes on Facebook, which surpassed Google’s 39.8 million • YouTube: over 100 million visitors per month • Compare to Google’s 359 million visitors in March time-spent-on-site-domestically-2010-09
  7. 7. Launching @ Twitter Presence
  8. 8. Key considerations – Are you committed as an organization? – What is your strategy • Who will be responsible? • How will your brand be represented? – Corporate brand? – Divisions? – By Product/Service? • Do you need guidelines? – employee-policy-examples-over-100-companies-and- organizations – What is your content plan?
  9. 9. Key components • Blog – Human voice – Build link love – Can be a team blog, adds more points of view • SlideShare and YouTube accounts – Need a place to store PDFs, videos, webinars • Daily Twitter participation (yes, daily) – Consider adding profiles in Facebook, LinkedIn • Set up listening feeds • Integration points with marketing and web site – Media page for sharing blogs and social media profiles – Use landing pages to eliminate link to nowhere
  10. 10. Plan out content, content, and more content – Everyone is publishing volumes of content, which makes it hard for marketers to rise above the noise while continually producing fresh content. – Customers are not looking at information from just one source—and especially not from just one company. – Customers are increasingly consuming expert and community content as a part of the buy cycle By 2013 the quantity of information on the Internet will double roughly every 72 hours
  11. 11. Generating good content Difference between being a short order cook and an executive chef
  12. 12. What content? • Start with what you have • Turn anything printed into digital – White papers – Case studies – Brochures – PPTs (speaking opps, seminars) – Newsletters – Articles • Build out multimedia options – Webinars – Podcasts – Videos • 183 million U.S. Internet users watched online video during the month of May. • achieved record levels of viewing activity with an all-time high of 14.6 billion videos viewed and surpassing the threshold of 100 videos per viewer for the first time.
  13. 13. Build a information repository
  14. 14. The difference good content can make
  15. 15. Old Spice Uploaded 160 videos In late July, Old Spice accounted for eight of the most popular 11 videos on YouTube and more than 21 million views Old Spice Twitter followers had jumped from 3,000 to 46,000 in less than 48 hours ts?search_query=RE%3A+Ol d+Spice&aq=f
  16. 16. Finding your market: Directories Editors/Journalists:* Analysts: Bloggers: Peers, Colleagues, Companies:
  17. 17. Finding your market: Organic New Twitter Feature Just Participate
  18. 18. Building a following • Share information freely and often • Pay it forward • Do not overly self-promote – 1:10 ratio broadcast content to other messages • Ignore follower numbers, focus on quality of interactions • Comment on blogs you read • Retweet often
  19. 19. Choose follows wisely Rules of the Road 1. You don’t need to follow back everyone who follows you. 2. Beware of Spammers – High following rate – Low tweet and follower count 3. Evaluate every profile. If you don’t know the person, look at who they know. 4. Do not set up Automatic Direct Messages for new followers that are overly promotional.
  20. 20. What to tweet, when to tweet Informative Dialog Engage Be Real Be Authentic Be Present
  21. 21. Try out a TweetChat • Tweetchat schedule: – #Blogchat Monday 9 pm est – #PR20 Tuesday 8 pm est – #Leadershipchat Tues 8 pm est • Great for finding like-minded people to follow • Good dialog, exchange of ideas • Start your own
  22. 22. Use #Hashtags to “tag” tweets • Keep it short! • Does not require registration but check for usage – • Create unique topics and use #hashtags for tracking conversations, topics, etc. – Events, Programs, Contests – Body of knowledge ex. #Pauto – Geography – General terms ex. #b2b • Short-lived on Twitter ~ last 7 days available – Archive when necessary
  23. 23. Create valuable “Twitter Lists” Create any list: • Hashtag • Market focus • Product focus • Customer service • Editor and analysts
  24. 24. Use Your Lists: Be Relevant Create content that is relevant to audience Provide ways to engage, interact Add value to your customers
  25. 25. Twitter management tools • Other recommended applications: – Tweetdeck: – Cotweet
  26. 26. Integration in the Marketing Mix
  27. 27. Remember…. Marketing still drives the bus
  28. 28. First, marketing must listen up! • Search for keywords • Search by #hashtag • Monitor competitors • Create feeds in a Reader or in an tool like Hootsuite • Consider automated tools
  29. 29. Twitter supports marketing • Marketing Goals – Build brand awareness – Drive new leads into the sales pipeline – Put a human face on the company and brands – Deepen customer relationships – Improve buying experience • Organize a Strategy – Why, who, what, when, where, how • Schedule programs and tactics – Identify programs and supporting content – Plan to get the message out
  30. 30. 8 steps for marketing integration 1. Evaluate your current content assets – Take inventory 2. Review your current marketing plan to identify: – Product launches – New/Existing campaigns – customers/prospects – Events/webinars – PR activities (press releases in queue, articles to be published, speaking events – Any new materials being produced
  31. 31. 8 steps for marketing integration 3. Create a mini editorial calendar - Have an idea of when things are happening and what content can be published 4. Organize a distribution plan for information - Which networks, web sites - How will information flow – can it be automated? - Includes internal and external information
  32. 32. Use content in many ways Content How To Articles Blog Post Newsletter Article Exec Interview Video/Podcast User Generated Guest Blog Post Glowing Review Newsletter Article SM Profiles SM Profiles SM Profiles SM Profiles Blog Post Newsletter Article Exec Interv Video/Podcast Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, etc. Newsletter Article Place as Article White Papers Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, etc.
  33. 33. 8 steps for marketing integration 5. Use push-pull marketing strategies – E-newsletters/email blasts proactively share outbound – Twitter, blogs pull interested readers inbound – Landing pages for lead generation 6. Line up a response team -- Establish processes for receiving information and routing it to key team resources 7. Make commitment to curate content regularly on Internet – Daily/Weekly is best for social networks – Monthly for web site
  34. 34. 8 Steps to Marketing Integration 8. Measure, measure, measure – Who: Audience analysis • Demographics, psychographics • How many, tone of interaction – What: Interaction and content analysis • Video plays, forwards, polls, time spent, clicks, installs, comments, ratings, inquiries, sales – Where: Network Analysis • Which sites produced what kind of chatter?
  35. 35. Event integration example • Core elements – Web site media page – Central blog – Volunteer bloggers – Listening campaign – Event #hashtag – Live event blogging – Social Networks: • Twitter • YouTube • Facebook • LinkedIn
  36. 36. Ten things to avoid on Twitter 1. Set up a profile and then ignore it. 2. Follow 1,000s of people in the first few weeks 3. Use Twitter to broadcast your message only. 4. Using a formal, stodgy corporate tone. This is not a web site. 5. Not establish a Listening Strategy first. 6. Ignoring information gathered from Listening.
  37. 37. Ten things to avoid on twitter 7. Send Automatic Direct Messages to new followers with a link or call to action. 8. Taking credit for information or links. 9. Not be transparent. 10.Defending against negative buzz. Easier to fall on your sword.
  38. 38. Final recommendations • Participate – Make it a priority and spend focused time weekly – Balance promotional tweets with other tweets – Show you are listening and adding value to the conversation, not just posting endlessly • Reach out and start conversations • Ask questions, answer other questions • Get to know Twitter culture – Get the lingo down • RT (Retweet) HT( Hat tip) OH (Other half) – #FollowFriday • Don’t be afraid to experiment! – Expand beyond Twitter to other social networks
  39. 39. Final recommendations • Recognize others in your network, give credit • Use Direct Messages for: – One on one conversations – Thanking followers for following • Retweet (RT) messages you find valuable • Refrain from sharing political positions • Treat language as professional and personable • Remember behind each profile is a person
  40. 40. Questions? Connect with Me: Juliann Grant Phone: 617-909-7414 Blog: Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Thank you!!