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Hello My Name Is


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Published in: Sports, Lifestyle
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Hello My Name Is

  1. 1. That I coachacheerleadingteam for theHorsham I also haveHawks three younger brothers and a I attend dog. Hatboro- Horsham and cheerlead on
  2. 2. ListeningWorking with kidsCheerleading Interacting with people
  3. 3. I am a very good listenerI letting people just talk to me and vent. I like making them feel better
  4. 4. I’m really good at working with kids.I have coached a cheerleading team and I babysit so Im use to working with kids of all ages.
  5. 5. I’ve cheered since I was five. Ihave been on the varsity team for two years. I love cheerleading Ive done it basically my whole life.
  6. 6. I have always been very outgoing and its not hard for me to talk to people.I can basically talk to anybody and I am very friendly.
  7. 7. Things I’d like to do or that I would like to do again…I would like to make I would likesure that going pre- to getmed is the right married anddecision before I have kids.would like to Istart choosing where do over my childI want to go to hood again notcollege. because it wasI would also like to bad but, so Itravel and explore. I want to go could reallyI would really like togo over seas and skydiving and enjoy and rememberpractice medicine explore the every aspect of
  8. 8. I wouldn’t like to repeat a grade orgo to summer school. I had to go to summer school right afterkindergarten because I was one of the youngest in the class I hated because I thought it meant I was stupid but it helped me and made work even harder.
  9. 9. I am a hardworking student and Ilove helping people. I want to love going to work everyday but be committed and dedicated to the job. All in all I just want to be successful and happy in life.