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Julianna i; presentations lesson 1


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Julianna i; presentations lesson 1

  1. 1. How to Make Chocolate CoveredStrawberries By: Julianna I.
  2. 2. First Step Get all of your ingredients/supplys  Strawberries  Chocolate A pot to melt the chocolate in  A pan to put the strawberrys on after  Wax paper to put onto the pan
  3. 3. Preparing the Strawberries Wash each strawberry Do not cut off the top of the strawberry’s Make sure you have somewhere to put the strawberry after it is dipped Put the wax paper on top of the cookie sheet
  4. 4. Melting the Chocolate Get a pot large enough to melt all of your chocolate Place the pot on the stove Turn the stove on high Put the chocolate into the pot Wait until the chocolate has melted
  5. 5. Dipping the Strawberry Hold the strawberry by its leaves Dip the strawberry into the hot chocolate Place it on the cookie sheet Dip all of your strawberries Place the pan in the refrigerator so the chocolate will harden
  6. 6. Extra! Heat a pot of white chocolate Drizzle some white chocolate over the dark chocolate covered strawberries That makes the strawberries more appealing LAST
  7. 7. Serving the Strawberries Serve the strawberries on a big platter Place them in cupcake sleeves for decoration
  8. 8. Eating the StrawberriesI think you can handle that one on your own  Enjoy!!
  9. 9. For More Information Formore information on how to make chocolate covered strawberries: _2339430_dipping-make-chocolate- covered-strawberries.html