Enterprise resource planning software


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Fully integrated with ERP CRM software solution by PBASolutions offers enterprise CRM solution which provides better customer service by using powerful pipeline management, segmentation, up-selling and cross-selling possibilities.

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Enterprise resource planning software

  1. 1. Pandora Business Suite
  2. 2. PBA GroupPBA Solutions is a member of PBA Group that includes the following companies PBA Singapore  Bearings & Components  Power Transmission  Maintenance Replacement Overhaul PBA Technology  Commercial/Military Aircraft & Helicopter Spare Parts  Consumables/Chemicals Stockist  Rotables & Repairables PBA Systems  Direct Drive Linear / Rotary Motors  Drive & Motion Control  Voice Coil Actuators & Piezo Motors PBA Spindles  Spindle Repairs & SalesPBA was established in 1987, currently in 12 countries worldwide, staff strength ofover 200 employees
  3. 3. WHY PBA Solutions? PBA Solutions Orchestrates the Best-of-Bread Technologies to meet your Business Needs.
  4. 4. MissionTo deliver superior business value through the use of well-orchestratedtechnologies.VisionWe see a market in which many mature technologies exist in isolationand could potentially deliver far superior innovation and value ifintegrated with other mature technologies. We want to be recognisedas the leading orchestrator of technologies.
  5. 5. Singapores # 1Effective ERP, CRM & Ecommerce Software Suite For Startup, Growing & Midsize Business
  6. 6. Integrates all your Business Processes into one ERP Software Solution, including Accounting, CRM, Payroll, Purchasing, Inventory, Ecommerce, Point of Sale and more
  7. 7. Increase Sales SuccessGlobal Sales Management delivers a Single platform that deliversvisibility, Collaboration, Control and analytics, features that arecritical to being able to manage a distributed sales team.
  8. 8. Boost ProductivityIn a Market crowded with standard Human Resources and Payrollsystems, Pandora Business Suite goes beyond offering standardfunctions to make a tangible impact in any organizationsproductivity and degree of automation.
  9. 9. Communicate Real-TimeWith real-time exchange of sales, order & inventory informationbetween the backend office module and the Android mobile app,This platform is ideal for any organisation that operates a largefleet of delivery vehicles and fulfillment
  10. 10. Better Customer ExperiencePOS and Repair modules embedded within a full- fledgeedCustomer relationship management (CRM) system that isextremely easy to use.
  11. 11. B2B / B2C E-CommerceA Good Design is nice. A website that can sell is evenbetter
  12. 12. Custom Software DevelopmentWe offer complete end-to-end custom softwaredevelopment solutions using all the software platformsand technologies.
  13. 13. If you would like to receive more information about acertain product or process and for all other inquiries,please do either use the form on website or contact us atany of the addresses Specified. http://www.pbasolutions.com
  14. 14. PBA Solutions Pte Ltd2 Woodlands Sector 1Woodlands Spectrum 1, #03-23Singapore 738068Tel: +(65) 6576 6776 (Ext 6776)Fax: +(65) 6576 6765Support/Helpdesk: support@pb support@pbasolutions.com +(65) 6576 6776 (Ext6742)General Enquiry: enquiry@pbasolutions.com.
  15. 15. More Info @http://www.PBASolutions.com