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Six signposts to JFDI urbanism


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In tough times, how can we still create great places? Is it time for a JFDI approach - Just have Fun and Do It? This presentation provides a few conversation starters.

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Six signposts to JFDI urbanism

  1. 1. JFDI [just have fun and do it]
  2. 2. six signposts to JFDI urbanism
  3. 3. change the story
  4. 4. Walsall 100 told the story of a town through social media... how can we tell the stories of our places differently?
  5. 5. give yourself permission
  6. 6. In Bogota, the streets are turned over to cyclists every Sunday... how can we animate our places quickly and cheaply?
  7. 7. an offer you can’t refuse
  8. 8. People can help themselves to vegetables grown on neglected bits of public land in Todmorden... what can we offer users of our places that they can’t refuse?
  9. 9. take a few risks
  10. 10. Meanwhile Space turns empty shop units into space for arts and community uses... what risks could we take to bring vacant space to life?
  11. 11. use a good crisis well
  12. 12. In the US, cash-strapped cities are using the ‘Give a Minute’ campaign to crowdsource ideas for urban improvements... how could we start listening to ‘unusual suspects’?
  13. 13. hang on in there
  14. 14. It took 20+ years for Balsall Heath Forum, Coin Street and Westway Development Trust to change their areas... what is our timetable?
  15. 15. thank you more from me... my blog: Living with Rats Twitter: @juliandobson