Regeneration - time to think differently


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This slideshow is a 'provocation' intended as a discussion starter. It was created for a roundtable event organised by New Start magazine, Shared Intelligence and Urbed to debate the need for a 'manifesto' for regeneration: an agenda for the new UK government in 2010 that could help to create thriving, confident cities and communities for the next decade and beyond.

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Regeneration - time to think differently

  1. > ≠∞ [we can’t go on like this]
  2. We need something different, but… … are we looking in the right places?
  3. It’s Google, but not as we know it
  4. Constant change can be sustainable…
  5. … but only when it has roots, purpose and meaning
  6. … and we will have to find different ways of getting there
  7. Challenges for 2010 and beyond: Worthwhile work Rooted regeneration Citizen responsibility The soul of the city
  8. An agenda for a new government… Build resilience Nurture community anchors Localise finance Devolve power
  9. > ≠  [the same road won’t lead us home]