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8 questions to ask about places


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An introduction to placemaking for those new to the idea. What are the key questions to ask - and

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8 questions to ask about places

  1. 1. I  … where?
  2. 2. What is placemaking?
  3. 3. ‘ Our job is to cherish, protect, enhance, replace and refresh in a way that makes a positive contribution to our communities and the wider district.’ City of Bradford MDC
  4. 4. Who are the placemakers?
  5. 5. You are
  6. 6. Sustainability: ‘Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ Bruntland Commission 1987
  7. 7. 'Sustainable communities meet the diverse needs of existing and future residents, their children and other users, contribute to a high quality of life and provide opportunity and choice. They achieve this in ways that make effective use of natural resources, enhance the environment, promote social cohesion and inclusion and strengthen economic prosperity.’ Egan Review, 2004
  8. 8. Eight questions to ask about a place
  9. 9. Who makes decisions?
  10. 10. Attwood Green, Birmingham: Residents on community association board, neighbourhood forum - local people take decisions about their homes
  11. 11. Is it well connected?
  12. 12. Curitiba, Brazil: A city transformed by giving priority to public transport
  13. 13. Are there good local services?
  14. 14. Kaleidoscope, Lewisham: Health, education and social care for children – all in one place
  15. 15. Is there respect and care for the environment?
  16. 16. Stamford Brook, Cheshire: High quality homes on a National Trust estate
  17. 17. Does everyone get a fair deal?
  18. 18. Mixenden, Halifax: Community Link brings together asylum seekers, migrant workers and local residents to foster social links and community spirit
  19. 19. Is there a thriving local economy?
  20. 20. Hebden Bridge, Calderdale: A ‘home town’ with a high proportion of independent shops
  21. 21. Are the homes and built environment well designed?
  22. 22. Norfolk Park, Sheffield Distinctively designed as well as forward-thinking
  23. 23. Is there a good mix of social and cultural activity?
  24. 24. Art for all, Oldham Number of adults involved in visual and performing arts increased by 14,000 in three years
  25. 25. Placemaking … … could be a building … a street corner … a market … an estate … a village … Bradford … Yorkshire … the UK S M L XL XXL
  26. 26. ‘ Practice... is about making the ordinary special, and the special more widely accessible.’ Nabeel Hamdi
  27. 28. Picture credits Attwood Green: Optima Curitiba: Zhu Kaleidoscope: Steve Cadman Stamford Brook: Ian Roberts Mixenden: Tim Green Hebden Bridge: Robert Wade
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