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20 things you can do on the high street without shopping


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As retail uses shrink in our town centres and empty spaces open up, what could you do to create social spaces that bring new people in? This presentation, produced for Architecture + Design Scotland, shows some of the things people are already beginning to do. See my other presentations on high streets for the wider thinking behind this.

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20 things you can do on the high street without shopping

  1. 20 things you could do in the high streetwithout shopping
  2. 1make it a canvas
  3. 2celebrate local talent
  4. 3hold a festival
  5. 4tell a story
  6. 5make space to play
  7. 6explore your history
  8. 7green your public space
  9. 8turn waste into opportunity
  10. 9meet someone new
  11. 10find a space to work
  12. 11learn a new skill
  13. 12make something original
  14. 13freecycle your clutter
  15. 14make space to protest
  16. 15rediscover the agora
  17. 16plan your town centre
  18. 17find somewhere to live
  19. 18put perennials in the potholes
  20. 19occupy empty spaces
  21. 20watch the world go by
  22. ‘High streets and town centres that are fit for the 21st century need to be multifunctional social centres, not simply competitors for stretched consumers. They must offer irresistible opportunities and experiences that do not exist elsewhere, are rooted in theinterests and needs of local people, and will meet the demands of a rapidly changing world.’
  23. Find out moreDownload our 21st Century Agora paper See other presentations on Slideshare Check out the Revive Our Town Centres forumRead ‘seven steps from ghost town to host town’
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