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What is a great digital creative brief


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This is a presentation from the online course 'Crash Course to Digital Strategy' that you can sign up to on Skillshare for $20

Writing a Digital Creative Brief and a Communications Framework is a key role of a great Digital Strategist. In this presentation I cover the most important parts of writing a brief and communications framework. Using examples of stand out work from the past five years.

  • Nicely articulated Julian.

    Can you share a couple of good examples of briefing 'templates' in this context?
    I.e. what would you recommend as the ideal document/format that should be used to brief Creatives that captures the strategies in your keynote, while being mindful that it:
    - needs to be kept simple (not 'overload' the session, and Brand Planners believe in keeping it to one page)
    - not restrict inspirational thinking?

    The challenge is in shifting traditional mindsets within 'big ideas' agencies, that uses a one-size-fits-all approach with advertising Creative Brief templates that focus heavily on the 'think...feel...' aspect.
    While this might work well for large budget campaigns led by TV and other mass media channels, I'm finding that it fails to cater to smaller budget campaigns that are digitally-led, as it focuses too little on the 'do' up front, or the user's online experience.

    My ideal scenario would be to have (at least) two templates to cater to different scales:
    (1) for large budget, big idea campaigns led by TV
    (2) Digital and/or social media Creative Brief that focuses more about the users' experience and interactions.
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  • Thanks. Nice article! As a freelancer I know that a proper brief is a rare thing. An excellent brief even rarer. But when you do get a good one the job is so much easier!

    I also wrote an article about the
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