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Web2.0 advocate arcademicskillbuilders


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Web2.0 advocate arcademicskillbuilders

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Educational Games Math Language Arts
  3. 3. Educational Games Geography Keyboarding
  4. 4. Engaging Online Play
  5. 5. Data Analysis
  6. 6. National Education TechnologyStandards Students Teachers Communication and Facilitate and Inspire Collaboration Student Learning and Creativity Students use digital media and environments to Teachers use their communicate and work knowledge of subject matter, teaching and collaboratively, including at a learning, and technology to distance, to support facilitate experiences that individual learning and advance student contribute to the learning of learning, creativity, and others. innovation in both face-to- face and virtual environments.
  7. 7. What Teachers Are Saying "Many of the students play video games all the time at home. This is a way to let them enjoy playing time and practice a skill."
- Mrs. Smeltz in Lititz, PA "Aligning the joy of gaming with practicing math facts clearly helps transform the experience."
- Mr. Sprankle in Wells, ME
  8. 8. Pilot Studies This spring, school districts around the US participated in a pilot study, funded by the NSF, to look at the impact of the Arcademics system of customized multi-player educational games and score-tracking in 3rd grade math classrooms.
  9. 9. Pilot Study – Los Angeles, CA
  10. 10. Pilot Study - Olathe, KS
  11. 11. Pilot Study – Blue Valley, KS
  12. 12. Pilot Study – Boulder Valley, CO
  13. 13. SummaryEngaging games that focus onMath, L/A, Geography, and Typing.Marked improvements in accuracy, speed, andconfidence.I almost forgot to mention, IT’S FREE!