Air Jordan Brand Marketing Strategy


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Marketing strategy proposal for the Air Jordan Brand

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  • Air Jordan Brand is a shoe and apparel company. The company has both athletic and casual products. The brand is a division of Nike created in 1985. The brand was originally inspired and designed for the greatest player of all time: Michael Jordan. The brand has evolved to now include baseball and football lines.
  • Jordan Brand, in many eyes, is the premier line of basketball shoes. The appeal to the brand comes from the various sponsorships and endorsements that the brand has, as well as their history. The brand carries over the team idea and calls their group of spokesmen their “Team”. All of these, in combination with the design of the shoes has impacted the appeal to the general public.
  • The newer products have not seen the same success as the brand’s older products. The company has relied on rereleases (RETROs) of original models (OGs). Also, I feel that the brand has not fully embraced social media to its full potential. Furthermore, the company does a good job on informing the customers of what is going on in the company but does not do a good job of having a conversation with its customers. They practice more of the talking at, as opposed to talking with the customers.
  • The marketing strategy I suggest would improve their market presence and better their brand recognition. To do this, they need to embrace social media and use it to the fullest. Also, the company needs to make a better effort in customer interaction; they need have the “conversation”
  • The brand has a rather broad product line. They have men’s, women’s and children’s lines in both the athletic and casual products. They service the basketball, baseball, football, track & field and the NASCAR sectors. While this seems like they service a broad market, their main target market is males ages 15-25. This is because people in this segment are usually involved in high school sports and possibly college as well.
  • In regards to their social media, the brand needs to be more consistent across their various accounts. They need to consistently update their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog accounts with relevant information. Their profiles should be updated with release dates, special events, new products, etc… Across their different outlets, the brand does a good job of informing customers of what the brand has to offer and what is currently going on in their company, but I feel that they need to do a better job at having a conversation with their customers. They need to encourage consumer feedback, interaction and dialog in all of their Internet and social media channels. I believe they need to designate a section on each of these profiles for customer interaction and have someone designated to answer all questions and queries. Another area the brand can capitalize on is the area of mobile.One of the obvious things the company can do is to develop an app that can be downloaded to customer’s smartphones. Some of the things that the app should have would be a news section, a product section, a communication section and a promotional section. This will give the brand’s customers another channel to communicate and interact with the company. Also, this will allow the company to be in contact with their customers at all times. They do not have to wait for their consumers to get on a computer and go to their website or one of their profiles. Another thing the company can do in regards to mobile strategy would be to implement a QR code strategy. The Air Jordan Brand could develop a QR code and add it to all of their traditional advertisements (magazine ads, television commercials, etc…) that would take the consumer directly to their website/blog or one of their social media profiles. This would produce more hits on their website and would drive up sales. Lastly, another thing that I believe the brand could use their social media channels for would be to implement some giveaway/contest/promotional campaigns. The Air Jordan Brand is brand that is sought after and customers would be excited to have a chance to get some free swag. Also, more free downloadable things like pictures and wallpapers would be nice as well.
  • Another area I feel that the Air Jordan Brand should take advantage of would be Internet marketing. I suggest that the brand should implement a Google AdWords campaign as well as a Facebook ad campaign. Campaigns like these allow you to reach people who are looking for you specifically and for things similar to you as well. These ads reach the consumers during activities that they do daily and are not that expensive. Most campaigns like these are a pay-per-click format, which means the advertisement reaches consumers but you only pay for when they click on the ad. There is a bigger return on investment with these Internet advertising campaigns as opposed to traditional advertising campaigns. The possible keywords that the brand should optimize for are Air Jordan, Jordans, and Michael Jordan.
  • To measure the success of the strategy I have proposed, we will install Google Analytics on all of the brand’s profiles. We will also track the amount of page likes, friend requests, follows and visits. Success will come from increase in all of these areas. Also, growth in these areas can ultimately drive profits. More traffic to their sites means more opportunity for commerce.
  • I propose a budget of $1.5 million. I feel this is an adequate amount of money for the brand to spend on the marketing strategies I have mentioned. This money would go towards the Google AdWord campaign and Facebook ads, the app development and management and the QR code development. This money would also be used to pay the employee to maintain the different social media profiles and blogs and also to pay for the different products used in the promotions the brand offers. Facebook, Twitter, the Internet Ads and the jumpman23 website will each receive 20% and the mobile segment and the promotions will receive 10% each.
  • Air Jordan Brand Marketing Strategy

    1. 1. Air Jordan BrandMarketing Strategy Julian Delos Reyes ADV420
    2. 2. The Brand• Shoe and Apparel company – Both casual and athletic products• Division of Nike created in 1985• Originally inspired and designed for Michael Jordan• No longer just a basketball focus
    3. 3. The Appeal• Appealing due to sponsorship and endorsements – Their “Team”• History• Design
    4. 4. Challenges• Newer products, not as popular as their older products• Company relies heavily on rereleases (Retros) of Original models (OGs)• Not embracing social media to it’s full potential• The brand does not do a good job of having a “conversation” with the customers
    5. 5. Strategy• Better their brand recognition• Improve market presence• Embrace social media – Utilize to the fullest• Customer interaction – Conversation
    6. 6. Target Market• Broad product lines – Men’s, Woman’s and Children’s• Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track & Field and NASCAR• Main target market is males ages 15-25 – Usually involved in high school sports and possibly college as well
    7. 7. Social Media• More consistency across accounts – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog – Consistently update • Release dates, special events, new products, etc…• Conversation with customers• Mobile? – App, QR Code campaign• Promotions? – Implement giveaway/contest campaigns
    8. 8. Advertising• Utilizing both Google and Facebook Ads• Sample Ad: Air Jordan Nike Basketball Take the court in the best Designed for the elite by the elite• Keywords used: – Air Jordan, Jordans, Michael Jordan
    9. 9. Measuring Success• Google Analytics – Use to track traffic on all of their profiles• Success comes from increase in page visits, likes, and follows• Growth in these areas can ultimately drive profits
    10. 10. The Budget• $1.5 million Budget• Pays for the Google and Facebook ads Facebook• Pays the salary of the 10% 20% Twitter people maintaining the 20% Mobile profiles 20% Internet Ads• Pays for the mobile app 20% jumpman23 10% Promotions and QR development and maintenance