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Latinamerican youthretreatcuscoperu2013


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Latinamerican youthretreatcuscoperu2013

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Latinamerican youthretreatcuscoperu2013

  1. 1. CUZCO – PERU AUGUST 2013
  2. 2. Thirty young people from Brazil , Chile , Argentina , Colombia , Bolivia , Germany and of course Peru were present radiating the wonderful energy of Baba in this Incan magical place.
  3. 3. BRAZIL
  4. 4. CHILE
  6. 6. COLOMBIA
  7. 7. BOLIVIA
  8. 8. GERMANY
  9. 9. PERU
  10. 10. Surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape of mountains and greenery, started this spiritual adventure of going to the depths of being, with the spiritual support of Baba through Sister Moira (NC of Argentina).
  11. 11. In a simple and fun way, Sister Moira guided the deep exploration of each spiritual principle (gyan, yoga, good company, vegetarian diet and purity) in each day of the retreat.
  12. 12. For the final day a very special Raksha Bandhan ceremony took place in which Baba gave powerful experiences.
  13. 13. A brahmin celebration with Peruvian and Hindi dances took place as well.
  14. 14. The next two days right after the retreat, a tour to the Inca city of Machu Picchu was conducted, also to the city of Cusco and other nearby archaeological cities. During this tour, besides appreciating the wonder of human history we served through the vibration of Baba as well.
  15. 15. Baba and the young participants colored the retreat’s atmosphere with their joy, art, depth, and honest and brave heart. Each moment of the retreat was full of the magic subtle presence of Baba and the special energy of each one of the participants.
  16. 16. During the retreat the youth said that they had brought with them different experiences.
  17. 17. Renzo from Perú The most transcendental learning of this retreat was the certainty of Baba´s accompaniment. I felt him with me, accompanying me; present in my intellect and even at the physical level as an elevated sensation. Feeling His presence gave me clarity and a faith I had never felt before: endless, unconditional and transcending any paradigm I had registered. I understood the responsibility and the honor of being an instrument of His love.
  18. 18. Erica from Brasil The retreat was wonderful. To share with people whose goal is self transformation brings up encouragement, enthusiasm and power to be put into practice. The chance to reflect, share, and receive classes on “Keeping the Greatness of the Being” filled me up with true happiness and led me even closer to the Supreme Soul; and with this I feel that I make faster progress. I am already looking forward to the next retreat!!
  19. 19. Carina from Germay This meeting –in a quiet place, with such a clean vibration and an ample view of the whole area– helped me to re-awaken original energies which were slightly asleep, such as enthusiasm, happiness, motivation and creativity. I valued the group as a whole, easily overcoming language differences, age, experiences, on the basis of deep honesty, openness and real interest towards each other, and through a continuous introspective regard. Each one´s majesty emerged naturally and visibly! Thanks for these experiences.
  20. 20. Tomás from Chile It is amazing when you find yourself surrounded with Young souls, optimistic, eager, energetic and committed. The being infuses itself of this too. It was there where I evidenced during those days “If am well, those who are closet to me will be well too”. How incredible what your mind can do when you train it in the morning, afternoon and evening.
  21. 21. Ricardo from Colombia It was a splendid gift to be able to experiment the novelty in our relationships with Baba: as children, students and disciples, as well as experiencing our condition of brethren and heirs with a wonderful family in a marvelous land.
  22. 22. Verónica from Argentina The experience of the Youth Retreat in Cusco was wonderful. I experimented Baba´s company even before I arrived in this city; it was all very special. Also the company and support I received from the families of Argentina and Peru, and then with Nicola doing service with a smile in his face at the airport. They took care of every detail! It was very valuable days, full of joy, happiness, cooperation, enthusiasm, freedom and inner peace. It was a retreat full of experiences and reflections, of sharing every second of this beautiful brahmin life and of Baba´s magic with our young Latin American brothers.
  23. 23. Indira from Bolivia Before arriving in the Youth Retreat my concept of family was somehow more mundane. I had no idea that one can create such divine bonds with wonderful souls who give you the chance to experiment a state of magical subtleness…But, what else could I expect? I was surrounded by angels.
  24. 24. Some notes during the retreat
  25. 25. Sister´s Moira class about Yoga Yoga: it's like a metamorphosis. We transform ourselves in the privacy of the yoga. Knowledge is the raw material. The importance of seeing and experiencing. yoga as the love story. I do not do yoga, I'm a yogi. When a BK says he has no time for himself it is because he is neglecting his hours of sustenance from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
  26. 26. 8 Steps for a good Yoga 1. Introversion. Disconnect from the service, the body and the roles. 2. Choose a topic. ¿What for the meditation? Make an interesting yoga to address the needs of the soul. Reflect about the topic I want to experience. 3. Concentration. Feelings associated with the thought emerge. 4. Experience. I perceive my feelings. 5. Observation. Observe the experience I'm having. 6. Surrender to the experience. Volcanic Yoga is an experience so intense that nothing external could stop it. 7. Newness. One experience leads to new truths for the soul. Being a good student is related to being a good yogi. 8. Register my process. Write my own process.
  27. 27. More about Yoga Yoga is relationship. Baba wants exclusivity, make God part of my life. Baba has a relationship with us as possessive, wants us all to himself. How much I feel His love for me is proportional to how much I take Motivate yourself Baba is the surgeon. To do surgery is needed to leave the family, enter the operating room naked and stay very still. Check: What is what helps me to maintain my relationship with Baba? What I seek is perfection, so I look for Baba, I must be obedient. Know what I want from each relationship with Baba.
  28. 28. Online class with brother Ken Have a relationship with our future. The greatness means having a long-range vision. I'm much more of what happens in the moment. Being aware of the past, present and future, is because I know my past, my present and my future. How many hearts have I touched? Be a big donor. I love the world of the seas, mountains, rivers. View the size of my generosity. Assume my responsibility. Powerful Yoga: love for Baba. Love that melts barriers. Dedicate ourselves to the subtle efforts, reduce uselessness. The Power of yoga is concentrated love: Surrender and Acceptance. I am naked in front of Baba and he ignores all my stains.
  29. 29. Thanks to everyone who have made this scene of drama happens and special thanks to Edna and Leonilda from Brazil, to Susana from Argentina, to Nury from Chile, to Flavien from Curacao, and to Rosana from Perú. Their wonderful altruistic service in the kitchen held the purity of all participants with the Brahma bojan powerfully pure prepared every day.