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CheckPlus from Printech Global


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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CheckPlus from Printech Global

  1. 1.  Converts a blank sheet of security paper into aprinted check in seconds with data, signatures, logosand MICR encoding Unlimited check formats, logos and signatures One system to process payments from single ormultiple bank accounts and currencies Universal connectivity Local technical support
  2. 2.  CheckPlus Software Secure MICR Laser Printers Certified MICR toner cartridges Security check stock
  3. 3.  Banking & corporate Payment Modules Universal interface Multi-level access security Encrypted database Audit trail activity monitoring Signature level authority
  4. 4. EnglishSpanishPortugueseFrenchRussianMandarin coming soon
  5. 5. • High quality MICR font• Master & tray key locks• Disable Jam Recovery• Auto density adjustment• MICR toner detection• Toner low response• MICR activation mode• Data encryption
  6. 6. 2657813941. MICR Line printed on demand2. Secure Logo printed on demand3. Secure Symbol and text4. “Over-print”5. Reverse Secure font6. Electronic Signature7. Dynamic number8. MICR Line9. “VOID” –Pantograph in copy mode10. Chemical Reactivity11. Secure Watermark12. Microprinting
  7. 7. CheckPlusBenefits• Elimination of all pre-printed checks• Substantial cost reductions• Protection against check fraud• Increased productivity• Remote check printing capabilities• Internal audit controls• Automatic signature management• Total control over check printingprocess
  8. 8.  Sample of data import files Description of data file layout Example of check formats Model of check form overflow layout Positive Pay file format details Signatures and logos to be digitized New check form designPrint thousands of checks with aclick of a button
  9. 9. Simply Export data file fromyour accounting packageCheckPlusEXPORT FROM IMPORT INTO& many moreAnd others
  10. 10. Before ImplementingCheckPlusProcessing time: 10 business daysNot secureManual signaturesNot Professional lookingNo details of invoice on the pay stubLong reconciliation processAfter ImplementingCheckPlusProcessing time: 1 business dayMultiple Security FeaturesVISUAL sign featureProfessional lookDetailed invoice stubEasy to reconcile
  11. 11. Before ImplementingCheckPlus After ImplementingCheckPlusLess than 1 YearCLICKforDEMO
  12. 12.  Bank & Financial Groups Government Agencies Credit Unions Insurance Companies Law Firms Restaurants/ Food Chains Manufacturing Universities Utilities, Telecom Healthcare, Hospitals Medium & small size companies
  13. 13.  El Salvador Guatemala Haiti Honduras Jamaica Mexico Nicaragua Panama St. Kitts & Nevis St. Vincent Trinidad Puerto Rico United States Anguilla Antigua Bahamas Barbados Belize Bermuda Canada Cayman Islands Costa Rica Curacao Dominica Dominican Republic
  14. 14. For more information please reach us at:Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions3541 NW 115 Avenue, Doral, FL 33178(866) 592.2838 / (305) 592.2838Email: info@printech.com