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Redmine for azoft


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Redmine for azoft

  1. 1. Redminevseverything else"Redmine or not redmine: that is thequestion",William Shakespeare, F1 1623
  2. 2. List of "Everything else" foes● Youtrack● *Asana● Trello● Trac● MantisBT● Bugzilla● *Basecamp● Atlassian Jira (and GreenHopper)● *MS Project● Teamlab● *Continuus● EasyRedmine● ChiliProject● *EasyDays● name-yourself
  3. 3. Redmine features● Team collaboration (wiki, forums, docs repo, etc)● Issues tracker (dependencies, subtasks, dues, All in one! %done, svn integration, hooks, etc)● Bug tracker (follow-ups, templates, etc)● Revisions tracker (versions, milestones, goals, etc)● Change management● Time tracker (svn hooks, export, MS Project integration through plugins, etc)● Project management (subproject, dependencies, gantt, etc)
  4. 4. Redmine pros● Its free!● Access levels, roles, workflows, etc● Multilanguage support from the box● Gantt chart and calendar● Flexible issues tracking● Issues creating from email● Team collaboration● Being able to move tickets (issues) between projects easily (in batch too)● Decent search (e.g. for bugs)● Plugins (Jenkins, code review, Agile, etc)● Simple
  5. 5. Redmine cons● Its free!● Ruby● UI sucks (JIRA even worse)● Issue tracker often used for communication, not for issue tracking● Misuse of default settings (e.g. priorities or milestones)● Disuse of most of functions (e.g. time tracking)● No issue templates (needs plugin)● No resource management or budgeting● Plugins● Complex
  6. 6. Access levels● Groups● Roles (doesnt do anything with employees titles)● Issue statuses (use with caution!)● Workflow ("Postpone (next phase)" and "Future todo" are good examples of improper use)● Trackers (use Occams Razor!)● LDAP, OpenID, self-registration● Apache authentication integration (if needs)
  7. 7. Gantt● To be able to use it, you must use Redmine (surprise!)
  8. 8. Issue categories VS subprojects● What to choice?● Small (short) projects vs big (and looong and complex)● Easy to transform (batch)● Default assignee (in Administation->Issue statuses)● Version sharing (none, subprojects, hierarchy, tree, all)
  9. 9. Team collaboration● Project overview (good description)● Wiki (and textile)● Versions (and milestones)● "Assigned to" disuse (1135 issues right now not assigned)● Default assignee● /issues/ & "my page"● Options in "Issues" -- use them!● "My custom queries" (public too)● Involvement!
  10. 10. Time tracking● Estimated time● Due date● % done● Spent time● Redmine+repo integration (hooks, "fixes", "refs", "@1h15m")● Reports
  11. 11. Wiki● Wiki alike engine (textile; no templates though (needs plugin); simplest editor; far from Wikipedia, but still useful enough)● Table of content – {{toc}}● Hyperlinks (issues, revisions, commits, source files, wiki pages)● "Divide and Conquer" (dont create a huge pile of everything)● Announce rules and guidelines (and support them in actual state)● Use it!
  12. 12. Estimated time & due date● Estimated time: 3890 vs 1980● Due date: 5682 vs 116● Better visibility● Team and personal responsibility
  13. 13. % done● 5798 vs none● Subtasks● Estimated time● Visibility
  14. 14. Estimated time & forecast● % done● Spent time● Experience, background, different tasks VS forecast accuracy
  15. 15. Issues dependencies● Related● Duplicates (& by)● Blocks (& by)● Precedes● Follows● Feature issues (& due date)● Decomposition● % done● Hierarchy (needs upgrade and might need plugin)
  16. 16. Few "lifehacks"● Use it!● Be responsible● One for all and all for one (or die together)● Play with URL
  17. 17. Benefits of proper use● Crystal clear where every and each project is● Issues snapshots● Human resource load clear overview● Bottlenecks detection● Easier to provide SLA● Employees involvement, therefore part of teams responsibility● No need to use MS Project (along with Redmine)
  18. 18. Хехей! Вопросы?! Sergei Plaxienko +7 905 935 29 18