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How to read pdf file on sony reader


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If you want to read pdf file on Sony reader then you need to convert it to epub format.

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How to read pdf file on sony reader

  1. 1.  Sony Reader is able to display PDF content but not in formatted way it display font very small. When user zoom in the PDF file to see content clearly ,user have to back and forth to read the content of the PDF file.  The ePub User don’t have to do Zooming in and out to see the content clearly. This software is very light it take only 400 kb in the phone so it can acquire less space comparing other software.
  2. 2. ePub Reader ePub Reader is the very popular Reader. It display the text after the optimization of the particular display device. It formats the content of the text on the basis of text font and display size. So by this feature it display content very easily user have to do is only slide the pages.
  3. 3.  To the better reading experience with Sony reader user should convert the PDF file to EPUB format . PDF is very popular e-book format. But always user encounter a problem user need to move scroll bar right or left for seeing all the content present in the PDF file when the screen is to small. But in EPUB there is no such kinds of problems. To avoid this type of problem user have to convert PDF to EPUB . EPUB is very popular and supported by all of the reader like Sony reader, pad etc. The most important feature is it can adjust automatically according to the size of the screen.
  4. 4. User Guide
  5. 5. Step 1:download software and install it.
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