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How to remove DRM from itunes movies and music


Published on to remove DRM from iTunes.Only requires DRM remover tool. With it one can remove DRM protection from iTunes.

  • iTunes Movies is under Apple’s Digital Rights Management protection, better known as DRM. You may have purchased or rented movies from iTunes, and would like to enjoy those iTunes movies somewhere instead of on iTunes. As iTunes movies are protected and encrypted, it is difficult to get through Apple’s DRM project. Perhaps you can utilize a screen recorder to get rid of iTunes DRM, but this method not only is time-wasting, but also causes some quality loss. Here in this guide, an iTunes DRM removal or a DRM media converter is introduced for you to remove DRM from iTunes movies.
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How to remove DRM from itunes movies and music

  1. 1.  Digital Rights Management(DRM) is a world class of controversial technologies which are used by publishers, manufacturers and individuals in the need to control the use of digital content.DRM is also called as access control technologies and sometimes also sometimes known as copy preventions, copy protection, copy control. The DRM is not accepted universally. This technology tries to give control to the seller of devices after it has been given to the consumer.DRM technologies enable content publishers to enforce their own access on content like copying or viewing, DRM is commonly used by entertainment industry like audio and video publishers, DRM is also used by many online music stores such as iTunes store to prevent unauthorized use of content or services
  2. 2. Aimer soft DRM convertor is innovative DRM removal software that can remove DRM protection from movies and music brought from ITunes, Napster, BBC I player etc. This DRM convertor can convert both DRM protected and common music videos to the format some one needs for multimedia device.
  3. 3. Its very easy to remove DRM from iTunes. only need is an iTunes DRM removal tool. With it one can remove DRM protection from iTunes media files and convert them to any video format for play anywhere.
  4. 4. Step 1-Add media files to the program- Click add to the DRM protected iTunes videos or music to the program.
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