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SIX STEPS for Social Media Beginners. How to Become Popular in Two Weeks.


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"SIX STEPS for social media beginners" is a step-by-step guide on how set up your company page on a social media platform and make it popular in just two weeks. There are several "tricks of the trade" Facebook administrators use. Sequence of your actions is the key to success. Links to more detailed information are also provided.

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SIX STEPS for Social Media Beginners. How to Become Popular in Two Weeks.

  1. 1. SIX STEPS for Social Media Beginners How to Become Popular in Two Weeks
  2. 2. Introduction This tutorial gives a step-by-step instruction on how to set up and build your company page on social media platforms. The sequence of actions is extremely important in social media as it can determine your success or failure. Staring on a right foot will save a lot of time and confusion. Whatever you plan in the beginning will be later revised a few times. Don’t worry about it! Social media changes very quickly and some options / decisions / features you decided to use can become obsolete tomorrow. coherency of marketing efforts, which will result in more efficiency of your efforts. Having a plan will provide
  3. 3. 3 Week Timeline
  4. 4. # 1: Spying On Others Studying competition both local and international is the starting point of understanding how it can be done. There are several things to look at your competitors’ pages. Don’t forget to read what their fans are saying! Amount of Fans Type of Content Content Focus ( video, photo, text, links) (company news, product/ service, social responsibility, contest, sponsorship etc.) Most / Least Popular Content ( try to guess why it is) Time and Day (how often, when exactly they post) Social Media Partners (which industry, what exactly they partner on) For more check out: “Social Media Marketing Strategy”
  5. 5. # 2: Meeting Your New Friend Before you start planning anything, study features of the social platforms you intend to use fom a point of view of administration, monitoring and analytics. Features to increase reach (for ex. Facebook “check-in” or “tag”) How Fans Engage (for ex. retweets, mentions, replies on Twitter) How do fans react to different types and focus of posts ( for ex. text posts with questions on Facebook usually have more comments ) Company Information Description (visible in preview/ hidden text) Available Monitoring and Analytics Tools Available Paid Promotion Options ( see how it can be synchronized with other social media platforms) Tip : Create a fake fan page and practice there to administer a page.
  6. 6. Social Media Resources There are a lot of free resources (articles, videos, webinars, industry reports etc.) available for you to study the “craft”. Most of the links below have links to other websites. Tip : Join Social Media Administrator’s groups on social media platforms. This will give you access to daily information and experts who usually have the same problems as you.
  7. 7. # 3: Warming Up and Actual Work Out Information from previous steps would give you a good idea of where and how to start. Don’t over obsess about getting it right from the very beginning. Nobody did. You will always be able to correct your mistakes later. Just follow those steps. Setting Up (company info, links to other company social media platforms, other links) Planning (plan a variety of content type and focus) Write a two-week content plan Content Creation (organize all content you plan to publish) Publishing (before next stage publish at least 5 posts, preferably 10) For more check out: “Content Creation and Planning Checklists”
  8. 8. Content Calendar DAY DAY OF THE WEEK TIME OF POSTING POST TYPE POST FOCUS 28-Jul SUNDAY 9AM picture unrelated 29-Jul MONDAY 10PM video TEXT part Let's all go to the beach! Daniel is our producer. He company news has been reviously working for XXXX. IMAGE part EXTRA LINKS Check-in to "Bali" COMMENTS Depends on weather. 1) Should be synchronized with Qdrans page as warszawa/kultura/q partner. Use hashtag #qdransqltury adrans-qltury For more check out: “Ten Rules: Social Media Marketing”
  9. 9. Social Media Management Software There are several free social media management and analytics software available. Choose the one which best suits your goals!
  10. 10. # 4: Getting Your Buddies to Join Now that all is done and set up it is time to invite your friends, promote and partner. Make sure to put at least 10 posts before you do that. Nobody will like an empty page even if they are your friends. Invite your friends (use both invite options and private message) Promote (use some basic paid promotion) Partner (use cross promotion to get more traffic) Advice : Don’t worry if a few of your friends do like your page. Our of 100 friends, there will be approximately 10 who will actually like your page.
  11. 11. # 5: Keeping an Eye on Everything Every day try to see reactions of your audience and track their likes / dislikes and understand why it could happen, relate it to content. Each social media platform provides its own analytics tools.
  12. 12. # 6: Live and Learn First two weeks will give you a view at what worked or did not. This is enough to plan further and adjust your original plan, looking for more inspiration and going back to competitors and industry reports. There will be several stages like this as you go along. Good luck!
  13. 13. Questions: More presentations: Photo links: