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Europe Erupts In War


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Europe Erupts In War

  1. 1. WWII 1939-1941 EUROPE ERUPTS IN WAR
  3. 3. APPEASEMENT Hitler promised British Prime Minister Neville  Chamberlin that after he acquired Sudetenland he would stop  Chamberlin took the approach of appeasement  Giving in to demands to maintain peace Others believed Hitler was not going to stop   Including Winston Churchill
  4. 4. NEVILLE CHAMBERLIN AND ADOLF HITLER “Peace for our time”
  5. 5. HITLER’S EARLY MOVES Captures remaining part of Czechoslovakia Establishes a pact with Italy Announces nonaggression pact with Soviet Union
  6. 6. HITLER AND STALIN Non-aggression pact outlined that:   Soviet Union would stay out of Germany’s way as it continued to expand  Germany would not attack Soviet Union  Germany agrees to give parts of soon-to-be- conquered territory to Soviet Union Reactions:   Shocked British and French  Stalin feared Hitler, believe working with Nazis offered security
  7. 7. HITLER ATTACKS POLAND Dressed German  criminal in Polish military uniform Took him to German-  Poland border and shot him Claimed it had been  an attack by Poland Launched massive  invasion of Poland
  8. 8. HITLER ATTACKS POLAND Germans used blitzkrieg  Combination of air and  fast-moving armored strikes to drive deep into enemy territory Couldn’t stop German  attack By end of September  1939 Poland was in German hands
  9. 9. THE ALLIES Britain and France Planned invasion of   joined forces France through Ardennes forest Declared war on  Germany – Sept. French thought it too  dense to pass through 3, 1939 Troops were located  Waited to for German’s  north and south of to make next move Ardennes But Germans did not  Maginot Line  attack during winter 1939-40 Time known as sitzkrieg 
  10. 10. THE MAGINOT LINE Protection of France
  11. 11. HITLER STRIKES AGAIN April 1940 forces capture Denmark & Norway   Improve German’s access to Atlantic Ocean
  12. 12. MOVING TOWARDS FRANCE May 1940 – Germans conquer Netherlands and Belgium By early June, Germans had trapped Allied soldiers at French port of Dunkirk Allied ships and civilian boats rescue 340,00 troops from the port and carried them to Britain.
  13. 13. FRANCE FALLS Germans broke through Ardennes forest  Bypassed Maginot Line  Shattered France’s defense  End of June, France surrendered to Germany &  Italy Germans occupy majority of France  Unoccupied regions (known as Vichy France) were  controlled by officials who cooperated with Hitler French leaders fled to Britain to organize resistance  effort
  14. 14. GERMAN MILITARY IN FRANCE During German occupation of France
  15. 15. BATTLE OF BRITAIN Britain stood alone, led  by Winston Churchill Churchill refused to  consider negotiations
  16. 16. BATTLE OF BRITAIN Step 1: Germans try to Step 2: Luftwaffe   destroy Royal Air (German air force) Force began bombing London Result: FAILURE Result: Thousands dead   Using radar, the RAF Churchill kept spirits up   detected approaching British stopped Luftwaffe  planes & inflicted heavy Hitler called off invasion  damage upon them
  18. 18. TENSIONS IN EAST ASIA 1930’s • Japanese nationalists (military) influence increasing • Japan expands naval forces 1934 • Violates of Washington Naval Conference • Japan signed anticommunism pact with 1936 Germany (connection to Europe’s Fascists) 1937 • Begins war with China • Forms military alliance with Germany and Italy – 1940 the 3 become known as Axis Powers
  19. 19. TENSIONS IN THE FAR EAST 1941 – Forces take control of French Indochina  Approved by French Vichy   Modern day Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia  Threatened British and American oil interests in the region Roosevelt took action, denying Japan access to  vital oil supplies  General Hideki Tojo refused to compromise October 1941, Tojo took control of the country   Time for compromise was over