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Telling Your Nonprofit Story With Social Media


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These are the slides from a free seminar I provided to a group at the Nonprofit Net in Lexington, MA.

* How to use digital and visual storytelling strategies
* What stories you should be telling online
* How to use photo and video-sharing tools to connect with supporters

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Telling Your Nonprofit Story With Social Media

  1. 1. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  2. 2. Julia Campbell Digital Marketing Strategist for Nonprofits Nonprofit Net March 10, 2015 #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  3. 3. Takeaways  Why storytelling is so vital to your nonprofit fundraising & marketing strategy  The types of stories you need to be telling on social media  Examples from nonprofits who are doing storytelling right #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  4. 4. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  5. 5. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  6. 6. Why Storytelling?  People don’t remember bullet points.  People respond to emotion.  Feelings, not analytical thinking, drive actions. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  7. 7. What Storytelling Will Not Do Fix bad management. Fix a lousy product or service. Replace other fundraising & marketing strategies. Replace tried-and-true fundraising tactics. BUT if done well, it will augment all other communication efforts! #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  8. 8. How To “Do” Storytelling?  Think of your audience FIRST and ALWAYS.  How can you tell a story in a way that will resonate with them?  What is important to them?  What will inspire them to action? #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  9. 9. The Bad News…  Donor retention is at an ALL TIME low.  70% of all donors that nonprofits recruit into giving a gift never donate again to that organization! (AFP) #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  10. 10.  Boomers spend 19 hours a week online.  71% use a social networking site daily with Facebook being the most popular.  36% of boomers ages 50 and over own a smartphone, and 32% own a tablet. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial 73% of online adults use at least one social networking site daily! MYTH: Older Donors Aren’t Online
  11. 11. Your donors ages 74+ are the fastest-growing demographic on social networks. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  12. 12. The Good News…  More than 7 in 10 US charity and nonprofit social media administrators found the channels useful for raising money!  1/3 of charities said it was VERY USEFUL for fundraising! #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  13. 13. Change In Mindset  Become a storytelling organization.  Most nonprofit communications are boring and org-centric.  Need to focus on BENEFITS, not features.  Need to focus on PEOPLE, not programs. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  14. 14. Types of Stories #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial  Creation Stories  Continuous Improvement Stories  Behind-The-Scenes Stories  User-Generated Stories  Impact Stories
  15. 15. Creation Stories  What was the need?  What is the need now?  Story of the founders  The real WHY you exist #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial Reference:
  16. 16. Creation Stories  Example –Environmental Defense Fund  Started by a small group of passionate conservationists in Long Island.  They wanted to save the osprey, bald eagle and peregrine falcon.  Went to court, got a ban on DDT in 1966. In 1972, they played a large role on a nationwide ban.  They play up the “strong foundation” and grassroots approach which informs their work today. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  17. 17. Continuous Improvement  Express resiliency  Show that your org is always trying to improve  Mistakes, lessons learned  Helps other organizations #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial Reference:
  18. 18. Continuous Improvement Example – The Denver Foundation  10 Years 10 Stories – Celebrating 10 years of inclusiveness  Stories from the Journey – stories told by the nonprofits awarded grants  Nonprofits discussed what they learned and what they still have to work on.  Focused on their target audience and thought about what would resonate with them. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  19. 19. Behind-The- Scenes Stories  Feature donors  Feature Board members  Feature staff  Feature volunteers #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial Reference:
  20. 20. Behind-The-Scenes Carolyn Miles of Save the Children Pinterest Board: /savethechildren/carolyn- s-corner/ #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  21. 21. Behind-The-Scenes Stories #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  22. 22. Behind-The-Scenes Stories #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  23. 23. User-Generated Stories #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  24. 24. User-Generated Stories #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  25. 25. User-Generated Stories “Why Didn’t You Just Leave?” Writer Beverly Gooden shared her own reasons for staying in an abusive relationship on Twitter, using the hashtag #WhyIStayed. Within hours, hundreds of survivors were tweeting their own reasons for doing the same. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial leave_n_5805134.html
  26. 26. Impact Stories  Showcase the difference you are making  Showcase the lives changed  Doesn’t have to be sugary sweet #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  27. 27. Impact Stories There was a point in time when Eddie didn't want to live. "I was standing on the verge of death," he says. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial http://www.denverrescuemission. org/drm/stories/stories-eddie- 2014
  28. 28. Impact Stories Greater Twin Cities United Way Success Stories section on their website They start with the impact they had on the nonprofit, then the direct impact on a recipient of services Miguel’s story #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  29. 29. Impact Stories Always show donors where their money is going. Make them smile when they see the results their gift helped achieve. BostonChildrensHospital #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  30. 30. Where To Find Stories?  Everywhere!  Everyone is responsible!  Requires a big change of culture.  No silos!  Get on the front lines.  Talk with people. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  31. 31. Everyone Has A Story Everyone has a story – it might not be one that you can use, but it might lead you to an idea or person who can help. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  32. 32. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  33. 33. YOUR TURN! Creation Stories Continuous Improvement Stories Behind-The-Scenes Stories User-Generated Stories Impact Stories #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  34. 34. How To Get Good Stories  Look over all of those thank you notes!  Ask clients – include a “share your story” page on your website, conduct surveys, ask at live events.  Be enthusiastic.  Explain the purpose.  Keep it varied. Make A Wish Foundation doesn’t just tell about the people that benefit, they also tell the stories of the wish-granter, the volunteers and their sponsors. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  35. 35. Have A System  Collect stories & all story ideas. Keep these confidential for now.  Nothing is too small to collect.  Save your stories & ideas in a virtual Story Bank.  Use Dropbox or Google Drive.  Form a Storytelling Committee.  Start thinking like a reporter.  Use your smart phone, tablet, GoPro, flip camera. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  36. 36. Mine The Gold “Think of the story itself as gold. You mine the gold, capture the story. Then you bring it back to your office and you need to pound that gold into different shapes and sizes depending on whom you’re talking to, or also where you’re telling it.” ~ Andy Goodman #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  37. 37. Promote Your Stories If you tell it, they will hear it! Right?? Putting the stories on the right channels and then promoting them is HALF the battle! #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  38. 38. Channels for Storytelling  Website – HOME BASE  Blogs  Email newsletters  Publications  Social media  Public speaking, community education  User-generated –encourage your online community to share their stories #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  39. 39. Go Multichannel Print, electronic, mobile and everything in between. Be where your donors are, not where you want them to be. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  40. 40. St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation Used direct mail, email, social media Missives and personal videos from Josh, a 16- year-old patient at the hospital Use humor, insider info, his genuine voice and personality #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  41. 41. The Children’s Center, Detroit #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  42. 42. “Here’s how to know if you’re on the right track: if you stop (your) story in the middle, the audience will insist you finish it. Isn’t that what you want?” ~Seth Godin #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial paragraphs-stories.html
  43. 43. My Two Cents We all need to change nonprofit culture. We need to start thinking visually and start thinking in “micro-content” terms. Stop with the excuses. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  44. 44. My Two Cents Think of using social media as showing the world what you do and why you do it, in a compelling, interesting and easy- to-share way! #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  45. 45. #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  46. 46. Resources #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial
  47. 47. Questions? Twitter: @JuliaCSocial Facebook: jcsocialmarketing Email: julia@ #nonprofitnet @JuliaCSocial