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By now you’ve heard of the fastest growing social network: Pinterest. You may think that Pinterest is all recipes, nail art and cute shoes (which may or may not be relevant to your business). Pinterest is so much more! Every business has something to pin and to share. This session will explore how businesses and nonprofits use Pinterest to engage with new audiences and customers, how to create an account and get active immediately, how to create and maintain vibrant Pin Boards, how to use Pinterest to collaborate and how to integrate Pinterest marketing activities with other social media platforms.

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Pinterest for Business - Tech Day Camp

  1. 1. Julia CampbellPresident/CEO of J Campbell Social Marketing Tech Day Camp March 23, 2013#techdaycamp @skullsflying
  2. 2. About Us J Campbell Social Marketing is a boutique digital marketing firm based in Beverly, MA. Using online tools such as social media, blogs and email marketing, we help small businesses and nonprofits grow and reach their customers and supporters. We offer solutions to your social media problems – through training, support and managed services. #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  3. 3. Social MediaRULES OF THE ROAD Social media tools are always changing. “Getting on social media” is not a marketing strategy. Using social media will not compensate for a bad product or service. The tools are (mostly) free – but your time is not. #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  4. 4. Social & Mobile are HOT 67% of online adults use social networking sites.  15% of online adults use Pinterest  13% use Instagram  6% use Tumblr  67% use Facebook  16% use Twitter  20% use LinkedIn #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  5. 5. Social & Mobile are HOT 71% of women are users of social networking sites, compared with 62% of men. Fully 40% of cell phone owners use a social networking site on their phone, and 28% do so on a typical day. #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  6. 6. PINTERESTNot just forrecipes andpretty shoes! #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  7. 7. What is it? “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.” Make a wishlist, Plan a trip, Organize an event Start a collection, Plan a project #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  8. 8. Pinterest is HOT! Pinterest has almost caught up with Twitter – 15% of adult U.S. Internet users (16% on Twitter). Pinterest has almost 25 million monthly unique visitors. Pinterest posts last longer – Pinterest pins have a half life of over one week. (Tweet is 5-25 minutes; 80 minutes for Facebook) Pinterest is aspirational, not of-the-moment.  All statistics from the Pew Internet & American Life Project ( #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  9. 9. Getting Started Pinterest Brand Pages vs. Personal Profiles  New Pinterest TOS asks you to, if you are using it for work or promoting any type of commercial activity.  You can convert your existing Personal account or create a new one. (Cannot convert individual boards.) #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  10. 10. Getting Started 3 main benefits of Business Pages  Account verification – that red check box in the bio!  Access to special “Pin It” button and other widgets  First access to new upcoming features (Insights!)  Go to: #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  11. 11. Getting Started Completely fill out the About Us section – keywords, think of search Verify the website Link your Facebook account and Twitter account Add bookmarklet to your browser for easy pinning Add “Pin It” buttons to your website – to all pages with images, to all blog posts (they should all have images) To every single product if you have an online store or catalog We are living in a visual world, and Pinterest girls are visual girls! #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  12. 12. Getting Followers Pin interesting, visually compelling stuff! Follow others. Repin, comment, Like – engage. Share select pins on all your social networking sites. You can share Pins on a Personal Facebook profile (not a Business page – yet) and Twitter. Go to: to set up a Pinterest tab and put it on your Facebook Page! #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  13. 13. What Should I Pin? To get results, you must focus on original content. 80% of people on Pinterest are just re-pinning other’s content! To get ROI from Pinterest, you must pin images that:  Link back to your site or blog  Link to your opt-in page  Link to your product page  Link to your YouTube channel (videos are effective) #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  14. 14. Ideas for Great Pins1) Videos from YouTube or Vimeo  Videos of customers, clients using your product  Testimonials from happy customers  Videos on how to use your product  Fun videos  Behind-the-scenes videos  Training videos  Keep them short (15-20 seconds)  Everyone can be a videographer with a smartphone #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  15. 15. Ideas for Great Pins #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  16. 16. Ideas for Great Pins2) Images with text overlay  Statistics  Use your images and inlay text over them  Make sure they link directly to your blog posts or website  Use PicMonkey to easily edit photos  -and-nonprofits/  Use Quozio to make quotes or text to go with a blog post #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  17. 17. Ideas for Great Pins #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  18. 18. Ideas for Great Pins #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  19. 19. Ideas for Great Pins #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  20. 20. Ideas for Great Pins3) Infographics  Taking valuable information and making it visual!  You need to provide value and build yourself as an expert who shares great resources  – effortless infographics!  What makes a great infographic?  great-infographics-34958   Based on your industry – search #yoga #infographic #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  21. 21. Ideas for Great Pins #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  22. 22. Ideas for Great Pins4) Checklists  Pinners love checklists!  Useful information that serves your community  Examples of checklists:   uides/  Tip: Make pins TALL, not wide, for more engagement  #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  23. 23. Ideas for Great Pins #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  24. 24. Ideas for Great Pins5) Tutorials  Fact: Tutorials see a 42% higher click through rate (CTR)  tutorials/   i-need-to-try/ #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  25. 25. Ideas for Great Pins #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  26. 26. Successful Pins…Have clever captions.Use keywords and links (they get hyperlinked).Pins with prices get 36% MORE likes!How to: Add a price to your pinPinterest is not like other social networks – people go there in the mindset to buy.Pinterest has a gift section on their home page and in order to be selected to you need to add a price. #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  27. 27. Case Study - SonySony Electronics  Over 2,500 followers in the first six months since launching the Sony brand page on Pinterest  800% increase in traffic from Pinterest to Sony Store website since launching the page  Pin It button has received more than 10 times the clicks from Sony Store vs. Tweet This button  businesses can do this too! #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  28. 28. What Worked  They researched what people were already pinning and go from there – they found their community.  They clearly identified their goals:  Drive sales to the website  Increase brand affinity  Grow the Sony community  They planned their boards for 3 months  They launched the boards internally and externally, drawing on their internal cheerleaders #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  29. 29. What Worked  They made their website and all products on it Pinterest friendly  They planned a strategic mix of boards  Lifestyle and fun  Commercial product boards – Brand New Sony Products and Sony on Sale  Retro Sony products and ads  Sony art board – art created with Sony products or logo #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  30. 30. What Worked  Pin Deals for Sony on Sale board – where an exclusive Pinterest offer is unlocked once the deal gets repinned 20 times  They found it very hard to find followers, unlike on Pinterest  Using Pinreach and Curalate for monitoring  Getting their message out on other media – blog, emails, Facebook, etc.  People do like products on Pinterest #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  31. 31. What’s Hot: PinterestGROUP BOARDS SECRET BOARDS Collaboration  Inter-office collaboration tool Showcasing clients/customers  Social media content Demonstrating how to use your development board product  Cultivate ideas that you do Testimonials not want people to see just Promotion – running a yet contest, acknowledging best  Ideas for future presentations customers, online ambassadors Networking  Ideas for blog posts Authority #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  32. 32. Pinterest: Tips Find out who’s pinning your stuff!  #techdaycamp @skullsflying
  33. 33. For more information,contact us! Julia Campbell, President & CEO Jeannine O’Neil, VP and CMO @skullsflying @Jeannine_ONeil J Campbell Social Marketing Beverly, MA 978-578-1328 #techdaycamp @skullsflying