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How to Use Twitter for Marketing & Connection


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With 302 million monthly active users (34% of which log in multiple times per day), Twitter is a marketing powerhouse for businesses large and small.

If the words “retweet,” “trending topic,” “hashtag,” “@mention” sound like a foreign language, then this presentation for you. In it, I walk you through how to get started on Twitter from setting up an account, to getting more followers, to building up a community and establishing thought leadership in your industry.

I answer the following questions: What is a hashtag and how do I use it? Who should I follow and how do I find them? What should I tweet and how often? Social media time-saving and management tools are also covered.

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How to Use Twitter for Marketing & Connection

  1. 1. About Me Using online tools such as social media, blogs, and email marketing, I help small businesses and nonprofits grow and reach their customers and supporters. I offer solutions to your social media problems – through training and coaching. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  2. 2. Social Media RULES OF THE ROAD  Social media tools are always changing.  “Getting on social media” is not a marketing strategy.  Using social media will not compensate for a bad product or service.  The tools are (mostly) free – but your time is not. @JuliaCSocial on Twitter @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  3. 3. The Myth We Were Sold Step 1: Sign up for social media accounts. Step 2: Post occasionally. Step 3: Watch the money roll in!! @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  4. 4. Social Media Success Requires:  Dedication, diversified channels, dynamic content.  Getting out of our comfort zone.  Change of mindset.  Providing value.  Telling stories.  Getting visual.  Focusing on impact and not on the organization.  Eliminating silos. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  5. 5. Twitter Is Popular  316 million monthly active users  “About a billion” registered Twitter users  100 million daily active users  Average number of followers: 208  34% of Twitter users log into it more than once daily @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  6. 6. Twitter Is Growing  92% of international brands tweet more than once daily, 36% of which are link-containing tweets.  63% of Twitter users regard their smartphones as their primary tweeting device. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  7. 7. Twitter Is Growing  85% of followers feel more connected with a small business after following them.  Promoted tweets boost offline sales by 29%. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  8. 8. Is Twitter For Me? Success on Twitter involves: 1. Researching, creating, curating great content. 2. Listening and participating in conversations. 3. Monitoring hashtags (topics). 4. Reporting ROI and tweaking strategy. 5. Exploring paid ads. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  9. 9. Twitter 101 “Twitter is an information network made up of 140-character messages called Tweets. It's an easy way to discover the latest news related to subjects you care about.” Twitter promotes itself as a news and discovery social media platform. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  10. 10. Setting It Up For Success  Username: 15 characters or less  Profile photo: Shown as the icon with every tweet you post. Recommended 400x400 pixels.  Bio: 16o characters to tell people about you and your business.  URL: Website link  Header image: 1500x1500 pixels  Pinned tweet: Pinned to the top of your profile. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  11. 11. Terms To Know - Hashtag  Any word or topic beginning with the # sign.  People use hashtags organize conversations around a specific topic.  Clicking on a hashtag takes you to search results for that term.  Great for events, specific products, news, timely announcements. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  12. 12. Terms To Know - Mention  A public tweet directed to another user that includes their @username. Appear like regular Tweets in your timeline.  Clickable and the person mentioned gets notified.  They are collected together in a conversation if you click @reply. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  13. 13. Terms To Know - @Reply  A public response to a Tweet via the @reply button.  @Replies show up in your home timeline and the timeline of the person to whom you are responding.  @Replies only show up in your timeline if you follow both the sender of the original Tweet and the recipient of the @reply to that Tweet. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  14. 14. Terms To Know - Retweet  Sharing a Tweet.  You can pass along someone’s Tweet by retweeting it.  Just hit the Retweet button to send the original Tweet as written to all of your followers.  If you hit retweet, as opposed to cutting a pasting and writing RT, it won’t have have your branding/profile pic on it.  Retweeting and mentioning are the keys to building up community on Twitter. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  15. 15. Terms To Know - Favorites  Favorites are a great way to keep track of tweets you want to refer to later.  Also a great way to build relationships and tell someone you appreciate them. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  16. 16. Anatomy Of A Tweet @JuliaCSocial on Twitter @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  17. 17. Terms To Know - Moments  “Moments” was just introduced this week!  “The best of what’s happening on Twitter in an instant.”  Regardless of who you follow  Good for discovery @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  18. 18. How To Use Twitter  Keep it conversational and informal.  Employ wit and humor.  Make it shareable.  Content has to be worth reading, clicking, and retweeting.  Ask questions.  Share helpful info/resources.  Comment on current events.  Be yourself. Be authentic. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  19. 19. Following & Followers  Find and follow 10 people daily.  Lose the dead weight by using a free app like Crowdfire – choose “Inactive Following”  Look at your followers and strategically follow back.  Should you follow everyone that follows you?  Do not buy followers!  1,000 engaged followers are better than 10,000 fake or uninterested followers. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  20. 20. Twitter Lists  Use Twitter lists to manage the chaos.  Lists are used for reading Tweets only.  You cannot send or direct a Tweet to members of a list, for only those list members to see. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  21. 21. Twitter Lists  Subscribe to/follow other people’s lists.  You can follow lists without following each account.  Create private and public lists.  List names cannot exceed 25 characters or begin with a number.  Use for events, networking, influencers, news @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  22. 22. Using Hashtags  Think about your industry.  Listen and join conversations.  Use key words  Join Tweet Chats!  Don’t just jump on what’s popular. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  23. 23. How Much To Tweet?  80% not related to you but of value to your clients and customers  20% directly related to you  Retweet, @Mention, Acknowledge  ALWAYS be sharing relevant, valuable, pertinent, up- to-the-minute information! @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  24. 24. What Will I Tweet?  80/20 rule  Get Google Alerts  Alltop  LinkedIn Today  Statistics  Quotes  Photos  Retweet often  Search hashtags @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  25. 25. Customer Service  71% of customer complaints on Twitter go unanswered.  YET, 83% of people appreciate being answered by a company! @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  26. 26. Customer Service  Respond quickly and publicly.  Indicate you will send them a private message.  This let’s everyone know you are listening.  Do not delete or block!  Have rules (no obscenities, etc.).  NO RESPONSE IS A RESPONSE!  Respond to positive comments! @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  27. 27. Customer Service @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  28. 28. Keep It Short There is no “magical” length, but a report by Buddy Media revealed that tweets shorter than 100 characters get a 17% higher engagement rate. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  29. 29. Use Photos & Videos  Photos average a 35% boost in Retweets  Videos get a 28% boost  Quotes get a 19% boost in Retweets  Including a number receives a 17% bump in Retweets  Hashtags receive a 16% boost @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  30. 30. Participate In Trends  Participate in trends, but do it authentically.  Be careful and think before you tweet. @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  31. 31. Helpful Apps  HootSuite, TweetDeck  Buffer  IFTT  Pocket  Do not just set and forget! @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  32. 32. To Be Successful On Twitter:  Be present.  Be relevant.  Be active.  Be engaging.  Be timely.  Have fun! @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  33. 33. “This isn't just about content and social media. This is about being relevant in people's minds before they want whatever you're selling. After all, that's the definition of successful marketing.” Social Media Josh (Josh Hoffman) @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr
  34. 34. Questions? My blog on all things social media: Twitter: @JuliaCSocial Facebook: Email: @JuliaCSocial #TweetEC @EnterpriseCtr