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20 Ways to Supercharge Your Facebook Marketing - UPDATED


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My presentation on 20 ways to supercharge your Facebook marketing, updated to include Facebook Live video tips.

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20 Ways to Supercharge Your Facebook Marketing - UPDATED

  1. 1. Presented by Julia Campbell, @JuliaCSocial
  2. 2. About Me Using online tools such as social media, blogs, and email marketing, I help small businesses and nonprofits grow and reach their customers and supporters. I offer solutions to your social media problems – through training and coaching. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  4. 4. Facebook RULES OF THE ROAD  Facebook is always changing.  “Getting on Facebook” is not a marketing strategy.  Using Facebook will not compensate for a bad product or service – in fact it will draw attention to it!  Facebook is mostly free – but your time is not. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  5. 5. The Myth We Were Sold Step 1: Sign up for Facebook. Step 2: Post something. Step 3: Watch the money roll in!! @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  6. 6. Facebook Isn’t Going Anywhere  1.09 billion people log onto Facebook daily.  Age 25 to 34, at 29.7% of users, is the most common age demographic.  Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. Source: facebook-statistics/ @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  7. 7. Organic Reach Is Plummeting Facebook EdgeRank (the infamous Facebook algorithm) takes into account: 1. Affinity score: How close are you with the person or page doing the posting? Do you frequently interact with them? 2. Weight for the action: Not all actions are equal. Liking, commenting, sharing, clicking a link, viewing a video. 3. Time decay: How long has this post been up? @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  8. 8. Why So Many Pages Fail  They don’t understand EdgeRank.  They think they are more interesting than they really are.  They don’t understand their audience.  They don’t understand what works on Facebook.  They don’t measure ROI or they just look at vanity metrics (that don’t necessarily equal conversions). @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  9. 9. We Can’t Change Facebook We have to change the way we market on Facebook. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  10. 10. Supercharge Tip #1 Examples of Pages that know their audience and create content specifically for them:  Monster Energy Drink  Go Pro  LLBean: @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  11. 11. Supercharge Tip #1 Create a great experience for your Facebook fans.  Think about your audience first!  WIIFM – What’s In It For Me  Think about the cluttered News Feed.  Your marketing needs to fit in seamlessly to their regular, fun Facebook experience!  Monster Energy Drink  Go Pro @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  12. 12. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  13. 13. Supercharge Tip #2 Understand WHY people share on Facebook. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  14. 14. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  15. 15. Supercharge Tip #3 Hold contests right on your Timeline.  Like to Win  Comment to Win – leave a comment or answer a question  Caption Contest – you can pick, or the winner is the one with most likes  Fill-In-The-Blank contest – trivia, or fun  Photo Contest – you can pick, or the winner is the one with most likes  Multiple Choice contest @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  16. 16. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  17. 17. Supercharge Tip #4 Hold a Sweepstakes through a third party app.  Woobox, Wishpond, Pagemodo, Heyo @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  18. 18. Supercharge Tip #4 @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  19. 19. Contest/Sweepstakes Tips  Promote it everywhere, not just on Facebook.  Do not give away something unrelated to your business or brand.  Follow up with entrants who don’t win – send them a small coupon or voucher.  Post your contest on these sites: to-host-contest-business @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  20. 20. Supercharge Tip #5 Include a visual with every post.  Use Canva, PicMonkey, WordSwag @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  21. 21. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  22. 22. Supercharge Tip #6 Experiment with Facebook Live video.  Open Facebook on your mobile device, tap on the live video icon, and start broadcasting live! @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  23. 23. Supercharge Tip #6  Facebook is prioritizing and promoting live video.  Reach on a live video, during and afterwards, usually goes way beyond a normal post.  It helps you create content you can repurpose.  It’s so new it stands out.  Helps you get live feedback.  Creates a deeper connection with your audience. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  24. 24. Supercharge Tip #6 Some quick and dirty ways to use it right now:  AMA (Ask Me Anything)  Behind the Scenes  Teaching presentations  Special announcements  Daily or weekly thoughts  Interviews  Demonstrations  Reviews Must read 3-part series on Facebook Live: reasons-give-facebook-live-video-go/ @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  25. 25. Supercharge Tip #6 Must read 3-part series on Facebook Live: reasons-give-facebook-live-video-go/ @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  26. 26. Supercharge Tip #7 Always upload videos right into Facebook.  Video is the strongest performer in the News Feed.  50% of Americans who use Facebook on a daily basis watch at least 1 video every day.  Your videos play automatically in the News Feed (they play silently so grab people’s attention!!!!)  Facebook has a helpful Video Guide: practices/facebook-video @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  27. 27. Supercharge Tip #8 Use Businesses on Messenger.  Customers can now send private messages to a Page from News Feed ads.  Page admins now able to reply to PUBLIC comments with a private message.  Responsiveness to messages will be measured with a badge on your page. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  28. 28. Supercharge Tip #9 Set up the Call to Action on your Cover Photo.  Book Now  Contact Us  Use App  Play Game  Shop Now  Sign Up  Watch Video @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  29. 29. Supercharge Tip #9 @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  30. 30. Supercharge Tip #10 Change your Cover Photo often.  Remember to include a caption by clicking on the photos once uploaded.  @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  31. 31. Supercharge Tip #11 Tell stories about your customers and clients. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  32. 32. Supercharge Tip #11 @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  33. 33. Supercharge Tip #11 @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  34. 34. Supercharge Tip #11 @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  35. 35. Supercharge Tip #12 Tell stories about your values and ethics. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  36. 36. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  37. 37. Supercharge Tip #13 Encourage tagging.  Tag a friend who needs this!  Tag a super mom in your life  Tag your aunt  Tag your BFF @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  38. 38. Supercharge Tip #13 @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  39. 39. Supercharge Tip #14 Use popular hashtags strategically.  #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)  #TBT (Throwback Thursday)  #WednesdayWisdom  #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)   @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  40. 40. Supercharge Tip #15 Ask questions. The more specific the better. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  41. 41. Supercharge Tip #16 Be entertaining or useful. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  42. 42. Supercharge Tip #16 Be entertaining or useful. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  43. 43. Supercharge Tip #17 Use current events. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  44. 44. Supercharge Tip #17 Use current events. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  45. 45. Supercharge Tip #18 Encourage feedback from your fans.  Crowdsourcing contest  Pick a new logo or design for your business  Choose a name a book, service, or product  Help decide on a graphic for an event @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  46. 46. Supercharge Tip #19 Get user-generated content. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  47. 47. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  48. 48. @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  49. 49. Supercharge Tip #20 Explore Facebook Ads.  They depend on your objective.  They are targeted.  Results are measurable, and you can tweak/change/edit ad in progress.  Boost posts  Create standalone ads @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  50. 50. Supercharge Tip #20 Tips for great ads  Use great visuals,  Make it compelling.  Have a specific goal.  Target your audience. How To Design Facebook Ads That Get Results https://designschool.canva.c om/blog/how-to-design- facebook-ads/ @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  51. 51. Supercharge Tip #20 @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  52. 52. To Be Successful On Facebook  Be present.  Be relevant.  Be active.  Be engaging.  Be timely.  Have fun! @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  53. 53. “This isn't just about content and social media. This is about being relevant in people's minds before they want whatever you're selling. After all, that's the definition of successful marketing.” Social Media Josh, @jhoff89 (Josh Hoffman) @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay
  54. 54. Questions? My blog on all things social media: Twitter: @JuliaCSocial Facebook: Email: @JuliaCSocial #NSSMDay