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15 flash websites with fancy use of video


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15 flash websites with fancy use of video

  1. 1. 15 Flash Websites with Fancy Use of Video Nowadays, there are a lot of people that prefer using videos  to bring their websites to life. This is a smart choice if you’re planning to deliver and promote a product to your audience. It also gives them a better sense of what they’re going to get. These are the best 15 Flash websites that use video in a fancy way.
  2. 2. Adobe Flash On
  3. 3. Aeon Flux Movie
  4. 4. Billy Harvey Music
  5. 5. Brittelactica
  6. 6. Click More
  7. 7. Del Padre Digital
  8. 8. Dubrovnik Fashion Week
  9. 9. Full Sail University
  10. 10. <ul><li>See more information about this on </li></ul>