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Serendi Presentation


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Serendi Presentation

  1. 1. The Future of Recruiting Starts Here. The Recruiting Intelligence.
  2. 2. Do you need to fill your positions fasterand reduce your recruiting budget?The global pressure of competition and the battlefor talent are significantly impacting the recruit-ment function. It is getting harder and harder forcompanies – with a limited budget – to find theright candidates at the right time.Serendi is focusing on exactly this. Our new genera-tion recruitment solutions take Recruitment ProcessOutsourcing (RPO) to the next level – with a laserfocus on quality of hire, speed of delivery and costreduction.As your strategic recruitment partner we providethe expertise and methodology to find the besttalent faster than your competitors which givesyou a leading head start in the market. We operateas if we were your internal recruitment function. What we will achieve for you:· Fill your open positions faster· Give you access to the best talent· Reduce your recruitment cost significantly (normally between 30 % to 50 %)· And give you full scalability according to your recruitment volumeWe measure and monitor results through real-time metrics that are tied to strict service levelagreements – and we guarantee our results.
  3. 3. Serendi. The Recruiting Intelligence.We have redefined “Candidate Sourcing”. The outstanding technology we use is able to find the best available talent by various channelsFinding the best talent at the right time is with impressive precision and speed. We arecrucial. As a service provider specialized in talking to the right candidates before yourRecruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and competitors have even heard of them.Candidate Sourcing, we can guarantee wefind the best candidates – worldwide. Our flexible delivery adjusts to yourWith a search strategy which is way ahead recruiting needs.of its time, we move around in the worldwideweb with unbridled precision and accuracy. Serendi’s solutions are tailored to your recruit-Our experienced sourcing team is at home in ment needs. Our customized service deliverythe talent markets of the future. adjusts to your business fluctuations to ensure that you pay only for the services you require.Our strength begins where others give up. Behind this dynamic approach stands our client-oriented and budget-conscious way ofSerendi’s exceptional methods enable our working. Serendi significantly minimizes yoursourcing experts to find not only those candi- external recruitment costs and maximizes thedates who are actively looking for a job, we efficiency of your recruiting results.also find passive candidates who are open tonew opportunities but are not actually looking.Our strengths come to the forefront in identifyingand approaching these candidates and inspiringtheir enthusiasm and interest in working forour clients.
  4. 4. Serendi provides accurate, tailoredand efficient recruiting. Irrespective of whether you are implementing a short-term recruitment project or whether your recruitment and talent management strategy is focused on the long term, our tailor-made service model will give you a leading edge over the competition. Success in the talent market means being quicker. Advanced Candidates Sourcing Recruitment Outsourcing Talent Management
  5. 5. Advanced Candidates Sourcing Recruitment OutsourcingWith cutting-edge technology and a flair Our flexible service for your changing needs.for what we do, nothing is left to chance.Highly qualified staff and management pro- It is always a challenge for HR departments tofessionals are sought worldwide, and their provide the right capacity for recruiting. Serendi’sexperienced and skilled background allows flexible service model counteracts this volatility.them to seek out the best job offers in a We assign our experienced recruitment con-globalized labor market. We find these candi- sultants to clients according to the number ofdates and get them interested in your company. positions which need to be filled. If requested,This requires not only an outstanding search these consultants will take over the entiretechnology but a great deal of industry know- recruitment process, including interviews andledge, sensitivity and passion on the part of candidate selection, advising respective depart-our sourcing experts. ments and drafting contracts, right up to theThe Serendi method searches simultaneously organization of the first working databases, networks, news groups and And the cost for this service varies accordingon the Internet for the best talent considerably to your need.expanding the market of talent for yourvacancies.After candidates have been identified andapproached, we check their qualificationsand build a shortlist of the best talent to fillyour vacancies quickly and successfully. Serendi Serendi Client or Serendi Intake Consultation Shortlist Presentation Scheduling (CV and candidate profile) Posting and Search Interviewing Candidate name: Rate: Sourcing and Networking Eva S. A Selection Roman L. A Recruitment Marketing Jeanette P. A Assessments/ Background Simon D. A Pipeline Management Offer Management Maria U. B John F. B Screening and Qualifying Onboarding
  6. 6. Talent ManagementRely on a strategic partner.Every day we search for candidates in a widerange of markets – locally, regionally andinternationally. You can profit from our deep-rooted expertise of different markets by lettingus support your talent management strategy.We assist you in planning future staffing needs,help you improve your employer branding(marketing activities, career fairs, presence onsocial networks, etc.), analyze and recommendstrategies for improving staff retention and helpbuild your talent pool in order to provide yourcompany with the best candidates. Work Force Planning Talent Talent Employer Retention Management Branding Managing Managing Talent Pools Talent Pool
  7. 7. Satisfied clients are our best reference. 1. 3.Client: International organization Client: International food corporationObjective: Restructuring an entire division Objective: To expand the European head-which resulted in a worldwide search to recruit quarters in Switzerland within a short periodfor 25 professional and management positions (6 months), involving 50 to 60 new posts,in a short period. some with difficult profiles (IT, finance, etc.).Serendi made use of its full scope of sourcing Serendi took over the entire recruitment processsolutions: job boards, professional and social and implemented a solution using both thenetworks, recruitment marketing and advanced Serendi sourcing method and a team of on-siteonline search technology. recruitment consultants.After only nine weeks, Serendi had located and Within only four months, 89 % of the posts werechecked 3,396 candidates worldwide in targeted filled with highly qualified, international candi-companies and countries. 518 of them were dates – thanks also to the efficient work of theinterviewed and checked for their qualifications, Sourcing Center in Fribourg, the cost per hireand the 232 best candidates were shortlisted was reduced by more than 50 %.for further interview.Client: Global high-tech corporation 2.Objective: Long-term RPO with on-siterecruiters and sourcingSerendi sent in experienced recruitmentconsultants at the customer’s premises who Key facts:took over the entire recruitment process,involving some 100 –140 hires per year, whilethe Serendi Sourcing Center sought out the 1. 3,396 applications, 518 inter-best candidates using the most diverse channels. views and 232 candidatesEven positions, which were difficult to fill, were shortlisted within 9 weeks.resolved quickly and successfully by Serendi.The average recruitment time was 25 days. 2. 110 hires per year with anSerendi was able to adapt flexibly to the client’spredominant cyclical business associated with average time-to-hire of 25 days.hiring freezes one day and expansion projectsthe next. 3. Cost per hire reduced by more than 50%.
  8. 8. And what can Serendi do for you?Let’s first ask you a few questions: This is what we can do:· Do you prefer to reduce your recruitment · Our fees are determined solely according costs and pay for only who you hire? to your actual recruitment volume and our success.· Are you looking for recruitment specialists who know your industry and exactly where · We seek out and identify the best talent – the best talent can be found? both active and passive candidates – and thus significantly widen the scope of your applicant· Do you wish to improve your recruitment base. process? · Our teams are divided up according to function· Does the high cost of finding external and industry sector and thus offer extremely applicants concern you? specific know-how and contacts.· Are you looking for a large number of · Our sourcing is very efficient and targeted in new employees in the short term? identifying candidates – we wish to pass this cost benefit on to you. We are certain that if you have answered · Our modular and scalable approach enables“yes” to even just one of these questions, us to react quickly to the changing needs of you will benefit greatly from our solutions. our customers. · Our experienced recruiting experts are fully committed to your company – it is as if they would be employed by you. We achieve the best results when we are able to work with our clients on a long term basis. Our knowledge of their company grows, and they benefit from our expert knowledge and panoramic view of the market, our extensive candidate network and our flexibility. In summary, Serendi RPO gives you scalability to meet your peak hiring demands, at a signifi- cant cost savings. We find the best talent, quickly with our leading edge methodology and expertise - and we guarantee our results.
  9. 9. Only by working with the bestcan you find the best.With its multilingual, international team, Serendi Our officesis best positioned in the global talent market.Our highly qualified experts cover virtually all Switzerlandsectors of industry and functions in the areas Bernof sourcing and recruiting. Each member of Genfergasse 4the team contributes not only many years of CH-3011 Bernexperience and expertise but also an above- Tel.: +41 (0)31 311 48 45average level of commitment and passion for bern@serendi.comfinding outstanding talent in line with the client’sdefined requirements and in the shortest Fribourg (Sourcing Center)possible time. Avenue de Beauregard 1 CH-1700 FribourgOur consultants are particularly adept in the Tel.: +41 (0)26 422 00 40field of candidate sourcing. A desire to remain fribourg@serendi.comat the helm of this sector is what drives us.Serendi is a subsidiary of the Careerplus Group Genevaand part of the Contaplus Organisation. Rue de la Rôtisserie 2 CH-1204 GenevaSend us a challenge – we relish it. Tel.: +41 (0)22 816 38 76 geneva@serendi.comA selection of functions we cover with our Lausannesourcing and recruitment: Avenue William-Fraisse 3 CH-1006 Lausanne· Marketing, finance, personnel, accounting & Tel.: +41 (0)21 634 44 10 controlling, administration,· Purchasing, supply chain, sales, services, Zurich· R&D, production, IT, quality control, logistics Mühlegasse 11 CH-8001 Zurich Tel.: +41 (0)44 350 23 93 Germany Frankfurt An der Welle 4 60322 Frankfurt Tel.: +49 (0)69 7593 8449
  10. 10.