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SfWP Outreach Program Overview


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Skills for the Workplace Outreach Program at
University of Wales Trinity Saint David

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SfWP Outreach Program Overview

  1. 1. Outreach Program Overview CertHE Skills for the Workplace
  2. 2. SfWP Outreach Tutors Glenn Behenna - Program Director Bob Wilson Brian Taylor Mark Bell-Davies Iain Hastings Andrew Maund Julia Ault Michaela Schriek Paul Tinkler Beth Lowden
  3. 3. What does the program offer? • University Certificate in Higher Education in Skills for the Workplace. • ILM Certificate in Leadership Management. • Flexible delivery locally, plus a Summer Residential weekend, paid for by the University. • Attendance on two weekend days per month plus weekly evening classes and regular online Skype tutorials over a ten month period. 3
  4. 4. Program Benefits • New workplace skills • Earn more – on average of £236/week over a working life up to 60 compared with someone with “A” levels or an “L3 NVQ” • Internationally recognised professional & academic qualifications • Certificate in Higher Education • Opportunity to gain a BA Honours degree in Leadership and Management • Cap & Gown graduation 4
  5. 5. Success Stories • Our program has made a real difference to the lives of many of our learners. • • skills-for-the-workplace/ • You could go on to study for a full degree (BA (Hons) Leadership and Management Skills for the Workplace) after completing this course. 5
  6. 6. What will I learn? You will learn a wide range of skills considered by employers to be critical workplace skills: Module 1 Academic & Employability Skills Module 2 Digital Skills and Research Methods Module 3 Professional Career Development Module 4 Team Working and Communication Module 5 Problem Solving & Decision Making Module 6 Managing Enterprise in the 21st Century 6
  7. 7. How will I learn? • You will learn through participating in regular class based sessions in a small group setting. • We use a discussion based approach to your learning, where your experiences are discussed in the context of the course. • We will also support you through Skype and you will find that you will support one another. 7
  8. 8. Your Commitment • To attend regularly and participate in the class based learning discussions. • To work with your tutors and your class members at each session. • To manage your time – which can be the biggest challenge for most people who come on the course 8
  9. 9. Assessment • NO EXAMS • 6 x 20 credit modules • Each 20 credit module will have two forms of assessment. • Assessment comprises a mix of written work based assignments; including research reports, reflective reviews and a group business plan. 9
  10. 10. Finance Information • We have a Frequently Asked Questions hand- out and a detailed description of the financial support that you may be entitled to, as well as the process involved: • We also have a dedicated University Student Finance Officer (Delyth Lewis) who can assist you with all related matters. 10
  11. 11. Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) • Largest Management Examining & Professional Body in Europe • Internationally recognised awards
  12. 12. Student Support ILM Student Handbook contains: • Appeals procedures • Equal Opportunities • Assignment • Plagiarism
  13. 13. External Verifier Role • Conduct holistic monitoring of the Centre • Monitor the standards of specific programmes & assessment • Support & advise Centres • Act as a channel for information between the Centre & ILM
  14. 14. ILM – vital statistics No 1 ILM accounts for 48% of all funded management and leadership courses – twice as many as the closest competitor 34 Works in 34 countries worldwide 101 Currently offers 101 qualifications 2,300+ More than 2,300 approved centres / recognised providers worldwide 30,000+ More than 30,000 studying and professional members 90,000+ Registers more than 90,000 learners annually
  15. 15. ILM Membership for individuals All learners are entitled to 6 months of free studying membership: – Study support – Career guidance – Specialist management information and news – Supports Employees’ learning for 6 months Activate and access online at anytime
  16. 16. Professional Membership of ILM Grades: • Studying Member • Associate Member (AMInstLM) • Member (MInstLM) • Fellow (FInstLM)
  17. 17. BA Modules L5 • Developing Workplace Critical thinking • Knowledge management • Managing Projects in the organisation • Developing Relationships and Workplace Achievement • Understanding and Engaging in the Customer Experience • Workplace Culture and its impact on Organisational Efficiency L6 • Emergent Leadership Skills for the Workplace • Developing Innovation and Creativity for Business Advantage • Leading and Implementing Workplace Change • Strategic Management for SMEs • Coaching & Mentoring Skills for the Workplace • Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills for the Workplace 17
  18. 18. Buying a Laptop for University You will need to invest in a laptop for your studies if you don’t already have one. You wont be able to do your assignments on your phone - although it is possible with a tablet - especially if you have a detachable keyboard for it. This guide assumes you don't have any devices other than your phone and advises about laptops or MacBooks as they are the easiest to use when writing/typing for a long time. 18
  19. 19. Laptop Buying Guide 19
  20. 20. Choosing a Laptop Main Points to consider: –Targeted use of device –Mac or PC –Portability needed/wanted –Budget allocated 20
  21. 21. Usage Profile Who? When? How often? Why? Where? 21
  22. 22. Budget Laptops range in price from a basic model at the £200 range up to a desktop replacement at £3000 or more. See the full guide for further details. 22
  23. 23. General Contact Information 23 Facebook: sfwpuwtsd Twitter: @sfwpuwtsd General SfWP Enquiries: 0300 456 2762 IT Service Desk: 0300 500 5055