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Aber Presentation for Trinity Gwella CAMEL


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Information by Mary Jacobs of Aber University for Trinity Gwella CAMEL on 4th Aug 2010

Published in: Education
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Aber Presentation for Trinity Gwella CAMEL

  1. 1. M A R Y JA C O B S ' P R E S E N TAT I O N F O R T R I N I T Y C A M E L 4 T H A U G 2 0 1 0  Our Nexus site – part of our Gwella projects, showcases good practice at AU and in the sector, searchable and tagged for key areas We will be expanding this further under Building Capacity. o If the group wanted, we can explore using a corner of it for linking to your case studies. I have no objection to using the ELESIG Ning site, but just offering to explore using our Nexus one - it does have tagging, is already associated with Gwella, and is hosted here at Aber. It has five main sections so far: o Good practice guides - o Resources – will be expanded in the coming weeks, here is the page on Web 2.0 o Case studies at Aber o Sector reports – from conferences, meetings etc o News – timely info (this is a blog)  Twitter – o used by Marketing and by Information Services for news, not used much by staff for teaching but there is interest in exploring the possibilities. o The main use of Twitter seems to be tweeting from conferences, and sharing/retweeting links to useful pages o Here are our bookmarks for using Twitter:  Facebook – o used by Marketing for prospective and incoming students,!/group.php?gid=192481030 98&ref=ts o and by Information Services for alerts etc!/pages/Aberystwyth-United-
  2. 2. Kingdom/Aberystwyth-University-Information- Services/261854490761?ref=ts&__a=20&ajaxpipe=1 o not used by academic staff much but there has been interest in some departments in doing so o students sometimes set up groups independently  Blogs – o Non-Campus Pack blogs used by Marketing – Aber insiders student life blogs, next year will use video o Our bookmarks for blogs  SlideShare, YouTube, Flickr – o Not much data on how these are used yet but our Gwella student experience study next year will cover this. There is some concern about IPR. We stress Creative Commons. o Blackboard 9.1 as you know has the mash-up which might increase uptake  Delicious – o E-learning Support uses and promotes it. Join our network! o Academic staff aren’t using it in teaching much but find it useful for research o Our bookmarks about bookmarking and networking (there is some overlap, naturally)  Campus Pack – o Blogs and wikis used quite a lot by academic staff in teaching, well-received by students in general. o Our bookmarks for Wikis and podcasting ***************************************************************************
  3. 3. Mary Jacob, BA, MA, CMALT Cymorth E-ddysgu / E-learning Support Grwp E-wasanaethau a Chyfathrebu / E-services & Communications Group Gwasanaethau Gwybodaeth / Information Services Prifysgol Aberystwyth / Aberystwyth University Ffôn / Tel: (01970 62) 2473 Ymholiadau Blackboard / Blackboard Queries: Ymholiadau E-ddysgu / E-learning Queries: