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Selecting the right dancewear


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Selecting the right dancewear

  1. 1. Dancers Dilemma: The Right Dancewear Selecting The Right Dancewear
  2. 2. The Right DancewearAre you a dancer with an upcoming performance? Are you worriedmore about what youre going to wear? As a dancer, its not onlyimportant to practice your routine to perfection, but duringperformance, you want to make sure that your image is perfect--thatyour costume matches your dance very well. If youre wonderingwhat to wear to your next dance performance, here are a fewsuggestions to keep in mind to make sure that youre wearing theright shoes, the right dancewear, and the right costumes .
  3. 3. Selecting the Right Dance ShoesFootwork is the foundation of any dance. As a dancer, you spendso much time on your feet that it is really important to have theright gear when it comes to dancing. The wrong dance shoes canseriously and negatively impact your performance, but the rightfootwear can really propel your routine to the next level and makeyou feel like youre on cloud nine.
  4. 4. Selecting the Right Dance ShoesWhen you are performing, make sure you wear shoes that areappropriate, and make sure to coordinate with others in your team.You might want to be more conservative or go all out, depending onthe type of performance. If youre a ballet or jazz dancer, you havemore restricted choices in shoes, but youll also have less to worryabout. If youre on a hip hop dance team, you might have moreleeway in shoes, and youll most likely be wearing crazier sneakersthan what the average person can pull off. In any case, coordinatingwith your team and making sure that youre comfortable should beone of the most important considerations when selecting your danceshoes.
  5. 5. Picking the Right Dancewear The right dancewear can really help you stand out or work well with your team. Make sure that it is both comfortable and matches the occasion. Many times if one dancer has different routines, they have to change fast enough into another totally different costume, so make sure that if you have to change, that your clothes come off easily.
  6. 6. Picking the Right Dancewear Velcro or snap on buttons might be helpful in this case. Conversely, if your dance clothes are loose and youre doing an intense routine, make sure to securely fasten your clothes ahead of time or be prepared for some giggles from the audience!
  7. 7. Choosing the Right Dance Costumes The right dance costumes can be critical if you are doing cultural dances or really trying to stand out and make a statement. You might have a fun time making your own costumes as well that can be an additional bonding activity among your dance mates. If you want some more ideas, you might want to check out other websites or start following dancers or dance costume companies that regularly showcase their new dance costumes.
  8. 8. Choosing the Right Dance Costumes Many of their websites or social media channels feature clothing that might inspire your next performance! Many times it might be impossible to entirely replicate a complicated costumes, but with enough inspiration from different places, you will have an easier time of coming up with a costume idea that will really wow your audience at your next performance.
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