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Collective Intelligence presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Collective Intelligence presentation

  1. 1. HistoryWilliam Marton Emlir Durkheim Wheeler
  2. 2. Collective Intelligence
  3. 3. Theory‘Collective Intelligence is needs forprinciples in order to exist which would beopenness, peering, sharing and actingglobally’ (Don Tapscott and Anthony D, Williams)
  4. 4. Group Interaction
  5. 5. Examples
  6. 6. The Pros and Cons of Collective Intelligence
  7. 7. The Pro’sThe Pro’s of Collective Intelligence
  8. 8. An accessible community Free Recognition
  9. 9. The Con’s Overload of FreedomTainted Knowledge Loss of Privacy
  10. 10. Future …
  11. 11. ReferencesLanier, J. (2006) Digital Maoism: The Hazard of the new Online CollectivismEdge. [Available from:, C et al. (2007) Reactions to Digital Maoism Available from:, C. (2008) We-Think: The Power of Mass Creativity London:Profile Books.Naughton, J. (2006) Blogging and the Emerging Media Ecosystem [WWW]Available from:, A. (2007) Adam Curtis: The TV Elite has lost the plot [WWW]Available from: