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3D Interactive Media Kit: Performance Email, Performance Display, Lead Generation, Trading Desk, Mobile Advertising

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3d Interactive Media Kit

  1. 1. The  Premium  Adver-sing     Sales  Network    
  2. 2.    3dinterac-ve  (3di)  is  a  leading  digital  adver-sing  sales  network  spanning  Australia  and  New  Zealand.      We  are  a  team  of  experts  connec9ng  premier  permission  databases  and  digital  media  proper-es  with  media  agencies  and  adver-sers,  providing  advice  across  email,  performance,  data  ,  lists,  research,  promo9ons  and  display.      
  3. 3. Experts in
  4. 4. Our clients
  5. 5. Phone: 1300 802 572 expert@3dinteractive.com.au www.tpn.com.au Email optionsPremium CPM Discount CPM (7 day send) Discount CPM (bulk send) Performance EmailAdvantages Advantages Advantages Advantages• Known list • Price • Price • Price• Up to 50 different targeting criteria • Known list • Known list • No CPM wastage• Any send time/date • Up to 50 different targeting criteria • Effective mass communication • Free sends and opens • Non incentivised (option) • Guaranteed clicks Disadvantage Disadvantage• Over 20 list to choice from • Limited lists • Limited lists • Lower minimum spend• Increased reach • Includes some incentive • Limited availability Disadvantage• Exclusive audiences • Uneven delivery over a week • Includes some incentive • Exact list Unknown Disadvantage • Limited to; location, age, gender • Exact targeting Unknown• Price • Higher minimum spend • Uneven delivery over a month Minimum Spend Minimum Spend Minimum Spend Minimum Spend$5,000 $5,000 $15,000 $2,500 CPM $180 to $350 CPM $150 CPM $100 CPC From $1 Set-up $400 Set-up $400 Set-up $400 Set-up $400 Formats HTML, text Formats HTML, text Formats HTML, text Formats HTML, text Database Demographic 1 Email passed on EMAIL SEND WEBSITE Database Demographic 2 Database Demographic 3www.3dinteractive.com.au TPN is available through
  6. 6. Phone: 1300 802 572 expert@3dinteractive.com.au www.tpn.com.auGreat Sites Overview Demographics – Australia Rate card – AustraliaGreat Sites (a wholly own subsidiary of Q Ltd ASX:QXQ) Email/Postal Campaignsis a comprehensive online membership portal which Records Purchased Cost Per Thousandfeatures online surveys, offers, and research for its 500,000 0 – 10,000 $310CPMmembers and advertisers . 10,001 – 25,000 $280CPMGreat Sites is a leader in the collection of detailed 25,001 - 50,000 $250CPMdemographic, lifestyle and purchasing data of consumers 50,001 - 150,000 $230CPMin Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. 150,000 + emails $180CPMThis information provides advertisers, marketers and researchers with the ability to deliver highly targeted and Set-up $400 per creativeefficient direct-to-consumer marketing communications.Great Sites assist clients in cost effectively targeting, Formats Email Creative - HTML, textcapturing and interacting with select groups of highly Delivery 95%qualified consumers either online, offline or via mobile Guaranteecommunications.All of the interactions between Great Sites, consumers, advertisers, marketers and researchers are on an opt-in, Sample creativepermission basis.Great Sites have offices in Australia, New Zealand, andhas representation agreements in the United Kingdom and is a digital asset owned by the Q Ltd GroupPriority Scheduled Email Campaigns (CPM)Your email campaign is delivered to your target market at the time you choose.Emails also appear in members ‘virtual inbox’ on our web-site to maximise click-thru rates. For B2C campaigns greater than 10,000 members, we can share the campaign on social networks.Other Campaign options• Co-Registration for Lead generation • Postal and Telemarketing Data www.3dinteractive.com.au TPN is available through
  7. 7. TPN  operates  across  an  extensive  network  of  Australian  and  New  Zealand  sites  and  email  lists,  offering  campaigns  that  deliver  both  branding  and  direct  response.    Services  include  Display  (banners),  Text  links,  Email  ads  and  Lead  genera9on.     www.theperformancenetwork.com.au  
  8. 8. Phone: 1300 802 572 the performance network expert@3dinteractive.com.au Performance Email www.tpn.com.au Overview the performance network How it works Rate cardEmail Network Size: Co-registrationOur network of email lists is constantly growing as we CPC $1partner with more database owners every month. Wecurrently have access to 7 million Australian email EMAIL SEND Set-up $400 per creativerecords across the network. Formats Email Creative - HTML, textTargeting Options• Location• Age• Gender Database Demographic 1 Sample creativeDelivery period4 weeks minimumMinimum Spend Database Demographic 2$5,000E-mail databasesPlease go to http://bit.ly/tpnlists to see full list Database Demographic 3Why cost per click e-mail?• nly pay for people interested in your product O• ree email sends (No CPM) F• Free email opens• Huge reach via multiple databases• Cost effective mass communication• onsumers keep and forward emails maximizing C Email passed on responseExamples (e-mail Library)Please go to http://bit.ly/emailcreatives to see example e-mail campaign creatives. WEBSITEwww.3dinteractive.com.au TPN is available through
  9. 9. Phone: 1300 802 572 the performance network expert@3dinteractive.com.au Co-registration www.tpn.com.au Description Categories Rate cardCo-registration (co-reg) is a form of online lead Advertisers can use the following bands as a guide for Co-Registration Campaigns (PRICE GUIDE ONLY)generation that involves asking consumers if they would indicative costs. Band CPL (email only)like to be contracted by an advertiser about a specific Band Typical Categoryoffer or product. If they opt-in then their details are A $2.00CPLautomatically sent from the website displaying the ad to A Competitions, Incentivised, Promotions, B $4.00CPLthe 3rd party advertiser. Large Discounts, Free Samples. C $8.00CPLBenefits B Entertainment & Leisure, Communications• Only pay for actual leads Band CPL (email + post or phone) & Computers, Retail, Community & Public• Use pre-qualifying questions A $3.00CPL Service, Recruitment Alcoholic beverages,• Build e-mail marketing list Education & Learning, Health & Beauty, B $6.00CPL• Constant stream of phone number leads FMCG, Home Products, Real Estate,• Integrated campaign across e-mail, post & Phone C $12.00CPL Travel & Accommodation.• Build your own postal DM marketing list• TPN manages payment distribution C How does it work? Finance (Banking & Investing), Insurance, Band CPL (email + post + phone)• Budget control Motor Vehicles, B2B. A $4.00CPLTechnology B $8.00CPL• Data validation Format C $16.00CPL• Targeting • 90 characters of text• Automatic budget control • Must ask users permission• Remove duplicates Set-up fee (per question) $400 • Must name advertiser• Integrate with your CRM or bespoke solutionVolume Example * i $ f only phone or post is required the “email + post or phone” Would you like Real Insurance to contact you with a rate applies Website Registers onBetween 300 - 10,000 leads per month depending on Completes Lead provided ** f only phone and post is required the “email + post + phone” i pet insurance quote? useradvertiser category. GSS Website question rate applies to Advertiser $ Website Registers on Completes TPN Lead provided user GSS Website question Technology to Advertiserwww.3dinteractive.com.au TPN is available through
  10. 10. Phone: 1300 802 572 the performance network expert@3dinteractive.com.au Trading Desk www.tpn.com.au Overview the performance network How it works Rate cardExperts in Performance Email• Social Media Advertising CPM $2 to $5• Ad Network & Ad Exchange Management• Reaching Target Site Verticals• Reaching Target Audience TRADING DESK + TPN TECHNOLOGY Set-up Formats $400 250x300 120x600 728x90 the performance network• Campaign Optimisation (CTR or CR) 80x80 text Co-registrationTargeting• Location• Age Sample creative• Gender• Interest TARGET• Purchase Intent AUDIENCE• Site/Content VerticalDelivery Period4 weeks minimumMinimum Spend SOCIAL$5,000Networks, Exchanges and Sites Covered• Admeld• Facebook• Google AdExchange DEMAND SIDE• Linkedin PLATFORM• Open Market• Pubmatic• RubiconWhy use a Trading Desk• All of the benefits without the hassles• Budget management, not too slow or too fast• Experienced traders run your campaign WEBSITE• Robust technology delivers resultswww.3dinteractive.com.au TPN is available through
  11. 11. Phone: 1300 802 572 the performance network expert@3dinteractive.com.au Performance Display www.tpn.com.au Product Overview Type of Campaigns Advertiser Opportunity the performance networkTPN is a “true performance” network (CPC/CPA) Lead Generation $ Targeted Popular Campaigns Ad Formatproviding access to a diverse network of quality Utilising advanced targeting options, they are delivered Australian websites. as fast as possible against a specific target audience High Priority (CPC) IAB Display and take precedence over all campaign types. Low Priority (CPC) IAB Display, Email, ButtonThe response rates are maximised by presenting the Ads, Text Ads/Links Brandingright ad to the right user at the right time using the latest the performance network Creative is primarily brand focused and call to action is ad targeting and optimisation technology, enhanced by Trading Deskunique user data analysis. less obvious. Click Through Rates (CTR) are lower than normal direct response performance campaign (<0.05%). They are delivered evenly over the campaign period. Other Campaigns Ad FormatTPN offers a range of campaigns types and can accommodate a range of rates. High Priority (HP) Targeted (Geo) IAB Display Used when a defined budget needs to be spread over the performance network a defined campaign period. These are often used to Targeted (Retargeting) IAB DisplayStatistics Performance Email promote a wider campaign or specific promotion. Branding IAB Display Type Quantity Take priority after Targeted & Branding as inventory forecasting is used to ensure they are delivered within Branding (Video) IAB Display (Video) Websites in network 684 the campaign period. Low Priority (CPA) IAB Display, Email, Button Impressions the performance network month 120 million per Ads, Text Ads/Links Low Priority (LP) Clicks Co-registration 220,000 per month Can be placed at any rate and compete with each other in an eCPM based auction and determines which e-mail 7 million campaign gets the majority of available spare inventory each hour. Effective Cost Per Thousand Ad Impressions (eCPM) is affected by the Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost per Acquisition (CPA) rate paid and the Click Through Rate (CTR) or Conversion Rate (CR). Delivery of these campaigns cannot be guaranteed. Website Browses TPN Clicks on Visit user network websites Technology banner websitewww.3dinteractive.com.au TPN is available through
  12. 12. Phone: 1300 802 572 the performance network expert@3dinteractive.com.au Mobile www.tpn.com.au Overview the performance network How it works Sample creative Performance DisplayMobile SMS campaigns offer the highest open rates of any digital media. Our advanced targeting capabilitiesallow over 50 filters on more than 300,000 mobile ONLINEnumbers. 3di’s expert media team sends thousands DATA COLLECTIONof permission SMS offers per month while adhering to the performance networkstrict SPAM compliance checks. Lead Generation $Why Mobile Advertising?• Comprehensive targeting capabilities TRANSMISSION• Unparalleled delivery and open rates • Instant response • Offers sent ‘on-the-go’ performance network the Trading DeskTargeting• Location• Age• Gender TARGET Statistics• Time the performance network AUDIENCE • here are now more mobile phones than people in TTurnaround Performance Email Australia3 days • ver 5 trillion SMS were sent over wireless networks O in 2010, which is over 160,000 messages every Minimum Spend second.$5,000 • 5% of all text messages are delivered within 10 9 the performance network seconds Rate card Co-registration • 98% open rate • he world has about 1.2 Billion PCs and about T STORE 1.6 Billion TVs. In 2010 there were 1.4 Billion new Per record $0.35 handsets sold send $0.10 per name Set-up $400 WEBSITE Format 130 characters including spaceswww.3dinteractive.com.au TPN is available through
  13. 13. 3DI  Contact:       Julia  Chernoukha    julia@3dinterac-ve.com.au      (02)  9339  6724